united under two skies

Chapter 10

Hello! Welcome to chapter 10. So I just realized that for some reason I confused Kenneth Donnelly with some figment of my mind named Kevin O'Donnell. So my bad.

In the early morning light, Shepard stood before the Normandy as the final checks were made to the scaffold and supports locking the ship into place. A few of her crew stood beside her, watching as construction drones retreated from the scaffold and the multitude of blinking blue lights fitted to the scaffold began humming softly at first and then becoming a deep vibration. The Mojave work crews ran about making last minute adjustments to the scaffolds ties and supports before they themselves retreated to the line of trucks next to the Normandy. When the humming became so loud it drowned out any other noise blue bolts of electricity crackled across the sand leaving glowing hot glass behind. In a blast of hot air the ship disappeared leaving a thin layer of glass on the sand behind.

A technician approached and said "Miss Shepard we'll teleport you and your crew to Big Mt. after we get the all clear from the other side that the Normandy has been secured in the Maintenance hanger."

"Thank you" Shepard says smiling at the worker before turning to crewmen beside her, Kenneth Donnelly and Gabrielle Daniels, Mordin, Miranda, Jack, Garrus and Tali "Listen up people we need to get the Normandy airborne as soon as possible, and it should be easy if what Craster tells me about this facility is true. We also need to analyze the device that brought us here in the first place, and cooperate with the scientists. They're help and equipment will be invaluable."

Jack spoke up rubbing sleep from her eyes "Why do I have to come to this stupid place?"

"I want you there for security" Shepard says gesturing to the shotgun slung behind Jack's back "and because someone has been abusing her shore leave."

"Hey you said to get to know the locals" Jack says shrugging "Sometimes the best way to get to know them is through my fists."

"Come on Jack a little change of scenery will help that mood of yours" Garrus says smirking.

The rest of her crew had opted out of traveling to the Big Empty and continuing their current reconnaissance mission. Shepard couldn't blame them, this place was still Vegas even with all the nuclear radiation. Although she had never visited earth before, Shepard had heard the tales of the so called sin city. Her crew was relaxing and having fun for the first time in weeks, so she didn't mind leaving them behind for a few hours. A tech approached and handed her a device that resembled one of the old radar guns police used to use on earth.

"Just pull the trigger and you'll be teleported to the Big Empty ma'am" the said writing something on a clip board.

"Won't it get too hot?" Shepard asked gesturing to the glass.

"Oh no, the hand held model is calibrated for organic tissue so you'll be fine" The tech said walking away.

Shepard handled the device and pointed it forward and pulled the trigger, and in a flash of blue she and her crewmembers were standing in a large hanger with the Normandy sitting a few hundred feet in front of them. Drones and technicians crisscrossed the hull and went in and out carrying tools metal beams and a variety of different schematics. Kenneth and Gabrielle went into action alongside Tali spouting out orders and checking the schematics against their own stored on their Omni-tools. Shepard left them to their work and grabbed the small crate containing the device that brought them here before being escorted by a tech out of the hanger with the rest of her crew following close behind.

They were led across the Big Empty to a small lab building near the Think Tank's central dome. When they entered the lab the smell of motor oil and strangely, formaldehyde, permeated their noses. It was a rather large space with most of its size being underground and was filled with all types of equipment and the ancient computer terminals the people of the Mojave used. The space had obviously been recently converted for their use considering the oil stains and unorganized manner the equipment was set up in. Shepard placed the crate on a desk and Mordin went to work after setting up a small mobile terminal next to the crate and began fussing with some of the testing equipment.

"Inferior equipment, converted lab space, smell of motor oil just like university" Mordin says getting to work.

"Garrus you keep Mordin company Jack and I will go and say hello to our gracious host" Shepard says watching as the device surged green as Mordin took it out of its crate before becoming inert again.

"Can do Shepard" Garrus says leaning against a table.

They turned to leave but a stack of papers collides with Jack in a maelstrom of paper knocking Jack and the stack's carrier to the floor.

"Watch it you fucking idiot" Jack yells standing.

"Ugh…Sorry so sorry" came a squeaky voice from the floor. On the floor sat a mousy woman with auburn hair tied back in a ponytail and thick glasses currently trying to shield herself from Jack.

Shepard helped her up and tried to help her gather the scattered papers before asking "Who are you?"

"Felicia Evergreen, Mister Craster sent me to assist Mr. Mordin with his work" she places the stack of papers on a desk and extends a bony hand.

"Pleasure to meet you" Shepard said taking her hand and sizing her up for a moment, now that she's standing Shepard saw that the woman was about a foot shorter than her.

"I'm so excited to work with you guys" She says before looking behind her to Garrus and Mordin "Oh my gosh"

She stares at Garrus for a very long moment and then says "are you guys really from another planet?"

"Yep in another universe actually" Garrus says chuckling.

"OH MY GOSH! That's so cool" Felicia says walking past Shepard and Jack "I've always wanted to meet a real alien."

Shepard motions to Jack to follow and they leave the lab and go out into the Big Empty. After wandering around a little they eventually ask a Technician where they could find Rex, and they get pointed to a lab on the other side of the facility. When they arrive they find a massive rectangular building with a sign on the front of the building that read:

Experimental Technology & Theorem

Testing Facility #1

Two guards waved them through the main door and they found themselves in a wide open space with a massive sphere covered circular hatches in the center of the room. It was surrounded by clear thick glass and a circle of instrument panels and terminals with technicians and scientists standing around it looking at read outs and readings while a security team stood around the room. Rex stood at the control panel adjusting dials and checking data being displayed on one of the terminals, and as usual smoking a cigarette. His red hair stood up in an unkempt mess without the usual gel or oil he used to slick it back. The white lab coat he wore was old and had the name Dr. Craster finely embroidered on the right breast.

"I didn't know you were a doctor" Shepard says as they approach.

"I'm not it was my father's" Rex says taking a drag from the cigarette not looking at them his attention completely on the task before him "I trust you've found your way around alright"

"We've managed" Shepard says moving to his side and looking at the panel he was using "What's this?"

"A new reactor design Felicia's been working on she asked me to test it since I assigned her to help your scientist" Rex replies pressing a few buttons causing the reactor to activate with a Whoosh.

"She designed this?" Shepard asks.

"Yes, despite her appearance and habit of tripping over things she's one of the best physicists and engineers in the Mojave" Rex replies before turning to the personnel all around the reactor "Alright she's primed when we begin the cycling process we'll get fluctuations until the core stabilizes so I want everyone at their respective kill switches if need be"

The personnel took their positions their hands at kill switches all around the reactor.

"Only press if I say so" Rex says "I really don't feel like replacing those cores; alright beginning stage one"

He slides a switch all the way forward and the core begins to hum loudly.

"Should we be here for this?" Jack asks "I don't feel like getting cancer"

Rex winks at her "Don't worry you're perfectly safe; besides the doors were sealed when stage one started."

The hum of the reactor grows louder and a tech to their left says "First spike detected within parameters"

"Good beginning stage two" Rex says turning a dial slowly this time all the way. The lights around them dim and a field of energy fills the glass cylinder containing the reactor.

"Mr. Craster are we safe?" Shepard asks.

"Perfectly fine as long as we don't meltdown in stage three we'll be fine" Rex replies taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"Overall Core stability average at 56%"

"Power levels at the limit of optimum levels"

"Its fine we expected this, the cores won't stabilize until phase four" Rex says tuning another dial "Commencing phase three"

The reactors hum becomes deafening and the field within the cylinder brightens as the terminals around them start to flicker while the dials all around them reach maximum levels. The floor shakes in an irregular pulsing pattern

"Power spikes of the charts"

"Core's stability at 23%"

"Sir, Containment holding strong, but I don't know how long it'll last if the fluctuations continue"

Rex looks at his panel and presses a small switch causing a second set of large metal shutters to close down around the blast doors and windows.

"You know what happens if we abort at stage three we risk a meltdown, and the core needs to enter stage four stabilize" Rex says smiling flicking his depleted cigarette into an ash tray "Commencing stage four"

Before he can turn the final dial Rex feels the barrel of a gun against his head. He looks up to see Jack aiming her shot gun at a guard and Shepard holding her pistol against his head "Shut it down now"

The security team stood frozen with their leader in mortal peril and the techs stood in a stunned silence.

"Like I said the cores won't re-stabilize until stage four is completed" Rex says lighting another cigarette "and the cool down process at stage three, the most unstable part of the activation process, could cause a meltdown or a containment failure"

"I don't care its better than this thing blowing up" Shepard says looking to one of the techs "Hit the kill switch."

The tech looks to Rex and then back to Shepard "Ma'am Mr. Craster is right, there's a 75% chance of breach or meltdown shutting down from stage three without stabilizing the cores in phase four."

"That's one of the drawbacks of this reactor, it can generate amazing amounts of power, but until we activate the final cycling sequence of activation it won't stabilize to its final activation" Rex says smoking his cigarette.

"Fine then" Shepard says lowering her gun.

Rex turns the last dial and the reactor's hum shakes the walls and the terminals as the energy within the tube turns from bright blue to a light green before dissipating as the radiation is vented off.

"Stability at 30%, 54% 67% and climbing"

"Spikes have dissipated and power levels stable within optimum levels"

"Core functioning at peak efficiency sir"

Rex turns to Shepard "Everything was under control". He punches her across the face with his organic arm sending her sprawling to the floor "Point a gun at me again Shepard and next time I'll reciprocate in kind."

Rex opens the blast doors and walks out, his perpetual tail of smoke wafting behind him. A security guard pats him on the back as he goes and the others guffaw loudly. After he leaves, Jack helps Shepard up and says "What an asshole"

"No, I challenged his authority in front of his men and almost got us all killed" Shepard says feeling her face swelling "Look at their faces"

Jack looked around at the guards they all looked elated and satisfied before they saw her looking and went back to their stoic front.

"He just showed the space bitch what for and proved he was right" Shepard says moving her jaw "If we've learned anything about these people they respect strength and how a person uses it."

"Still an asshole" Jack says holstering her shotgun.

"Don't worry I'll pay him back sometime soon" Shepard says brushing herself off "Come on we need to find a first aid kit or something"


Rex stalked through the halls of the facility in a rage. How fucking dare that bitch question his actions. He made it abundantly clear that it would need to go through stage four to stabilize. He punched a wall with his left hand and as the dented the metal wall with his robotic hand. And the fucking gun. She had the balls to point a gun at him in his own facility and she was ready to use it. After all he'd been through it could've been ended by a god damn commando bitch from another universe.

"GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!" Rex yells punching the wall again and again letting the rage flush through him. Part of him knew Shepard wasn't the main cause for this anger but it felt good to vent some of it at least. He blew through a lab breaking everything toppling all the equipment in his rage.

"You know you shouldn't have let them in for the test" he heard a voice behind him say. Rex turned and saw is father standing there.

"Oh great another lecture" Rex says throwing a beaker at the visage of his father.

"If you had just held them back until the test was done she wouldn't have reacted that way" His father said his bony face rimmed by light brown hair was creased in the disappointed look Rex had dreaded throughout his childhood.

"Yeah no shit, but I wanted to show off our tech, prove that they aren't the only ones with impressive tech" Rex says sitting down amongst the remains of the lab forcing himself to calm down. The rage retreating deep into himself; not gone just buried under a blanket of control.

"Oh that's just like you Rex always show boating for some girl" his father says smiling one of his rare smiles "And watch your language; do I need to get your mother out here?"

"No I'm fine" Rex says lighting a cigarette and taking a long drag "I miss you dad."

"I know" his father says "I'm a figment of your mind."

He fades away leaving Rex alone in the empty room surrounded by the destruction he caused. He bows his head and sighs.

"Why am I such a fuck up?" He asks the empty room. There's no answer only silence.

He eventually gets up and begins cleaning the room when Veronica walks into the room and without a word punches Rex in the jaw and then again in the stomach before twirling around to kick him into the wall. Rex collided with the wall and falls to the ground with a thud as his ass hits the floor.

"OW! Veronica I think you broke a rib" Rex says feeling his abdomen "Yep you broke a rib"

"What you did was reckless and crazy" She says pacing "I mean come on Rex I know you're under a lot of stress, but pulling this shit right now of all times"

"Yeah I know uncalled for, I'll go apologize after I fix this rib" Rex says grabbing a stimpack from a first aid box and after setting the bone infected the stim pack feeling the bone merge back together.

"You freaking better, idiot" Veronica says rubbing her temples "Shepard and her crew are our guests and I don't care that you want to show off."

"Yeah yeah" Rex says popping his knuckles "I need to keep a good relationship with Shepard if I want any more tech."

"Also you shouldn't be a dick just on principal" veronica says walking out of the room "Come on Shepard's in the main foyer"

As they walked back through the halls Rex slumped giving himself a dejected manor. His face contorted into regret and concern and his jaw line became softer. When they reached the main foyer where Shepard and Jack waited with Shepard holding an ice pack against her face. Rex approached and said:

"Miss Shepard I should apologize" Rex says tinging his voice with regret "I lost my head and shouldn't have hit you in fact I shouldn't have performed that test with you two in the testing area, for that I'm very sorry"

Shepard looks at him for a moment and then extends her hand "We both overreacted in there and I think it'd be best if we put this behind us" when Rex took her hand to shake she said "You have a pretty good right hook there for a skinny guy"

"Yeah, Veronica kicks my ass enough I learned a thing or two" Rex says smiling.

They smiled at each other as Shepard crushed Rex's hand in her strong grip. Rex to his credit didn't flinch and returned the grip even harder. They stayed locked in a smiling stare for about a minute with Veronica and Jack standing to the side watching their respective leaders participate in the standoff. When they finally broke the hand shake both of their hands ached, but neither showed it.

"How about I make us some lunch as penance?" Rex asks "I'm known to make a mean fried Brahmin steak."

"We'd love to" Shepard says smiling "and to make sure the apology sticks how about you answer any question I have about the Mojave and you Rex, I still don't know you like I should".

"Of course as long as it's not about my underwear size I'm fine with it" Rex says smiling fully planning to keep the conversation away from the dirtiest bits of his past. He gestured for them and to follow.

They followed Rex to the sink where he sat them down at the small table in the sitting room and went to the small kitchen he had installed and washed his hands before preparing four juicy Brahmin cube steaks by covering them in breading and placing them in oil to fry. As he did Rex kept an eye on the trio at the table and begins cooking a batch of greens and boiled potatoes. He focused on the cooking and wondered if Shepard really wasn't angry. He really was sorry. Rex realized He'd been a dick to Shepard throughout most of her stay here, trying to manipulate her and the rest of the Normandy's crew. Rex decided that maybe he should try to trust Shepard a little more. She seemed to be trustworthy and had that righteous yet humble way of speaking to others; that's what made her a great leader. He needed her anyway, if the Legion or the NCR tried to make a move a group of skilled fighters would definitely be an asset. Besides he had promised to answer her questions, and he might get to know Jack a little more. He enjoyed their last meal together and found himself thinking about her every now and again.

When the steaks were done he loaded plates with vegetables and a steak each and walked out into the dining area.


Alyssa walked through the crowds milling in and out of the Tops and across the street to the entrance to the Lucky 38. She and Sarah passed two securitrons who scanned them for a moment before returning to their vigil. They entered the busy lobby and two soldiers eyed the pair from behind a receptionist's desk. When they reached the desk an older woman sat typing at a terminal, and when Alyssa tried to get her attention the woman looked up at her disdainfully before looking down again at an old magazine.

"Excuse me miss" Alyssa says leaning on the desk "We'd like to speak to you about seeing the Courier."

The woman looks up and smiles a crocodile grin and says "You and the rest of the wasteland honey. Mr. Craster is otherwise occupied at the moment and will not be taking any appointments until his business is concluded." She returned to her magazine.

Alyssa sighs and asks "When will his business be concluded?"

"When it's concluded" the woman says licking her thumb before tuning a page.

Alyssa turns and walks out of the Lucky 38 onto the Strip and sat at one of the many benches set up around the Strip. A man across the street stood holding several bundles of newspapers with ink stained hands. He noticed the pair leave the operating base and adjusted his watch, clicking a small button on the edge three times before turning and dropping one of the bundles outside the Capital building. His watch chimes twice and he continues on his way checking the labels on his bundles of newspapers.

Alyssa sits back in the bench and strokes her braid as she talks "We need to find the Courier"

"Looks like he's busy" Sarah says scanning the Strip for any threat.

"Well he's gonna have to make time for us" Alyssa says "That old bag of a receptionist is obviously covering for him; if I had to guess he's not even here in New Vegas."

"Well the man has a nation to run we would've been turned away anyway" Sarah replies.

"I know, but we need assistance now if we're going to keep our people alive" Alyssa says looking at the Government building gets up "Come on we need to go find someone in the government building who can help us get in touch with the Courier."

Sarah begins to rise and then falls to the ground before her legs turn to jelly and slumps her eyes closed. Alyssa rushes forward and finds a small dart protruding from Sarah's neck, and she whips around drawing her shotgun. A small dust storm seems to come from nowhere and envelopes Alyssa and the section of the Strip she was standing in. She felt a small pin prick on her neck and feels her muscles relax and fail her as she falls to the ground and stays conscious long enough to see a bright flash of blue light and a pair of black combat boots appear before the darkness takes her.


"Yeah, so there I am alone mowing through elite Legion guards and suddenly this hulking mother fucker is just standing there on the hill watching me with this glare, right, and then he starts talking to me, and I start thinking maybe I can talk this guy down" Rex says moving his arms excitedly with every word "and I almost do too and then out of nowhere the guy pulls out this huge fucking bumper sword and slices straight through the arm, bone and all, and kicks my ass down the hill. Then he jumps down after me and pins me to the ground with his foot and starts monologueing; all the while I'm losing blood fast."

"How'd you get out of that?" Shepard asks her arms on the table drinking the coffee Rex made for them when the conversation had lasted into the evening.

"Oh Boone shot that mother fucker through an eyehole in his mask" Rex answers before taking a long drag of a cigarette "So anyway that's why I have the robot arm. Built her out of some old parts from a dead Android from the east, and she's been keeping my ass alive for two years now."

"How long it take you to adjust to that thing?" Jack asks smoking her own cigarette she bummed off of Rex "Seems like something worth being pissy over."

"Oh after all the shit that I've been through and lost in my life a fucking arm is nothing" Rex says laughing with only a hint of resentment in his voice "And besides this baby is much better than my normal limbs, I can fire fifty caliber rifles one handed thanks to the kinetic absorption units I installed and it has a bottle opener."

"Rex acts tough now, but when he got that thing installed he complained for six months how it itched and would constantly make me calibrate the damn thing until he programmed an auto doc to do it" Veronica says punching the black metal of Rex's arm "Even though he's perfectly capable of doing it himself."

"Hey you ever try to calibrate a complex machine one handed?" Rex asks before turning to Shepard "So we've covered the arm, the sink, and my misadventures in the Mojave in general what else do you want to know?"

Shepard thinks for a moment and asks "Tell me about you Rex, tell me about who you were before you became the Courier of legend."

"Not much to say really, grew up in a little town called Dust with a mom, a dad and a little sister. Left when I was fourteen worked the Brahmin caravans then worked as a mechanic then a gun for hire before becoming a courier for a few years then I got shot in the head" Rex said stamping out his cigarette.

"You're leaving out a lot of details there" Shepard says.

"I said I'd answer truthfully not completely" Rex says winking.

"Ya know I want to know a little more too, you gave the exact same excuse the other day" Jack says grabbing another cigarette from Rex's pack "I mean you're not the first person with a fucked up past if that's the problem"

Rex looked to Shepard and then to Jack and sighed "You know I'd love to tell you, but I should probably be a lot more intoxicated for that." He stands up and grabs the plates still on the table and moves to the sink and begins washing the dishes, and he rolls up his sleeves revealing the deep and slightly faded track marks only gained from years of drug abuse. Echoes of a destructive lifestyle that stayed with someone long after the last time the needle breaks the skin.

Shepard and Jack notice the marks and take the hint, and Jack felt a pang of something in her chest. Certainly not concern, but compassion.

Man the Girl Scout really has changed me huh? Jack thinks to herself.

When Rex returns to the table he sits across from Jack with his sleeves still rolled up as if leaving them there was an answer to Shepard's question. In a way it was. Jack had been watching Rex anytime she'd been near him, and he definitely had some baggage. She caught him looking at her often throughout the meal and he often addressed her directly with questions and response as if she was the one who had been asking about him and this world. When he asked questions he almost always asked both of them. His personality was definitely intense when he wanted it to be, and that was the problem.

He's just looking to get laid Jack thought to herself looking to score with the chick from outer space.

He wasn't really interested in her. Jack had dealt with his type before, someone so fucked they knew just how to get other fucked up under their control or into their bed. Whatever, if he wanted to play his little game just to fuck her then let him play. She just might let him get what he wanted in the end; she had heard some very interesting legends from some of the bimbos that hung around the casinos about Rex.

Jack looked up from her cup of coffee and found Rex looking at her, his grey eyes examining her silently as Veronica and Shepard talked. The look wasn't the typical ogling she got from men, but was closer to the look someone gave when they were perplexed by a puzzle or game but are still amused by it. Jack locked her gaze with his and he held firm his look changing from puzzled amusement to a soft smile that made Jack blush. She scowled and broke the eye contact and shook her head banishing the warmth from her cheeks.

He's just playing a game with you Jack don't get too caught up in it she silently thinks to herself and looks up to find Rex standing as an aid whispers in his ear.

"If you'll excuse me I have some business to attend to, Veronica make sure they get back to the lab okay" Rex says throwing on the lab coat he discarded earlier and turning to Jack "I think we should do this again sometime Jack, maybe with just the two of us."

When he left the room Veronica says "Sorry about that, he's always working. It may not seem like it but Rex works himself ragged to keep the Mojave running."

"I totally understand being a leader can be taxing" Shepard says sipping her coffee.

Veronica smiles "Oh and sorry again about the punch, good thing he hasn't been paying attention when we spar or he could have done some real damage".

"Oh, don't worry about that I've taken worse hits than that" Shepard says chuckling "Once you've been brought back from the dead a punch seems like nothing."

"Whoa what do you mean, you came back from the dead?" Veronica says wide eyed.

"Well, we were under orders to search for Geth in the terminus systems…."


Rex walked down the hallway with the soldiers and into a small windowless concrete room where two women sat tied to chairs. On a table to the right of them was all of their equipment placed in neat rows. Rex walked past the women and began looking over their belongings, and picked up a laser pistol engraved with the Brotherhood of Steel logo.

"I'm going to assume you're from an outcast group" Rex says turning "Your accent isn't like anything from around here and you don't have the markings of the Midwest brotherhood, so where did you two come from?"

"We're from the Capital Wasteland, and were seeking asylum for our people" Alyssa says calmly.

"From what I hear you have a good thing going out there with that purifier of yours" Rex says placing the pistol back on the table.

"There was a viral outbreak and we had to cleanse the area; everything is gone" Alyssa replies sadly.

Rex looks at the woman for a moment and laughs "Okay, now let's see what you can offer me Miss?"

He gestures for the guards to release Alyssa and she says "We have several skilled scientists and workers along with hardened soldiers along with the ship that brought us here"

"Ship?" Rex says with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes we have a spaceship like in those old serials from before the war" Alyssa explains "Full of tech you can use if you can arrange a place for my people to live with food and shelter."

"Well we can always use skilled workers and soldiers, and the tech if you're not lying will be useful" Rex says before thinking What are the odds I'd get my hands on not one but two god damn spaceships in the span of a week?

"I'm also a skilled doctor with an emphasis on combat medicine" Alyssa says rising from the chair "My name's Alyssa by the way"

"Rex Craster, a pleasure to meet you Alyssa" Rex says turning away from them for a moment before turning around quickly wearing thick black sunglasses and holding the Mesmetron and pressed the button blinding the women with green light "Now Alyssa I'm going to ask you some questions and you're going to answer them to the best of your ability okay?"

"Ugh what the hell did you just do to me?" Alyssa says rubbing her eyes as a warmth made her thoughts fuzzy "Ugh yeah sure I'll answer your questions."

"Are you now or have you ever been an agent of the NCR or the Legion?"

"No, like I said we're from the capital wasteland" Alyssa replies the fuzzy feeling disappearing leaving only a clear coolness that eroded any will to lie.

"Do you really have an alien space ship?"

"Yes, and it's big with a death ray and countless drop ships along with an arsenal of weapons" She says, the words flow from her mouth as if they were water.

"Why are you here?"

"To secure sanctuary for my people first and foremost somewhere they can rebuild their lives and be happy" Alyssa says her green tinted eyes staring at Rex.

"Okay then, sorry about the Mesmetron interrogation can't be too sure these days" Rex says putting the glasses back on and pressing a button releasing the women from the trance with a flash of blue light. He waits thirty minutes for them to wake up fully and unlocks the bonds of both women "well ladies if you can show me this space ship of yours I might just be able to help you"

"Ugh Oh! Of course" Alyssa takes a small white cube from the table and looks to Rex "I have your word you'll keep to your end of the bargain if you're satisfied with the ship."

"Of course" Rex says lighting a cigarette "You can land it here we have plenty of landing spaces"

"Alright" She presses a button on the cube and speaks "this is the wanderer I want you to hover the mother ship directly above me."

"Roger, we should reach you in about ten minutes"

"Alright my people are on the way" Alyssa says placing the cube down on the table.

Rex then led them out of the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the Big Empty's central dome and into the light to find his personnel gawking at something in the sky. He looked up and saw the massive disk of Mother Ship Zeta looming over the Big Empty.

"Miss Alyssa, I think we might have a deal" Rex says lighting a cigarette shielding the flame from the wind with his hand.

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