Clandestine Wishes

Broken Strings

Hermione's Flat:

When Hermione reached her flat; she carelessly discarded her cloak. She padded towards her bedroom and sat on her bed forlornly. She took a deep breath as she slipped her hand inside her pocket; she grabbed the necklace and fastened it around her neck. She conjured a hand mirror and stared at her reflection; eyeing the pendant that rested on her chest. Fresh set of tears glide down her cheeks as she bit her upper lip roughly to stifle her cries; she set down the mirror down and snatched her wand. "Accio glass, Accio Fire whiskey," she said as she flicked her wrist. Within seconds, an empty glass flew together with Ogden's finest whiskey. She poured a generous amount of the golden liquid into her glass and emptied it one go. The liquor passed through her throat fluidly, making her wince with the bitter taste it left inside her mouth. She refilled her glass again and set it on top of her side table; she crouched down to open her side drawer and took out a huge black chest. She carefully placed it on her lap and held her wand; she tapped the lid once and muttered an unlocking charm. With shaking hands she managed to open the lid; she knew it would only break her heart further, but she can't make herself stop. She lifted the thin cloth cover and stared at the contents; there it lay inside the chest was pieces of their memories together. A faint smile graced her tear-stricken face when she saw an old parchment that's neatly folded into the side; carefully she opened it.


I've missed you! McGonagall made me do some lines today and it's bloody boring! Who wants to be locked up in a class room with an old hag that keeps on nagging? It's mental, I tell you. Okay...okay, I know it was my fault, I shouldn't have transfigured Weasley's quill into a spider, but it was so hilarious! Common don't deny it I saw you laugh. It was bloody fantastic and it made you smile, I love seeing you smile; makes me want to snog the daylights out of you...Well I have to run, still have Quidditch practice in a few. I'll see you later love, I can't wait to kiss you - I love you.


Tears started pooling in her amber eyes as she folded the parchment and placed it back inside the chest. She snatched her glass and took a mouthful before she continued rummaging through her box. She shifted a few more parchments and paused when something caught her eyes.


Hermione was sitting inside the library finishing some essays on Charms when she remembered that she needs a book for Arithmancy. She hastily stood up from her perch and strode towards the bookshelves; when she came back, she noticed that the book she was reading was closed. Slowly, she walked towards the table and sat back down; she curiously flipped the book open and felt her eyes widen in surprise. There it lay between the old pages was a long-stemmed bleeding heart rose. She looked at the flower intently, her cheeks flushing deep red. She checked her surroundings before she gently plucked it from her book. She shifted it closer to her face and took a good whiff. She was about to slip the rose into her bag when she felt a presence behind her. Goosebumps prickled her skin as wisps of breaths fluttered along the column of her neck.

"An everlasting rose for my forever girl. I hope you like it" Draco whispered before kissing her neck boldly. "I love you beautiful, I'll see you in a few," he said before walking away.

*End of flashback

She wiped her cheeks before she carefully placed the charmed rose back to the box. She scooted towards the headboard before taking another sip from her glass. The alcohol is starting to work its way into her bloodstream, turning the twisting pain she's feeling into a dull ache. She peered inside the chest again and saw an old wizarding photograph that Ginny took for them. She plucked the film and brought it too close to her face. It was the last picture they had together and they looked really happy; it was taken the morning before she decided to break his heart - oh, the irony. Hysterical laughter bubbled from her lips as tears continued leaking from eyes. She kissed the picture one last time before slipping it back inside the chest. She closed the lid and tapped her wand, sealing it magically for the second time. She set the coffer aside before she reached for the whiskey bottle on her side, she poured the remaining liquid in her glass and drained it to the last drop. She leaned back on her pillows as her mind started replaying their last encounter in an endless loop. She dug the heel of her hands on her eyes, "No more" she pleaded with a sob. "This has to end tonight - I can't do it anymore, I can't - I can't stop hurting. You should've done this a long time ago Hermione, he's already gone and he's not coming back. You've got nothing to lose now so just end it - just make the pain stop" she thought in her drunken stupor. She made a grab for her wand, but it escaped her grasp and fell down on the floor. She tried reaching for it but it rolled under her bed, "Fuck!" she cursed. She fell back on her pillows, her whole body shaking with grief and desperation. She turned her face to the side and caught sight of the bottle on top of her dresser. Without thinking about what she's about to do, she snatched it clumsily and smacked it hard against the corner, shattering it into sharp pieces. She grabbed the largest shard she saw and swiftly slit her wrist open without any hesitation. She lifted her hand to eye level and watched blood drip to her chest, "I love you so much and I'm sorry" she whispered brokenly. She then moved her bloodied hand to her chest and wrapped her fingers around the pendant, her eyes closing in surrender.

Draco's Flat:

It was almost midnight when Draco reached his place; he walked towards his kitchen and braced his hands on the sink. He opened the faucet and hastily splashed his face with cold tap water. He summoned a clean fluffy towel and patted his face dry. He somberly walked towards the counter and fetched himself a bottle of Fire whiskey. He padded towards the sitting room and was about to go out the den when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He walked in front of it and stared at his reflection, "It was for the best. You both needed the closure and now you have it, so suck it up," he said to himself. He continued his trek towards his destination and pushed the double doors open with a loud bang; he made his way to the recliner and hastily plopped down. He popped the cap open and drank straight from the bottle, not a bit deterred with the bitter taste. After a few seconds, he tore his lips away and hung his head, his shoulders shaking from the intensity of his sobs.

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