The Aurseize

Part Five: Back On The Job

Jade woke up in the morning, feeling a heavy arm draped across her chest. She saw Harry sleeping right next to her, only in his black silk boxers. Harry sleeping looked just as threatening as Harry awake. Jade tried to slip away but Harry's arm around her tightened and pulled her back in.

"Hey!" Jade said.

"Mmm." Harry said, his eyes still closed.

"You're still in my bed, you never left." Jade said, trailing her fingers through his dark thick hair.

"You alone in bed looked too good to pass up…and you smell really nice." He said, digging himself closer into her.

"You gave me a job to do remember?" Jade asked, feeling him slide her shirt up. He kissed down her chest and Jade's eyes rolled back, feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Harry disappeared under the covers, attempting to remove her underpants but someone at the door knocked. Harry threw the covers off and jumped off the bed.

"It's 6 in the morning." Jade said, following Harry towards the door.

"It's Knox." Harry said. He opened the door and Knox was there with a new dark purple broom in his hand.

"Good Morning Mr. Potter." Knox said as Harry nodded, taking the broom from him. Harry turned to Jade and handed the broom to her.

"Knock yourself out." He said. Jade went to respond but Knox beat her to it.

"Mr. Potter, there's been a security breach up in York just fifteen minutes ago. The owners of the property requested to speak to you." Knox said.

"I'll be out in ten minutes." Harry said seeing Knox nod and step back. Harry closed the door and turned towards Jade who raised her eyebrow.

"Security breach?" Jade asked.

"I'll explain another time." He said, kissing her. "I'll take a rain check for this morning?" he asked seeing Jade push him into the bathroom. After Harry showered, he got dressed and left for York.

Jade went into her bedroom to change out of her clothes. She slipped into a long sleeved dark green sweater and she saw a manila folder on her nightstand and on top of it, a small listening device. She took the folder and opened it to see a picture of Theodore Nott and a detailed list of his daily schedule, his family history and relatives. She felt guilty for reading some of the intimate details of Nott's life, something she wasn't permitted by him to see. He had been divorced from his wife who took custody of their kids and currently lived in Australia. After that, he didn't seem to be romantically involved with anyone else and kept to himself while working at the Ministry. Thinking of the Ministry, Jade was reminded of Ron's request of going back as an Aurseize.

Her stomach churned even thinking of going back to catching nutters. She looked back into Nott's current job and noted that he worked in the Department of Mysteries. Jade quickly ate her breakfast and got ready to visit the Ministry to carry out Harry's favor. She didn't know what she wanted to do for Ron. As much as she wanted to help and ease his worries, she didn't want to go back to risking her life again from people who would have killed her if luck hadn't come in the way.

She got out of her apartment and locked it until she heard a shriek from Mr. and Mrs. Jones apartment. The door was wide open and a man ran out. Mrs. Jones hobbled out of her apartment, pale face and blood splattered on her shirt.

"Jade! He's hurt Thomas!" she screamed.

Jade didn't need to be told twice. She flew after the assailant, catching up to him on the stairs. Jade pointed her wand to him and shouted 'Stupefy'. It missed him and he looked behind him to see her gaining on him. He raised his wand and shouted a spell at her but Jade blocked it. They both ran and threw hexes back and forth, missing and blocking. When Jade saw him going for the door, she knew he would apparate and it would be a very long time before he would be caught.

Just like any ordinary person, Jade jumped from the top of the stairs down onto the man, crashing into the ground at a merciless gravitational rate. The man wheezed underneath her as Jade scrambled off of him, with her elbow and her knees throbbing in pain. She panted heavily and turned him around, locking his arms.

"You made me run…I'm not nice to people who make me run." Jade said. She slowly stood up, seeing him groan.

"I think you popped my lung." He wheezed. Jade rolled her eyes and hoisted him up.

"I'm taking you to the Ministry." Jade said. Mrs. Jones and the rest of the tenants appeared.

"How could you have done a horrible thing to my husband?!" Mrs. Jones asked.

"Mrs. Jones calm down. I'm going to send him to the Ministry but someone will have to send Mr. Jones to St. Mungo's to recover. I'll tell the Auror Department to investigate." Jade said.

"I'll take him to St. Mungo's." a man volunteered.

"Mrs. Jones you can stay in my apartment and have some hot tea. I'll even give you a new shirt." Another woman said. Mrs. Jones nodded with tears in her eyes and looked back at Jade.

"Thank you for catching him. Otherwise I would have probably waited for months or years for justice." Mrs. Jones said.

From the way she said that, Jade felt herself choke up. She looked at the faces of her neighbors, seeing them smile and look at her proudly. They all trusted her and knew they were protected because of her, because she was an Aurseize and that they thought she still was. Jade pushed the Mr. Jones attacker out of the door and apparated to the Ministry.

Jade walked out of the elevators and into the Auror Department where she saw Albert, Michael and Blaise standing nearby, laughing over a joke. They turned around to see Jade who walked towards them and shoved the man to the ground.

"That hurts!" he howled.

"That was the plan." Jade said to him. She looked up to see Albert, Blaise and Michael staring at her with their eyebrows raised and their mouths slightly open.

"He's attacked my next door neighbor Mr. and Mrs. Jones and I need someone to go down there." Jade told them.

"Does this mean you're back?" Albert asked. Jade smiled and scratched her head. She went to answer but was interrupted by Draco who walked by.

"What the hell is going on here? Zabini, this isn't a soccer field-" Draco instantly stopped when he saw Jade.

Everyone fell into an awkward silence and Jade kept looking at everything except for Draco who tried to look neutral except for his jaw clenching that gave him away.

"Weasley." Draco said. Jade looked up at him and folded her hands behind her.

"Malfoy." Jade said.

"Back in the Ministry again?" Draco asked civilly.

As much as Jade wanted to feel normal, she felt extremely uncomfortable to Draco's cold and forced civility towards her. Jade went to answer him but was interrupted again by Ron who spotted her.

"ARE YOU WORKING FOR ME?!" Ron exploded, running towards her.

"I…I guess." Jade said. Ron looked up and thanked everything he knew and hugged Jade tightly.

"You saved my life and I owe you. Such a useful family member." He said ruffling her hair.

"You're back! This is good news!" Blaise said.

"Things were getting so uptight and boring around here." Michael said.

"What was that Goadby?" Draco asked.

"Nothing…nothing at all." Michael said.

"He means that you're the best Head Auror in the world." Albert said chuckling nervously. Draco didn't find anything funny and Jade looked over at Draco.

"You've been moved up as a Head Auror? Congratulations." Jade said seeing Draco flick his eyes towards her.

"Thanks." He said.

"Why don't we all hug it out?" Blaise asked, walking over to Jade. Draco cleared his throat and Blaise retracted, looking annoyed.

"Get back to work. I won't tolerate laziness in my department." Draco said. Blaise, Albert and Michael slumped and gave Jade a half hearted goodbye.

"Good to see you again." Blaise said seeing Jade wave.

"Malfoy's got a real stick up his arse." Ron said. Draco sneered at Ron and Ron lightly punched Jade's shoulder.

"Come to my office for files." Ron said seeing Jade nod. Ron left and Jade was alone with Draco.

"Well it was nice seeing you but I have to go to the Department of Mysteries. Bye." Draco said quickly. He walked past her and Jade gasped, walking behind him.

"No kidding! I have to go there too." Jade said seeing him press the button for the elevator.

"What business do you have up there?" he asked narrowing his eyes.

"None that concerns you." Jade said.

Draco rolled his eyes and looked away from her, mouthing something to himself. The elevator doors opened and Jade walked into it with Draco behind her. He punched the button and stood away from her, both silent as they traveled up to the Department of Mysteries. The doors opened and Jade got out and found herself looking at Theodore Nott.

"Is this elevator going up or down?" he asked. He looked over at Draco and stuck out his hand.

"Draco Malfoy. How have you been?" Nott asked as Draco shook his hand.

"I've been well. If you excuse me, I need to meet with Laurie for paperwork." Draco said.

Nott and Draco shook hands and Draco glanced at Jade before he started to walk away. Nott looked at Jade who gaped at him.

"Excuse me." Nott said going to leave.

Jade had to think quick before Nott left and she met up with him again before looking suspicious. She tripped herself and fell right into him, a little too hard. They both crashed on the floor and Jade saw Draco turning around, watching them.

"I'm so sorry. I'm such a klutz." Jade said, quickly slipping the listening device into his breast pocket. Nott blushed and he shook his black tidy hair.

"Can you please get off of me?" Nott asked. Jade realized that she was still on top of him and smiled at Nott.

"Oh! I forgot I was still on top of you. Hey…you have really nice eyes." Jade said. She felt a pair of hands on her arms which pulled her up.

"Sorry about that Nott." Draco said pushing Jade away to help Nott up.

"It's all right." Nott muttered. He walked away and Draco turned to Jade.

"Nott has a wife and two kids, leave him alone." Draco said.

"Ew gross, I wasn't even thinking of that. And for your information, Nott's divorced." Jade said picking up her purse.

"How would you know that?" Draco asked interrogatively. Jade froze for a second, thinking of a quick answer.

"Aunt Muriel and her friends…gossip…travels fast." Jade said.

"What exactly are you here for again?" Draco asked, narrowing his eyes at Jade who went to take the elevators back down.

"It's done and taken care of. Goodbye Malfoy." Jade said walking into the elevator.

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