The Aurseize

Part Five: Cho Chang

Jade walked into the Aurseize Office to see Parvati filing away on her desk.

"Hey Parvati, long time no see." Jade said seeing Parvati look up.

"Holy Merlin on a broom! Jade! I can't believe you're back!" Parvati said, jumping up from her seat.

"Didn't Ron tell you I was coming?" Jade asked as Parvati hugged her.

"Well…yes but I wanted to show you the first time I heard the news. Welcome back!" Parvati said as Jade laughed.

"I'm pretty scared and excited at the same time coming back here." Jade said as Parvati took out a stack of files.

"What the fuck? Did Lavender and Parkinson take a vacation or something?" Jade asked. Parvati sighed and shook her head.

"I think I need a vacation more than anyone else. I come to work every single day and Parkinson gets to do whatever she wants and never does her job. Lavender…well she's another case but the bottom line is, we're losing these cases to the Muggle Ministry and this is not going so well. I heard the muggles hired an International Aurseize to try and help us clean this mess up. Can you believe it? We need help? No wonder Ron's been shitting out bricks, I don't blame him when his own reputation is going down a shit creek." Parvati said.

Jade took the stack of files and Parvati kicked a box towards Jade.

"The ones you are holding is the last 3 months and the cases from when you quit up until the last three months is all in here. You have some serious arse kicking to do." Parvati said. Jade scowled, opening up the boxes and digging through the files.

"These are too many people committing crimes! This is probably everyone in England we're talking about!" Jade said.

"You're telling me? I had to file them. I think I need an assistant of my own. Someone who can file for me; that way I can take my own vacation and hire a male hooker." Parvati said going back to her work. Jade chewed on her lip, looking at the box of files. She picked it up and started out the door.

"Well I had better get a move on if we don't want that International Aurseize to appear in our Ministry. Tell Ron not to worry about it, I'll get to it." Jade said.

With that, Jade walked out of the Ministry, getting ready for her apprehensions. Throughout the day, Jade made her apprehensions from working her way to the least threatening felons, up. She didn't feel the need to shorten the length of her life for attempting to bring back fugitives who were wanted for murder and other ghastly crimes. Jade walked into a broom store, looking for her next fugitive. Gavin Brutus was behind the counter, polishing a Nimbus 2000.

"Nice broom." Jade said seeing Gavin Brutus look up. He was a thin and scrawny looking boy with blonde hair and a lot of acne. He looked over Jade until he met her eyes.

"I only have 5 Galleons in my pocket…how much could that get me?" he asked. Jade gave him a strange look, wondering what he meant. When the realization hit, she looked back at her clothes to check if she was wearing all of her clothes.

"What the hell? What makes you think that about me?" she asked.

"All right, I have 10 Galleons...what can you do for 10 Galleons?" he asked.

"Cripes, I don't provide those types of services! I'm an Aurseize." Jade said seeing him smirk and give a small shrug.

"That's what the other girl said a few weeks ago…Lilac or Freesia…some stupid purple color." He said.

"Lavender." Jade said seeing him nod.

"That's it. She told me she'd give me a run for my money if I went to the Ministry with her in peace…do you really think I'm that dumb?" he asked Jade who shook her head.

"If you said no to her than you're probably not." Jade said seeing him place the Nimbus back on the wall.

"I thought so too. Now you can go on out of this store because I won't be going to the Ministry." He said pointing to the door.

"Aw Gavin, don't make this hard for me. I'm going to have to stun you and drag you to the Ministry-" Jade was cut short when the door opened and a voice interrupted.

"Gavin Brutus?" a silky voice asked.

Jade turned around to see a tall gorgeous woman in black fitted robes with long straight black hair and striking brown eyes, eye lined to perfection.

"That's me. I'll pay anything for you sweet thing." He said, unloading his pocket of Galleons. The woman took out a bundle of papers from her robes and showed it to Gavin.

"I am Cho Chang and you are wanted for stealing high corporate brooms." She said, tucking her papers back in.

"Wait a minute, this is my apprehension." Jade said to Cho Chang who turned towards Jade, raising her perfectly arched eyebrow.

"Do you have papers for this apprehension?" Cho Chang asked smoothly.

"Of course I do." Jade said taking her papers out.

"Screw you; I'm going with the hot Asian." Gavin said. Jade showed Cho Chang her papers and pointed a finger at Gavin.

"You stay right there. If you move a muscle, it'll be your last!" Jade threatened.

Cho Chang ran her eyes down the paper and a small smirk appeared on her lips.

"This apprehension paper has been expired. How sad…you must be from the Ministry of Magic." She said with hints of mockery. She returned the papers at Jade who took it hastily, looking over the apprehension date as Cho Chang took Gavin and locked his hands behind his back. Jade saw the date and blotches of red appeared on her face when she saw the expiration date on her papers.

"But-" Jade looked up to see that Cho and Gavin had already gone.

Jade stormed through the Aurseize Office and threw Ron's door open.

"Yikes!" Ron yelped in his underwear.

"Are you stupid?!" Jade shrieked, seeing Ron pull his pants up.

"No! Why?! And haven't you ever mastered the art of knocking?!" he yelled. Jade threw the apprehension papers at him.

"Tell me exactly why I've been given expired apprehension papers and who is this bloody Cho Chang? She just waltzed in there and took my fugitive!" Jade said in disbelief. Ron picked up the papers and flipped through it.

"Fuck me…oops." Ron said looking up.

"Yeah…fuck you, oops." Jade said seeing Ron sigh.

"I'll tell Parvati to update them as soon as I can." Ron said.

"And what about Cho Chang? What are you going to do about her?" Jade asked. Ron grimaced and went back to his seat.

"I really can't do anything about Cho. Both Muggle and Magic Ministries are supposed to work with each other. I can't do anything about it if my Aurseizes aren't able to catch fugitives." Ron said. Jade stared at Ron openmouthed and Ron stood up.

"Look, I'll speak to Percy so he can pass the word to the Minister of Magic who can probably speak to the muggle Minister about taking Cho out since you're back on the job. But if they don't do anything about it, you're going to have to bear through this but please try to bring in more fugitives so it can make her look bad…if that's possible at all." Ron said.

"I'll make myself look bad in front of her. Maybe I should tell Harry to help me with the apprehensions, then I won't have to look like a jackass compared to her." Jade said. Ron made a quick sly look, masking it back again.

"What?" Jade asked seeing Ron blink profusely at her.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"Why did you give me that look?" Jade asked. Ron shook his head and went back to his papers.

"You don't want to know Jade. Trust me on this. You're better off not without having Harry to help you." Ron said.

"I don't get it." Jade said, completely confused.

"Big surprise." Ron said sarcastically.


"I'm late for a meeting; see you later Jade!" Ron said getting up and leaving. Jade walked out of Ron's office and sat in front of Parvati.

"Rough day?" Parvati asked seeing Jade run her hands through her hair. "

Do you know anything about Cho Chang?" Jade asked. Parvati sucked her breath in and squealed.

"I know she used to be Harry Potter's girlfriend!" Parvati said.

From the look on Jade's face, Parvati immediately knew she should have kept her mouth shut. She sat back on her chair, seeing Jade grow red.

"WHAT?!" Jade barked.

"From what I knew, he dated her briefly in our 5th year and they sort of fell apart. That's all I know." Parvati said seeing Jade chew on her nails.

"How long were they together?" Jade asked seeing Parvati give her a mouth shrug.

"For about a few weeks. It was so short. My sister Padma told me it was probably because of the fact that Cho never got over Cedric Diggory's death." Parvati said.

"Who the hell is Cedric Diggory?" Jade asked. Parvati shook her head slightly and gently banged it against her desk.

"This is going to take a lot of explaining to do." She said.

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