The Aurseize

Part Five: Milli Verchelli

Hermione and Jade knocked back a few shots of whiskey and started giggling uncontrollably at each other. They turned around to Ginny who shook her head and Jade rubbed her stomach, lying on the ground.

"So…" Hermione said, braiding pieces of her own hair. "You don't miss Draco?" Hermione asked, seeing Jade frown.

She thought of Draco all the time. There was no escaping the guilt that she felt when she broke each other off from each other. In a way, she regretted to end things with him.

"I do…you have no idea how much I do." Jade said, looking at her ceiling.

"But don't you have Harry now? With a man like that, I would have thought you forgot about everyone else." Ginny said, getting up to rummage through Jade's refrigerator.

True; having Harry in her life definitely made her life much more interesting than it was but it was like throwing a monkey wrench into the works. She didn't exactly like to call Harry a complication in her life. He was a friend who cared a lot about her and saved her arse on more occasions than Jade can count but he wasn't fitting anywhere for her. His way of living and whatever he was involved with scared the living daylights out of Jade. She was better off not knowing anyways.

"Who's better in bed?" Ginny asked.

Hermione gasped from her drink, giving Ginny a cross look but ended up looking drunk and slightly confused. Jade shrugged, trying to compare Harry and Draco but ended up getting chills herself. She giggled, thinking about them both naked.

"They both give doomsday orgasms." Jade said. Ginny and Hermione sharply drew their breath in and exhaled slowly.

"I'd like a doomsday orgasm now. I haven't had one of those until after I had Rose and Hugo." Hermione said wistfully. Ginny laughed at Jade and Hermione but couldn't help but think about her significant other as well.

Someone pounded on the door and everyone turned around to it.

"I'll get it." Ginny said, walking towards the door. She opened it and Lavender hustled in, in her earlier outfit.

"Lav? What are you doing here?" Jade yawned.

"Jade! My broom is in the repair shop and I need you to drop me off to my fugitive's house!" Lavender said. Jade got up, nodding.

"Sure! I'll drop you!" Jade said. She stumbled towards the sofa and started laughing at herself. "Whoops. Just a wee bit tipsy there." Jade said, grabbing her keys.

"Can I come along? I've never seen an apprehension before!" Hermione said, getting up as well.

"I'm a little scared to leave you alone with these two drunkards. I know Hermione can behave herself but I'm not too sure about Jade." Ginny said, holding Jade's arm. Jade pulled her arm away from Ginny and took a new broom that she bought for herself a couple of days before. Lavender let out a low whistle, seeing Jade's broom.

"A Cleansweep 5? We live in the new era if you hadn't noticed." Lavender said. Jade looked down at her broom. Sure it wasn't the fastest and sleekest broom in the world, it was a broom nevertheless!

"I got it off for cheap in the Used Brooms Lot down by Hogsmeade!" Jade said seeing Lavender's eyebrows raise.

"Doesn't Harry give you those new shiny toys that aren't even released in the market yet? Why did you have to settle for that piece of crap?" Lavender asked.

"Hey! I don't need Harry for everything you know. It's bad enough he covers for my stupid bum every time I get in trouble. I'm an independent woman you know and if you don't like it, take a hike!" Jade said, pointing to her apartment.

Jade hopped on her broom with Lavender behind her. Ginny pulled out her broom, letting Hermione sit behind her.

"Now hold on tight Hermione! The last thing I need is Ron crawling up my arse and eating through my heart if I end up letting you slip on my broom!" Ginny said as Hermione nodded. Jade flew through the air and swerved dangerously when she wasn't focusing properly.

"You're going to get a ticket for FUI you know." Hermione shouted as they rode alongside each other.

"FUI?!" Jade asked loudly.

"Flying Under the Influence! Read the law sometimes!" Hermione shouted.

They flew across town and lowered their broom as the houses disappeared towards a small road clearing for cars to pass by.

"I don't see any houses, just trees…lots of it." Jade said, passing above the trees.

"That bag of dung lives in the woods. I've been here before." Lavender said, pointing downwards.

"Are you sure? The trees are getting thicker." Ginny said, looking highly skeptical. Hermione leaned over Ginny's shoulder, peering down.

The sun had started to set and Jade lowered her broom as soon as she saw a small dirt road where the trees had barely cleared.

"That's it! Now we just have to follow the dirt road that leads us to Milli Verchelli's barn!" Lavender said. Jade landed a little roughly on her feet, leaving Lavender to fall off the broom and roll around in the dirt.

"Ah crap! I broke a heel! How am I gonna capture this tart now?" Lavender asked.

Jade shrugged and her phone started ringing. Jade dropped her broom and answered her phone as Lavender moaned and complained.

"This is Jade speaking, how may I be of service to you today?" Jade asked with a small hiccup.

"I'm afraid to ask if you're drunk." Harry said from the other line.

"Drunk like a fish…babe!" Jade added, giggling to herself. She heard Harry sigh to himself.

"My monitor tells me that you're in Castile Pines." He said. Jade raised her eyebrow, looking at her phone.

"How did you know I was here?" Jade asked.

"I have a tracker on your broom and Hermione's car. Hermione's car is still in your parking lot and your broom told me you were in Castile Pines." Harry said.

"You have a tracker on my broom?" Jade asked.

"I have a tracker on everything you own but that's not the-"

"ARRRGHHHH!" Ginny screamed.

Jade turned around to see Ginny dancing away from a snake and coming right towards her. Hermione and Lavender screamed on the top of their lungs as well and knocked into Jade who dropped her phone down the small steep by the side of the road.

"My phone! My broom!" Jade yelled, seeing her broom roll away.

Jade jumped for it but her broom bounced off, down the rest of the woods. She tried to run down the path, but her footing slipped up halfway and she fell on her bum, sliding down the rest of the path on her back. She felt sharp twigs, crunchy leaves and dead sopping wet pieces of wood and dirt from underneath her. Jade fell forward on her stomach as the steep ended, bringing her to the deep heart of the woods. She crawled towards her broom and picked it up, seeing that there was a deep fracture in the middle of it. If she were able to fly this into the air, she'd get jerked around so hard; her brain would fly out like a flinging Frisbee. She looked around, trying to find her phone, wondering about her incomplete conversation with Harry. Knowing Harry, he was probably on his way to find her.

"Jade?" Ginny asked, slowly appearing from the steep. Hermione appeared behind her, holding Lavender's hand who started to shiver.

"It's starting to get cold." Lavender said.

Jade looked around, seeing that the woods starting to lose light. It was an eerie feeling and Jade started to feel the fear of being chased through the woods settling on her nerves. Flashbacks of being in the pitch black forest while there she heard the occasional hoots of the owls and howls of Fenrir Greyback put her in a state of fear. She looked up, seeing the naked branches of the trees curl down like the long dirty fingernails of an old witch, ready to snatch her.

"Jade? Are you all right? You don't look so good." Hermione said.

"I have never seen her this white in my life! She looks like she's dead!" Lavender said. They heard things rustling nearby and they all shot up, looking around wildly.

"We can tell Milli to fuck himself off. I don't want to be in the woods any second than I want to be near Greyback. No, no sir. Not me." Lavender said.

"Well what am I going to do? I broke my broom by trying to kill that snake! And Jade's rusty old toothpick has been broken since ages!" Ginny said pointing to Jade's broom. Jade tossed her broom aside and started to walk away.

"I'm not standing here for some creature of the night to catch me. Castile Pines is filled with werewolves and other scary red eyed demons that would enjoy tearing me apart piece by piece." Jade said.

"I can't believe this. There isn't even a way to apparate in Castile Pines. It's going to be until day break for us to reach out of the forest and who knows if we're alive by then." Ginny said.

"Now, now. I'm sure the scary demons are just a folklore to scare people away from here." Hermione said her voice shaky.

"And what about the werewolves?" Ginny asked.

"Except that." Hermione said quickly.

The girls suffered in their own fear, trying to walk as quickly as they could as they lost the last strays of light. The temperature dropped dramatically and Jade was only in her powder blue T shirt with green bold letters written across her chest; 'I LOVE MY TURTLE.' She was wearing her torn and beat up jeans, the same one that Jade had ripped when on her first case as an Aurseize, trying to capture Draco.

"Wait! Look there! I see something!" Lavender pointed out.

They stopped, seeing a small wooden house in front of them. None of the lights were on and it sent a bad feeling to all of them except Jade who had a full bladder.

"I need to piss real badly." Jade said, hopping while crossing her legs together. Ginny, Hermione and Lavender gave her a look.

"You're in the woods. You can piss wherever you'd like but not in that house." Ginny said.

"Or what if there's someone willing to help us? Maybe he has a landline or an owl for us to contact someone to get us out of here." Hermione said. Lavender opened her file and showed everyone a picture of Milli Verchelli.

"This is Milli Verchelli's house and he's been wanted for murdering women. Successful, beautiful and young women who are dumb enough to jog down that old dirt road we landed on." Lavender told them. Jade, Ginny and Hermione were bug eyed, listening to Lavender.

"Whatever it is, we need to get the hell on out of here. I'm not waiting for Milli, werewolf or swamp monster to kill me. I didn't run like hell from that werewolf for nothing you know." Lavender said, throwing her hands up.

As much as Jade wanted to listen to Lavender, she couldn't while her bladder was going to feel like it would burst inside of her. Jade was tearing up and started to walk quickly towards the house.

"I'm sorry ladies but I can't hold on any longer. I don't fit under Milli's criteria to kill." Jade said.

They hissed for her to come back but Jade disappeared, walking towards the dark wooden house in the woods. The house blended in perfectly with the rest of the trees that surrounded it. It looked very old and would have been closed by officials as a health hazard. It was erected as a wooden house with no type of remodeling. There were no tiles on the roof, no window panes, no such decoration or work to make it look appealing or even approachable. There was a grunt and a small squeal of a hog and as Jade walked closer, she saw a metal pig pen with black hogs nosing their way through the dirt. There was grass growing in patches on the stale earthy ground and pig droppings were all over the place.

Jade pushed the heavy wooden door and walked into the unlit living room of Milli Verchelli's house. She covered her nose as she passed by the extremely dirty and sloppy home. It was dark and large black flies kept whizzing around. Dust was caked all around the furniture tops and there were dirty towels on the floor with stains that could only be unmentionable. Jade reached the bathroom and quickly relieved herself without touching the toilet seat.

After she was done using the bathroom, she heard someone walking into the living room. Thinking it was one of the girls, Jade quickly walked into the bathroom to see a large man hunkered over an object on the floor, pointing his flashlight at it. Jade froze in terror seeing him get up and turn around and point the flashlight at her.

In the moment of terror, Jade grabbed the closest thing she could find, a small metal spittoon filled with tobacco spit and crashed it hard against his head, seeing him fall to the ground, unconscious. Jade picked up the Maglite on the floor and wiped her fingers on her jeans, coughing and gagging from the smell of tobacco spit. Jade shined the light on the man and her heart dropped seeing Ryker lying on the ground.

The door swung open and Milli Verchelli stamped in to see Jade over Ryker's body. He was a sweaty and very tall man with a thick and square body. He had bands and bands upon muscle on his arms and neck due to the hands on woodwork he would be involved. Milli dropped his axe and started to run out of the door. Jade looked down at Ryker and saw Milli running away.

"Sorry Ryker, I owe you." Jade said. She ran out of the house and ran after Milli who ran for his life.

"Stop! You're under arrest!" Jade yelled, running with the flashlight. Milli breathed heavily as he thundered through the dark woods as Jade gained on his tail.

"STOP!" Jade roared.

She jumped on him, seeing him stop and realized in a second that they were sent flying down a large clearing of water and dead brown and orange leaves. Jade and Milli hit the freezing water and she instantly let him go, feeling a surge of panic when it was unbelievably cold. She raised her hands and thankfully found her footing. Before she even stood up, she felt a pair of arms underneath her armpits pull her up. Jade coughed and sputtered seeing Harry with the water up to his waist.

"I'm drowning! Help me! I'm dying!" Milli gurgled.

Harry pulled Jade out of the water, walking her towards Knox, Zane, Ginny, Lavender and Hermione. Getting out of the ice water, Jade's teeth started chattering as she tried to rub herself down from the cold. Harry took off his jacket and put it around Jade, zipping her up. He was in his usual short sleeved fitted black shirt but his pants were wet with little pieces of leaves and wood stuck to it. Zane quickly took off his own leather jacket and wrapped it around Ginny who smiled at him and leaned her head against his chest. Hermione, Ginny and Lavender kept asking Jade if she was all right and she only nodded, unable to answer to any of them.

"Mr. Potter? What do we do to him?" Knox asked. They all watched Milli still jumping around, thinking he was drowning.

"Get him out before he dies from hypothermia." Harry said. He wrapped an arm around Jade and motioned to Lavender, Ginny and Hermione to follow.

"Both of you get him out of the water and bring Ryker back to the cars." He ordered. Zane and Knox gave a nod and instantly jumped into the waist deep freezing water to retrieve Milli. Jade felt her legs start to numb and she tried keeping her shivering to a minimal but she was already two stages into hypothermia. Harry was warm next to her and smelling like he was luring her right into his trap. Unfortunately for her, it was working.

They walked for a few minutes until they reached the dirt road where two shiny black pickup trucks were waiting. Harry took out his keys, disengaged the alarm on the first truck and opened the passenger seat for Jade. He put the key in the ignition and turned on the heat all the way to make things toasty for Jade.

"Too bad I don't have any coffee or hot chocolate." He said, inches away from her face.

"You're blocking my heat." Jade croaked.

Harry gave her a warm smile and kissed her. Jade's face melted as soon as she felt Harry's lip touch hers. It was a short kiss but it started the process of defrosting anyways. He pulled back and shut the door to the passenger seat, leaving her to warm up. Jade watched him walk away towards Hermione, Ginny and Lavender, knowing that they were talking about what happened. Harry didn't smile as he listened to Hermione telling him how everything came about. He nodded once or twice and looked at Lavender who was probably squeezing one or two jokes or sightings of a werewolf or a red eyed demon.

Zane and Knox came back with Ryker and Milli. There was an abnormally large sized bump, the size of a grapefruit on Ryker's melon shaped head. A dark reddish brown stain was on his head, trickling down his entire shirt and pants. Jade was thankful she wasn't there to actually smell it. She saw Harry grinning as Hermione, Lavender and Ginny took a few steps away from Ryker, gagging and coughing who reeked from the tobacco spit. Harry said a few words, motioned his hand quickly to his truck and Hermione, Ginny and Lavender opened the door in the back, boarding in.

"If I had to be in the same car with him, I would have taken Harry's gun and shot myself in the head with it." Ginny said, rubbing her hands together. Hermione and Lavender shivered and Jade turned to see Harry's men boarding on the truck behind them. Harry opened his door and slid into the driver's seat. Without a word, he shifted his gears and placed a hand behind Jade's headrest as checked the rearview mirror while he was backing out of Castile Pines.

"Are you feeling better Jade?" Hermione asked, touching Jade's arm.

"My throat feels scratchy." Jade said.

"Do you have potions in your cabinet? You'll probably come down with a fever." Ginny said as Jade rested her head.

"I don't care about a fever, I'm hungry." Jade said. She saw Harry give her a sly look with his eyes.

"I'm hungry too; all that chasing around Verchelli nonsense has me craving for some fast food." Lavender said.

"Lav, you didn't even do anything!" Hermione shot. Jade closed her head, knocking her head back to her headrest as Harry made a U-turn.

"My heel is broken! I'm depressed as fuck. Excuse my French." She said as Ginny nodded.

"I'd be depressed too. I nearly ate my arm off when Aunt Muriel used my shoe to beat a gnome to death during Fleur and Bill's wedding." Ginny said. Harry dropped Lavender and Hermione off in front of the Ministry and Ginny left to apparate with Zane. Harry drove off to Jade's apartment and parked into a parking space.

"How are you feeling?" Harry asked, touching her forehead.

"I always feel bad if I'm not fed." She said.

"Babe." He said.

He took the keys from the ignition and got out of the car towards Jade's side. Jade wobbled out of the truck and Harry lifted her up into his arms and closed the door. He carried her like a child as she wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying the musky scent clinging to his skin.

"Your turtle's having his own party." Harry said when they walked into her apartment. Jade mumbled something and Harry took her to the bathroom, getting the water to run.

"I just want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep, that's all." Jade said when Harry set her down.

"You need to wash up. Either do it or I'll do it for you." he said.

Jade grabbed a towel and Harry left to grab her some clothes. After Jade was finished with her shower, she walked back out, feeling her body ache. Harry paid the delivery boy his fare as she got out and set the food on the patio where the red umbrella sat, open for nothing.

"You know it's bad luck opening an umbrella inside of a house." He said, opening the box of pizza. Jade sat herself down in front of him and took a steaming slice. Life was sweet again.

"I'd find it hard to believe that this stupid umbrella is the one giving me all my bad luck." Jade said. Harry sat back, watching her eat and shook a bottle of potion for fever. Warm feelings tingled Jade's insides as well as a spastic rush down south when she thought about Harry looking out for her.

"I need a Firewhiskey." Jade said, looking around.

"I don't think so babe." He said.

"Why not?" Jade asked.

"You're a little drunk as it is, a little bit more and you might take away my virginity." He said. Jade burst into laughter and clutched her sides as Harry smirked. He poured the potion in a measuring cup and handed it to Jade who downed it.

"What are you going to do now?" Jade asked.

"I'll look up your skirt if you want." He said getting up. He took Jade's arm and dragged her to her bed.

"That's it? You're just going to leave?" Jade asked as Harry pulled the covers over her.

"I'll stay until you fall asleep." He said, sitting next to her. Jade nodded and closed her eyes, feeling Harry stroke her hair.

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