The Aurseize

Part Four: Under The Moon

Jade ran as fast as she could, trying to ignore the pain on her shoulder. She hoped that Fenrir was miles away, still in his cabin. She slapped away the canopies of branches from her way with her good arm.

"Draco. Harry. Draco. Harry. Please save me." Jade whispered to herself.

She heard rustling nearby and she stopped, pointing her wand at it. Her heart pounded mercilessly in her chest and she waited for Greyback to leap out of the bushes in his werewolf form to rip her up into pieces. Instead, a long leg kicked out through the bushes and a muffled yell. Jade slowly reached over to the bush, stuck her hand into it and pushed it past, seeing Scarlett looking up at her with her large blue eyes, tied to a tree.

"Fuck me." Jade said, ripping off the tape from Scarlett's mouth.

"I'm so sorry Jade. I never meant to steal Draco away-"

"Fuck off about Draco, we need to survive first!" Jade snapped, pointing the wand to the rope. She tried to perform a spell to cut the rope down but the wand remained lit.

"The wand doesn't work." Scarlett said.

"Really? I would have probably been here all night trying to figure that out if it weren't for you!" Jade said, burrowing a small hole near the tree. She stuck the wand into the ground and Scarlett started to lose her mind.

"Have you lost your fucking mind?! How in the world will we get through this forest without light?" Scarlett asked Jade who pulled her along.

"You want light in the forest or do you want Greyback to spot you easily by the only light in the jungle?" Jade asked harshly.

Scarlett instantly shut up and started to run with Jade. They ran in a small clearing where there were no trees, but someone was dangling from the middle of the clearing on a tree high above.

"Oh my God, it's Rita." Jade said. She looked around, trying to find a way to get her down and her eyes trailed to the rope that tied her to a large tree trunk.

"I need help with this knot." Jade said seeing Scarlett nod. They hastily undid the knots one by one and Scarlett silently cried.

"I didn't mean any of this to happen to you. I really didn't." she said softly. Jade stood silent, still undoing the knots and Scarlett pulled harder.

"I said and did so many horrible things to you before and you still saved me. You didn't need to untie me. You could have left me there to die but you didn't. You're a good person Jade and I owe you my life for that." Scarlett said. Jade turned to Scarlett.

"I would have wanted you to do the same for me. Now we don't have time to talk about this. We're 5 minutes away from Greyback turning into a werewolf now help me get Rita down." Jade said.

They slowly pulled Rita down who started to gain consciousness. She looked around, looking incredibly confused but the terror of being tied and hung in the middle of the air started to show on her face.

"Get me out of here! Help! Help!" Rita screamed, wiggling herself.

"Rita! Stop kicking!" Jade yelled. Rita swung around to Jade and moved harder.

"Jade! Jade! JAAA-"

"SHUT UP!" Jade roared. Rita snapped her mouth closed and Scarlett let out a rough sigh.

"Good lord, she's finally stopped moving." Scarlett said, releasing the rope. Jade started to loosen Rita's ropes with one hand and Scarlett helped.

"Who else is here except the both of you?" Jade asked.

"Ginny is here. Greyback said so and so is Lavender." Scarlett said. Jade felt her heart drop but she refused herself to fall back now; her life as well as the lives of the people she loved was at risk.

"I want you both to do something quickly and quietly." Jade said seeing them both nod.

"Go find Ginny and Lavender. Greyback wants me so you can find them and escape. I don't care how you do it, just do it." Jade said.

"But-" Scarlett and Rita said.

There was a cry of a werewolf far behind them and Jade turned to Scarlett and Rita.

"Don't be stupid. Go find them and don't worry about me. Save your fucking selves, it's the least you can do for me." Jade said pushing them off.

"I love you Jade." Rita sniffed.

"I love you too Rita." Jade said, walking away.

"I think I love you too…I'm so sorry." Scarlett said seeing Jade nod.

"It's okay Scarlett. Go! You don't have any time left!" Jade said.

Rita and Scarlett ran off and Jade turned, bolting for it. She ran as fast as she could, feeling her lungs start to sharply pain in her chest. Jade stopped near a tree, panting as hard as she could, hearing another howl nearby. She felt her heartbeat settling down and she looked up, seeing two pathways. Cold hard fear seized her everywhere as she stared at the two pathways.

This was what she was dreaming about, the only things that were different was that Crabbe's head wasn't in the middle of them and this was definitely not a dream. Jade chose the right pathway and ran, knowing that she had to choose and didn't have the time for trial and error. There was another howl nearby and Jade ran as fast as she could, seeing the trees start to thin out. She saw a small opening where there were no trees and ran towards it. She slowed down and realized that she was on a small cliff and below was a large lake, glittering under the moon. Jade choked back a sob, realizing that she had made a grave mistake in choosing this pathway.

She was at a dead end and was going to die either way.

'It's not your fault. You didn't choose this for yourself.' Jade thought to herself.

She shuddered in her own tears, thinking about Draco. This was the second time she was thinking about how she had completely failed as someone significant in his life to make him happy. Every time she saw him, she always saw the nerve bulging in his temple and constantly look incredibly worried because of her. She looked at the lake again and the reflection of the moon caught her eye.

Before the realization hit her, she heard a low snarl behind her. Jade turned around to see Greyback in his werewolf form, crouched and ready to spring at her any second.

"No…if you take me…I'm taking you down as well." Jade said.

Greyback sprang up in mid air and Jade was ready, to take him down the dark lake but a figure jumped in front of Jade, blocking Greyback to attack Jade. Before Jade realized what was happening, she saw Scarlett putting up a good fight with Greyback, kicking and swiping barbarically.

"Scarlett, NO!" Jade screamed.

"What's under the moon?" Jade asked.

"Greyback's death." Crabbe answered.

Jade looked at the lake, seeing the moon clearly showing from the reflection. There was a large possibility that the lake had Greyback's death; the muggle gun with the silver bullet to finish him.

"Jade!" Ginny screamed, appearing with Rita and a bloodied Lavender.

Jade turned around to see Fenrir biting Scarlett and without thinking, Jade reached out to grab Fenrir by his neck and wrenched him into the water with her along. Jade hit the ice cold water and her shoulder started to throb. She saw Greyback, paddling through the water and she floated in the dark waters, seeing a dimly lit box with the gun in it. She reached out and opened it. She took the gun in her hand and swiped her good arm, up to the surface of the water. She saw Fenrir making his way into the shore and she kicked harder, trying to get to him as fast as she could. When she saw that there was no way she could get to him on the shore, she pointed the muggle gun at him, taking whatever chances she had.

She pointed the gun at Fenrir, closed her eyes and shot off six rounds continuously. When she felt nothing discharging from her gun, she looked at it and looked back at the shore to see a lifeless hairy lump on the ground. She looked up the cliff to see Ginny, Rita and Lavender all looking hysterical and crying but the only thing she could hear was the ringing in her ears from the gunshot wound.

"Cripes." Jade breathed, tossing the gun away, seeing it sink. She slowly made her way towards the shore, seeing Rita and Lavender appear, helping her out. They dragged her towards the shore and Jade collapsed on the ground, feeling herself start to feel faint.

"He's dead. You shot him twice in the head." Rita said.

"I don't…feel so good." Jade said. Her eyes rolled back and everything went black.

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