The Aurseize

Part Five: Lilah Umbridge

Jade could hardly think as she walked down the Auror Department. Harry and Cho had a history together so what did this mean now? She wrinkled her nose and yelled at herself for sounding so crazy and possessive. Harry and her weren't even an item…or at least that's what was supposed to be.

"Hey…you look worried." Albert said when Jade passed by.

"Hey Albert…no I was just thinking." Jade said seeing Albert nod.

"You look like Voldemort when you think so don't think at all." Albert said. Jade sighed and leaned on his desk, picking up an Anti Stress Ball that looked like a snitch.

"Where did you go to for Wizarding school?" Jade asked seeing Albert close his files.

"I went to Pordemgresso in Brazil." He said seeing Jade nod.

"My cousin Bill had a pen pal in your Wizarding school…they sent a cursed hat to Bill to shrink his ears." Jade said seeing a man occupy Draco's desk.

"Wont Malfoy be mad that someone's on his desk…and eating his sandwich from the bottom drawer, that's disgusting." Jade said seeing a new Auror rip through his sandwich.

"Oh no, no. Draco's Head Auror now remember? He has his own big office and frankly, everyone likes it that way." Albert said, leaning back in his chair.

"Why? I thought he was your best friend." Jade said seeing Albert shake his head.

"He's changed completely. I know he's a good Auror but he's not as fun and laid back as he was when we first started out in the Ministry." Albert said. Jade was silent and squeezed the Anti Stress Ball, listening to Albert.

"I know people change but it's harder for me to accept that it was a good friend who changed. I sort of feel like I've lost him." Albert said looking at Jade.

"I'm really sorry Albert." Jade said seeing Albert shake his head and smile. "No really…I am. If I didn't come between-"

"Whoa! Hi! Hello there. Why would you think that you came between our friendship? You were the only one that made him happy…and probably the reason why he's the nasty mean Head Auror who's dating Umbridge's granddaughter." Albert said. Jade stilled, staring at Albert who started to curl up into a little ball.

"Malfoy is dating Umbridge's granddaughter?" Jade asked. Albert swatted himself on the forehead and Jade grabbed his hand.

"You have to show me." Jade said forcefully.

"What? No!" he said.

"Albert! Show it to me right now!" Jade demanded.

Blaise, who was walking past them, stopped and grinned.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." He said, winking. Jade scoffed and turned towards Blaise.

"Malfoy's dating Umbridge's granddaughter?" Jade asked. Blaise looked at Albert accusingly and shook his head.

"Why does it even matter to you anymore Jade? You were the one that broke it off with him right?" Blaise asked softly.

"Yeah…I know but-"

"Are you still in love with him?" Albert asked from behind Jade.

"Me? No, I mean yes I am. Wait no, I love him but I'm not in love with him." Jade said seeing Blaise and Albert exchange looks.

"Then you'd let this go. Let him find his ground again…even if it means Umbridge's granddaughter or Umbridge herself." Blaise said. Jade smiled sadly and nodded.

"I think you need a Blaise hug." Blaise said seeing Jade laugh and hug him.

"Well I'll see you both soon. I have to run and be home soon. Did you check with Mr. and Mrs. Jones?" Jade asked seeing them both nod.

"They're all taken care of." Albert said.

Jade waved goodbye to Blaise and Albert and walked away to take the elevators.

"I saw the most beautiful necklace at the jewelry shop in Diagon Alley but you know what I just realized? I never traveled outside of England before! It's a good thing we're dating now right, because we both get to go to fancy countries and buy fancy jewelry and eat fancy food and fancy, fancy, fancy." A high pitched voice said.

Jade turned her head slightly to see a short but curvy woman with brown hair and deep brown eyes. She was a fairly attractive woman as Umbridge's granddaughter, especially when she was clung on to her dear life on Draco Malfoy. The elevator doors opened and Jade stepped onto it, seeing them step on as well.

"I love you so much. Cute little munchkin pumpkin." She said pinching Draco's cheek who snapped his head away from her.

"If you touch my face one more time, I'll turn you into a pumpkin munchkin." He threatened.

Umbridge's granddaughter laughed and Jade shook from her stance, truly startled from the noise.

"You are so sexy when you're angry and tell me you'll kill me!" she said. She bit his shoulder and Jade tilted her head to the side, trying very hard not to smile. Draco who was trying not to look at Jade throughout the disastrous elevator ride, saw the amusement on her face.

"Well I love you Lilah." Draco said forcefully. Jade raised an eyebrow and Umbridge's granddaughter sucked in a lungful of air.

"Really? Do you? Well I love you-"


The elevator doors opened and Jade nearly ran out, not being able to listen to Lilah for one second. Jade apparated to her father's house after a very long time. She knocked on the door, noting that Bilius was cooking up a storm inside from the delicious aroma from the kitchen window. Aunt Muriel opened the door wearing a white apron that was stained with grease and food coloring.

"Are you cooking?" Jade asked.

"I'm helping your father, Molly and Rita for the Vegetarian Cook-Off. We're making a Ragged Vegetarian dish with Polluted Cheese." Aunt Muriel said as Bilius huffed out of the kitchen.

"For the thousandth time, it is the Vegetarian Ragout with Cheese Polenta! You don't get to speak to the judges!" Bilius said to Aunt Muriel as he hugged Jade.

"Piss off Bilius Weasley! I can charm the pants off of any judge. Rita will win this Cook Off or else I will dig up your Uncle Muriel's grave and spit on him!" Aunt Muriel said. Bilius grabbed Jade's arm and pulled her towards him.

"When I die, hide my body from your Aunt Muriel and never tell her where I'm buried." Bilius said. Jade gave a short nod and Rita appeared with Molly Weasley from the kitchen.

"Jade!" Rita said hugging Jade tightly.

"How are you?" Jade asked seeing Rita nod.

"Very well! We've been experimenting with different kinds of vegetables and tofu. So far we came up with a couple of dishes for tomorrow's showing…which the judges would narrow down to five contenders." Rita said seeing Jade nod.

"Jade dear why don't you taste what we came up with and decide what we can use for tomorrow?" Molly asked Jade.

"Wow I'd love that! Who knows food better than I do?" Jade asked as Aunt Muriel snorted.

"A few extra pounds and I'll be tempted to call you Hagrid's little sister." Aunt Muriel said.

"Aunt Muriel!" Jade screeched.

Molly and Bilius took Jade away into the kitchen and sat her down on a table with samples of their dishes. Molly, Bilius and Rita one by one presented dishes and Jade scoured through all of them.

"I'm going to place my pick on ten dishes." Jade said seeing everyone sigh.

"There are ten dishes. We need five." Bilius said. Jade frowned and looked at the plates.

"Well I don't know how to rate food that has no meat on it! I can't give or take off points for a few stupid vegetables." Jade said.

"Well thank you for being useless again but we still love you Jade." Aunt Muriel said.

"Here's what I would do. Some of these dishes are different versions of each other, so it's up to you all to see which version you like best and what the judges would like. I'm sure it's written in a pamphlet somewhere." Jade said seeing Molly nod vigorously.

"We need to group our dishes together and somewhat make them completely different from each other! We have until tomorrow to do it!" Molly said jumping up and down. Rita turned to Jade and held her hand.

"Jade, do you think you can make it for my campaign for Healthy Eating? I need all the help I can get." Rita said seeing Jade nod.

"Of course I'll be there. Just owl me when and where but I have to go now." Jade said starting to leave.

"Go where? It's evening! You stay for dinner young lady!" Bilius said wagging a finger at Jade.

"I'd love to but I have work. I'm sorry; I'll stay for dinner another day! Bye!" Jade said.

With that, she left her father's home and flew back to her flat.

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