The Aurseize

Part Five: Harry's Love

At precisely 9 p.m., Jade's doorbell rang and she opened it to Zane who held out a heavy vest for her.

"What's this?" Jade asked taking it from him.

"Mr. Potter has given orders for you to wear a bulletproof vest for tonight's mission." Zane said. Jade raised her eyebrows at him, seeing him stare back.

"So Harry can give me orders and expect me to be obedient?" Jade asked seeing the flash of fear come across Zane's face.

"Yes." He responded.

"What if I don't wear it?" Jade asked.

"I will have to make you wear it because Mr. Potter will be displeased with me and he doesn't want you to die from a stray bullet." Zane asked. Jade nodded and shrugged the vest on.

"That's a good point you make." Jade said. She stepped out of her apartment and Zane locked up her apartment and they traveled down the stairs, into a muggle car.

"Why do you use muggle cars? Why can't you just apparate?" Jade asked.

Zane was silent and started to roll the car out of the parking lot. Jade sat in silence as Zane concentrated on the street, driving smoothly at a normal pace.

"So I heard about you and Ginny." Jade said seeing his eyes not leave the street. "And the baby." Jade added.

Zane swerved the car and his face went white.

"Are you okay?" Jade asked seeing him clutch the steering wheel tighter.

"I-I'm fine." Zane stuttered.

Jade sat in her seat, watching Zane nervously. He was hunched over the steering wheel, his eyes wide with fear and his face white and broken out into a sweat.

"You don't look so great Zane." Jade said.

He stopped the car and quickly snapped his seatbelt off and threw open the door. Jade stared in horror as she saw a grown man throw up on the sidewalk at the thought of a baby. Her passenger door opened and Jade turned around to see Harry who pressed the button on her seatbelt. He helped her out and they both looked over at Zane who wiped his mouth.

"What did you do to him?" Harry asked looking highly amused.

"I swear I didn't do anything to him. I only asked about the baby, that's all." Jade said as Harry wrapped an arm around her.

"Are you going to be okay or not?" Harry asked Zane who straightened up.

"I'm all right." Zane said. Harry nodded and motioned his head towards a building.

"Take your place." He said. Zane nodded and left, leaving Harry and Jade alone.

"I need you to listen to me very carefully." Harry said tightening her vest.

"Always listen to me. If I tell you to run, you run for your life. If I tell you to shoot…" he said taking a gun and placing it on her hand. "You shoot." He said.

Jade gulped and Harry brushed his thumb across her lips.

"But you'll stay all the way in the back, guarding the hallway so no one walks in on us. We don't want an innocent civilian getting hurt because of us." Harry said seeing Jade nod.

"Exactly what is it that you'll do?" Jade asked. Harry gave her a look that told Jade that it was useless to waste her breath to find out what Harry and his men would do.

"Just know that we're apprehending a woman for making cursed jewelry. One woman was actually beheaded from the curse." Harry said.

"That's terrible." Jade said seeing Harry nod. His eyes traveled down her vest and he smirked.

"I like how that vest looks on you." he said in a low voice. Jade felt chills running up and down her body and she stepped closer to him for a kiss.

"I apologize for being late." The same silky voice said that Jade heard for the second time today. Jade snapped around to see Cho Chang standing a few feet away from her, smiling coolly.

"Harry Potter." She said. Jade felt uncomfortable in Cho's presence. She eyed Harry, the way Hermione would look at her final examinations after a long hard year of extensive studying.

"Cho." Harry nodded.

"Wait…what are you doing here? This isn't one of your apprehensions again is it? Because you can leave, Harry's got it." Jade said seeing Cho look at Harry again.

"Babe." Harry said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Actually…Harry owled me to help in this mission." Cho said. She slightly moved a piece of hair by the flick of her head, which would probably to many other men would have them on their knees, licking her feet. For Harry's case, he didn't look the least bit affected.

"Oh…I see. To catch up on old times right?" Jade asked unconfidently.

"She's guarding the hallway with you." Harry said. Jade's eyes nearly popped out of her skull and Harry continued before she got a chance to complain.

"Do you have your vest on you?" Harry asked.

Cho held up a vest and strapped it on herself. Harry prodded Jade to go along and they silently walked into the building.

"Do you want to take the elevator? We're going up five floors." Harry said to Jade who was nearly exhausted at the thought of going up five flights of stairs. Cho started up the stairs by herself.

"I'm using the stairs. My body doesn't tolerate laziness." She said catching Harry's eye. Jade looked at Cho who disappeared at the stairs and looked at Harry who raised his eyebrows at Jade.

"Excuse me." Jade said leaving him. She ran up the stairs and after the second flight, she started slowing down.

"You don't have to do this. We can take the elevators." Harry said tugging at Jade's ponytail.

"I am not lazy. I…I can climb a couple of stupid…stairs…" Jade panted. Harry grinned and Jade wheezed her way up the stairs.

"Do I look funny to you?" Jade asked seeing Harry walk up the stairs with ease without skipping a breath.

"You look funny to me…it never fails to make my day." He said.

Jade opened the door to the fifth floor. She collapsed against Zane who held her up, looking at Harry nervously.

"Should I take her to St. Mungo's?" Zane asked. Harry softly sighed and shook his head.

"She'll be fine…go on." Harry said. Zane gave a nod and walked off, disappearing into a corner. Harry turned to Cho and Jade.

"Guard this door, the elevators and make sure no one gets out of their rooms." Harry said.

"Done." Cho said.

Jade tried not to look annoyed and Harry fought back a smile. He turned around and left, leaving Jade and Cho alone to guard the hallway. Jade stood rigidly next to the staircase as Cho shook her hair out. Cho wore knee length black leather boots and a black leather skirt with a gun strapped to her waist. Jade looked at her own gun which she awkwardly held in her hand. Ever since she shot Fenrir Greyback, Jade avoided guns at all times. She wasn't even remotely curious about how it would work again. It killed a werewolf and it would kill anyone else too if she was near it.

"How long do you have to be here doing all these apprehensions?" Jade asked.

"Until they're all done." Cho responded coldly.

"Really? Well sorry to put you through all this trouble but I can take over this." Jade said. Cho turned towards Jade and jeered at her.

"I don't think so. You're not very good at apprehending people…nor confronting them." Cho said. She looked over her and slightly curled her upper lip as if she were looking at the gum under her shoe.

"You're right; I'm not a cold bitch." Jade said nodding.

"Let's add unprofessionalism and jealousy under that sparkling résumé." Cho said sarcastically, flashing her white, even perfect teeth. "Harry must have an eye for the pathetic." She said.

Jade slightly gasped and smiled at Cho.

"Oh so that's why he dated you during Hogwarts. Well that makes perfect sense now because you were moping over Cedric so much? If you were to cry, you'd probably have his attention again." Jade said sweetly, leaning close to Cho who snarled at her.

"Don't you dare provoke me. You do not know what I am capable of." Cho hissed. Jade smiled pleasantly at her.

"Oh I think I know what you're quite capable of…but sweetheart it's going to take more than crying on me to break me." Jade said quietly enough for the both to hear. Cho reached for her gun and before she pointed it at Jade there was a loud explosion.

"AAARRRRRGGGHHH! FUCK!" Jade shrilled dropping to the floor.

She covered her arms over her head and closed her eyes tightly. She looked up, hearing hurried footsteps coming towards her. Jade slowly stood up and looked around to see that Cho Chang was nowhere to be found. A tall and slightly overweight woman with leopard pants and auburn hair stopped in front of Jade. She had numerous bags, one of them Jade identified as the bag of the millennium, sought after 98% of the witch population in the Wizarding World.

"Don't even move an inch. I'll blow you up faster than you can blink." She threatened, holding out a small black ball. Jade put her hands up to surrender and the woman started to walk away.

"Is that the Astor Multi Function Tote by the Witches of Blair?" Jade asked pointing to the bag.

The woman's head shot up and she stood around, showing her bag off slightly.

"Yes…so?" She asked.

"It's so beautiful! It compliments your eyes!" Jade said. The woman slightly giggled and opened the bag for Jade.

"Look at this. It's phenomenal! I can put my jewelry, makeup, planner, tampons, parchment and even my owl in every single compartment! They even have a holding for wands for the everyday witch!" she said.

"Can I hold it? I've always wanted a bag like that but it costs a fortune." Jade said. The woman dumped all of her things into another bag and handed the empty Aston Multi Function Tote to Jade.

"I have a few hundred more that I stole from the Witches of Blair-"

Jade reached over, flipped her arm around and pinned her to the floor.

"Sucker." Jade said locking her arms.

"Crap." The woman muttered.

The door to the staircase opened and Harry walked in on Jade and the woman under her. Zane, Ryker and Knox appeared with a terribly hurt Cho Chang and they all stared bizarrely at Jade.

"Wow that was fun. All this work got me hungry, take out at my place?" Jade asked. She patted Harry's chest and took the elevator downstairs, leaving everyone dumbstruck.

Jade waited by Harry's muggle car as he walked out with another man who was casually dressed and looked middle aged. The man shook Harry's hand profusely and Harry left after having a few words with Ryker, Knox and Zane. He walked over to Jade and unlocked his car.

"I always thought that I saw everything in this world but apparently I haven't with you still around." He said starting the car.

"She tried to give me a knock off of the Witches of Blair bag. You can't do that to a woman…especially women of my family. Aunt Muriel would have killed that poor woman but I played nice." Jade said putting her seatbelt on. Harry smiled and started pulling out of his parking space.

"If I were a normal man under normal circumstances, I would have asked you to marry me." He said.

Jade made a face and silently watched the lit buildings from her side of the road. She thought about Harry's future and how it would have looked like if he stopped what was his current job.

"People get old and one day you'll be too old to chase people down and live this lifestyle. What then?" Jade asked. Harry took a deep breath and exhaled silently.

"I try not to think of two things in my life; my past and my future. For me it's all about the present. If I woke up to be a very old man…I would think of my present then…not now." He said.

"You'll want to be married with children when you're old." Jade said seeing him smirk.

"I don't think so, but if I change my mind, I'll cross that bridge when I get there." Harry said.

Jade nodded and sat uncomfortably in her seat. She wondered about Cho Chang and what Harry still thought about her. She tried hard to think that Harry must have been blind to be attracted to Cho but she had to admit as well, Cho Chang was extremely pretty.

"What?" Harry asked breaking into her thoughts.

"What?" Jade asked him.

"You're circling your thumbs and you're chewing your lips. What are you thinking about?" he asked.

"I heard you and Cho were an item in Hogwarts." Jade said. Harry glanced at Jade and his eyebrows quirked slightly.

"Jealous?" he asked.

"Absolutely not." Jade responded quickly.

"That's nice to hear." He said.

Jade waited for him to keep going but Harry was in his own world, driving Jade nutters.

"Well?" Jade asked.

"Well what?" Harry asked lightly.

"Forget it. I don't want to talk about it anymore." Jade said.

Jade burned terribly inside and looked away from Harry. There were a couple of things she wanted to reason with before she became nosy about Harry's personal life. It seemed a little rude to brown nose in his business and ask him about his business with Cho since he never asked anything that happened between her and Draco's relationship. Another reason was because Jade had no idea where they both were in their lives. They were in a place where their relationship crossed friendship and never reached a committed relationship. The very last thing was that he was Harry Potter and there was no way she could find out if he didn't want her to know.

Harry stopped in the parking lot of Jade's building and Jade turned to Harry.

"Night." She said. She opened the door and started to power walk to her building but Harry caught her hand. He turned her around and pulled her into a snog. He pulled her back a few inches and lightly grabbed the back of her ponytail.

"I love you. In a way where there are no expectations from you or any pressure on you." he said. He kissed her forehead and pulled away from her.

"Night." He said, leaving Jade utterly confused and taken aback.

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