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End Of Part Four: Heartbreakers

Jade opened her eyes to see her room filled with flowers and balloons to wish her good health and fast recovery. She felt a small kiss on her shoulder and saw Draco bury his head into her neck.

"My heart kept stopping on the way here. I couldn't even start looking at the right places for you." he said. He kissed her neck and looked up to see her crying silently with her hand over her mouth.

"Jade?" he asked. Jade closed her eyes tightly, shaking in her own sobs. "What happened? Am I hurting you?" Draco asked, getting off of her. Jade shook her head and grabbed him back again, pulling herself up.

"This will never happen again. Not with Fenrir, not with anyone else." Draco said. Jade shook her head and Draco went to kiss her again but Jade stopped him by putting up her fingers against his lips.

"I can't do this to you anymore. I don't want this to happen again." Jade said softly, seeing Draco nod.

"I know and it'll never happen. You have a good job at the pub and you'll share the house with me again and I'll constantly check up-"

"No Draco…I don't want this, to happen again." Jade said gesturing between them. Draco started to grow worried and Jade felt the tears leaking out of her eyes.

"You don't deserve what I put you through every single day. I don't want to see you get worried and stress every time something happens to me. It's not something I want you to go through because I know you deserve someone normal. Someone who can take care of you who you don't have to worry about." Jade said.

Draco looked stunned and slowly shook his head.

"No…no, Jade don't do this to me. You need to relax and sleep, and then I'll take you back home and make you your favorite dinner and stop by Honeydukes to buy the whole fucking store but don't do this to me. Not after what happened." Draco said. Jade shook her head silently, feeling her heart break as Draco rubbed his chin, looking at her in disbelief.

"We need to end this relationship for good. I need you to have a normal life, please, for me. I can't see you worrying about me like this, no man deserves waiting on a woman who has so many issues." Jade said.

"Damn it Jade. I'm fucking in love with you. You can't just expect me to stop and transfer all my feelings into another woman; I'm not a fucking machine!" Draco yelled, shoving the metal sides of her bed. It broke off and fell with a loud clutter and Draco picked it up and threw it against the wall.

"Did you hear that?! I still love you and in a really bizarre way, I love your issues too!" he yelled. He picked up a vase filled with flowers and threw it through the glass window, shattering it. Jade watched him rant around and he turned back to Jade.

"I'll do anything you want me to. I'll cook every day for you. I'll bring you breakfast in bed. We won't have children, we won't get married and I'll never make you do those complicated sex positions ever again. I'll take you to Honeydukes and I'll carry your issues. Jade, do you understand how pathetic I'm sounding out to be? I sound like a fucking faggot but I'll bend over backwards twice and pull the crap out of my arse with my teeth for you love. I'll get the moon and the stars for you; I'll go to hell and bring back the Devil to dance in his knickers for you. Whatever it takes." Draco said.

"You're not making this easy for me Draco. You're wasting your time being good to someone who does not deserve you. How many times do I have to tell you this? I'm not coming back to your house and I'm not coming back into your life. I want to see you happy-"

"Why do you need to see me happy? Are you stupid or are you just doing this on purpose because you like to see me throw things around and look like a raging lunatic? You know what makes me happy yet you just pull me away from you, trying to push me off in another direction where I don't want to go." Draco said.

"I really want you to go wherever I'm pushing you off to because it's better for you that way Malfoy. One day I'm really going to die and you'll be with your other wife and children, thanking your stars that you're no longer involved with me!" Jade yelled.

"Fuck you Weasley!" Draco shouted, pointing a finger at her.

They both stood in their position for a while and Draco immediately raked his hands behind her head and grabbed it, forcing her to meet her face with his.

"I know you love me. I know you don't want me leaving you." he said.

Jade stood silent and Draco tried looking desperately for something. He slowly let her go, still gazing at her as if she were some kind of real life maze puzzle.

"You're right…I can't do this anymore." He finally said. Jade's eyebrows pulled together, feeling the tears well up in her eyes.

"I'm fighting for nothing, but you're right Jade. I might have a normal wife and family and it'll probably hurt less as time goes on. This is just a phase right? It might hurt a little but time would patch everything up." He said getting up. He picked up his leather jacket from the chair and started heading out the door.

"Thanks and good luck getting Potter to settle down and marry you someday." Draco said.

He left through the doors and slammed it shut, leaving Jade in her hospital bed, reduced to tears. The door opened back up again and Bilius and Aunt Muriel stuck their heads into the room looking somber. They walked in and hugged Jade tightly from both sides, kissing her.

"We heard everything from outside. I know it hurts now love but you did the right thing." Bilius said as Jade bawled in his arms.

"Bilius Weasley, you are an unfathomable idiot and so is your daughter. That man loved you to the point of insanity and you're here not happy that he's gone but devastated. I actually like that git, no matter how many chickens he's fucked, he has a heart of pure gold and he's dumb enough to fall for you. What the fuck is wrong with you Jade Weasley?" Aunt Muriel asked.

Two Weeks Later

Jade woke up to her alarm clock on her nightstand. She slammed it shut and yawned, rubbing her face. She pulled herself out of bed and walked into the kitchen to make herself a pot of coffee. After setting the coffeemaker, Jade turned around to go to the bathroom but shrieked when she saw Harry on her hot lips sofa, watching her curiously.

"How the hell did you get in?" Jade asked seeing him cock an eyebrow.

"Fine, don't answer that." Jade said going to leave. She reached her bathroom and went in. She went to close the door but Harry held the door open.

"I came to see how you were." He said. Jade crossed her arms tightly and glared at him.

"After two weeks…thanks, I'm fine." Jade said.

"We need to talk." Harry said.

"Can this wait? I have to pee and my bladder does not take well to holding on to a thousand gallons of liquids for a very long amount of time." Jade said.

Harry rolled his eyes and firmly closed the door shut. When Jade was done, she got out, seeing Harry pour her a cup of coffee and lead her into the living room.

"Tell me everything." Harry said. Jade started explaining everything to Harry, telling him the entire story and the dream that she had earlier on.

"So you had a premonition?" Harry asked seeing Jade shrug.

"It's really creepy but everyone has it don't they?" Jade asked. Harry took her arm and rubbed his thumb across the scar of Fenrir's bite mark.

"Did you have this dream before or after he bit you?" Harry asked, looking at her.

"After, why?" Jade asked.

"This was a smallcase of Legilimency. After he bit you, you could somewhat see into his thoughts as well." Harry said. He brushed his lips against the scar and continued.

"But he's dead…every single piece of his soul is dead." Harry said softly.

"You killed those children?" Jade asked, feeling the lump in her throat build up. Harry only gave Jade a silent look and she shook her head. Harry kissed her hair and held her close.

"I never wanted to put you in harm's way, but it feels like every time I try to do that I push you in even more." He said.

"Thank you for what you've done for me." He said. Jade nodded as he slipped his hand up her shirt and went to kiss her but Jade jumped back.

"No, no, no. I just broke up with Draco. I can't do this." Jade said shaking her arms.

"That's what you said the first time babe…and it didn't help." Harry said.

"This time it really is over and I can't really feel great about myself if I just…" Jade trailed off.

Harry stood there in his spot, crossing his arms and looking entirely calm about it.

"I think I'm off of men." Jade said. Harry's eyes glinted with mockery.

"Not with me you're not. I'm not like other men." He said. Jade shrugged and quickly shook her head before Harry took it as an exception.

"That means you too. Stay away from me. Very far away. Like right there. What are you doing? Excuse me Harry, you were supposed to stand where you were-" Jade stopped when Harry pressed her into a wall and kissed her heatedly.

"You're going to have to try harder than that to scare me." He said.

With that, he gave her a short kiss and left through her front door. Jade scowled at the door and wondered about getting a new lock to keep Harry out but for some odd reason, she thought it would be completely useless.

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