united under two skies

Chapter 4

Shepard looked down at the man her hand resting on her useless pistol thinking for a moment before replying:

"The name's Shepard, my crew and I mean you no harm"

The man gestures to the mechs to lower their guns and reaches into his duster and withdraws what looked like bottle caps before handing them to the woman just behind him and turning back to cast his gaze on Shepard then to Thane and Grunt before returning his gaze to Shepard. He lights a cigarette before making the walk towards Shepard allowing his duster to part slightly revealing the large handgun at his hip. Shepard also noticed the shiny black meatal around his left hand when he reached them the man extended his hand and said:

"I'm Rex the owner of the tower you just dinged"

"Sorry about that we've been experiencing some technical troubles" Shepard says shaking the man's hand "we can compensate you for any damages we caused"

Rex looked around at the shimmering hulk of the downed Normandy as his expression changed from intense focus to bored apathy as if he no longer considered Shepard a threat. Shepard watched his expression change closely noting that he was still tensed. The aloof expression was an act she realized; he was still very much on guard.

"The only thing you've damaged was already in ruins beforehand; thankfully you managed to miss the residential section" Rex says finishing his sweep of the banged up and smoking ship "it seems your ship here has suffered some heavy damage; it just so happens I have some of the finest mechanics in the region"

"Thank you, but we should be fine" Shepard says as her Omni tool activates displaying a vid feed of engineering. Rex raised his eyebrows as the image suddenly appeared from Shepard's wrist.

"Commander, we have a problem" Tali said "The damage is far more serious than I thought; the Normandy's superstructure has degraded rapidly, we need to get everyone off the ship as soon as possible"

"Dammit" Shepard turns to see Rex picking through an exposed section of wiring on the Normandy's hull "Hey do you mind?"

Rex looks up and says "Sorry old scavenging instincts kicking in; I couldn't help overhearing your little predicament if you would like, I can help with lodging your crew and supply you with resources to repair your ship"

"That would be appreciated" Shepard says "but you don't strike me as a man who would just help us out of the kindness of his heart"

"There's always a price especially in New Vegas, but considering you're ship could literally collapse any moment we can hammer out a price later" Rex says as the first of the Normandy's crew began streaming out into the Mojave sun.

"Commander I will lock down all sections of the sip after the last of the crew have been evacuated" EDI's monotone voice explained over the com.

"Thanks EDI" Shepard turns to look as the rest of the squad and crew exit the Normandy carrying boxes of supplies.

"So tell me would your prefer a room facing east or west?" Rex asks lighting a cigarette.


Rex sat behind his desk in the Lucky 38 listening carefully to fast talking creature in front of him. He, Veronica, Shepard, Mordin, Tali, and Kenneth Donnelly and Gabriella Daniels had spent the last hour discussing the situation at hand. Shepard at first was very cautious of revealing too much to Rex, but after Rex made it abundantly clear that he could supply the materials need to repair the Normandy she decided to tell him the basics of the situation.

"Device activation problematic caused tearing in quasi dimensional border between our world and this one" Mordin says as he paces across the room "Trans-dimensional travel stressed hull almost to breaking point"

"We'll need several tons of dozens of types of metal to repair the Normandy's hull and super structure; it would be easy to get these things in our universe, but it will be impossible here" Tali says looking over some read outs.

"actually don't write us of yet" Rex says standing up and walking over to the massive computer that once displayed Mr. houses' visage (now moved to the opposite wall) and pressing a few buttons. The computer screen came to life displaying a complicated set of code.

"Miss Vas Rayya do you happen to have the atomic structure of the alloys you need?" Rex asks as Tali opens up a display showing the atomic structure of the different elements. Rex's hands move swiftly across the keys rewriting code segment after code segment and then presses the enter key causing the code to blink out and be replaced by a diagram identical to Tali's. Rex inputs one more command and a small panel next to the massive computer screen rises upward revealing a small pad of electrodes. The electrodes begin to glow and in a flash of blue light a cube of silver materializes.

"Keelah, how did you do that?" Tali asks as she examines the matter materialization device.

"We possess hundreds of these devices back at Big MT., my research facility, thanks to pre-war technology we can produce the Alloys you need and manufacture them any way you need them" Rex explains looking rather pleased.

"Yes about that war, can you elaborate a little more on that?" Shepard asks as Mordin and Tali continue their examination of the device.

"Oh sure, it happened around two hundred and seventy six years ago in the year 2077; the Chinese and the United States fired Nuclear weapons at each other until the whole world burned" Rex explains.

"Wait then that makes the year 2283" Shepard says.

"Yeah isn't that the year in your universe" Rex replies.

"Problematic" Mordin says returning to his pacing "device not just a dimensional travel tool but a temporal tool as well"

"Just great first I'm stuck in another universe and now we throw time travel into the mix" Shepard says rubbing her temples "Okay, can you get us home Mordin?"

"Yes, probably, maybe will need time and proper lab" Mordin replies.

"I have a wonderful facility where you can study this device; after you agree to my terms" Rex says grabbing the cube from Tali "I want a complete blueprint of your ship and all of your equipment, samples of all your computers, and this Codex I've been hearing about"

"And if I refuse?" Shepard asks crossing her arms.

"Well rooms at the Tops aren't cheap and the Chairmen don't take kindly to those who don't pay their fees" Rex says holding out his hand. Rex and Shepard hold eye contact for several moments before she takes his hand and shakes it.


Several Hours later

At the end of the day rex made his way home. He lived in the former workshop of Michael Angelo, who soon after the battle for the hoover dam was killed by NCR soldiers as they attempted to fortify their section of the strip and hold it. They were forced out hours later and retreated with the rest of the NCR. Rex had moved in after turning part of the penthouse floor of Lucky 38 into his office and giving the rest of the space to Veronica and Christine. He had turned the space into a maze of parts and sketch books over the past two years and had built a small living area above it all where he kept his belongings and best prototypes.

Rex climbed the stairs and enter is living space, a large single room with a kitchenette in one corner, a shower in the other, an armor stand holding a heavily armored version of his current duster worn by an upgraded version of the MKII stealth armor, and a weapons rack containing his multitude of modded weaponry. The space in between was filled by his bed a few armchairs and stacks upon stacks of books, ammo cases, and assorted bits of machinery. Rex hung his duster and holster on the rack by the door and walked over to the kitchenette and took the top off of a pot of Brahmin stew that had been cooking all day. He ladled himself and bowl and went to sit on one of his mismatched chairs. Rex sat back and relaxed for the first time all day. First an assassination attempt and now aliens form another universe; he sometimes wondered why these things always happened to him. After wallowing in that thought for a few moments he pushed it out of his mind and began eating. After a while he relaxed and they came as they always did when his guard was down and he was tired.

They filled the room sitting on stacks of books or his bed; all the people Rex had killed over the years, the ones he cared to remember anyway. He recognized Caesar in the throng silently watching with Benny and the decrepit form of Mr. House at his side, but amongst the group one stood out; it was a young girl no older than fifteen with red hair, dead eyes, bare feet, a ragged sundress, and a bullet hole smoking in her forehead. Rex leaned forward and looked the girl in the eyes and for just a moment life returned to them and the apparition:

"Bye Bye Rexi"

And the apparitions dispursed without a word. Rex only bows his head and mutters:

"See you soon Rosy"

"Talking to ghosts again Courier six?"

Rex looks up to see Ulysses sitting in the chair opposite him.

"Hello Ulysses, I was wondering when you'd show up; would you like some stew?" Rex says getting up and pouring another bowl and refilling his own. He returns to his seat and hands the bowl to Ulysses before tossing him one of the many utensils lying around.

"Thank you, it would seem change is coming to the Mojave"

"So you heard about the crash, aliens form another universe I'm helping them in exchange for tech" Rex says as he eats "And before you go off on all the "Take care for we both know the consequences your decisions can make" I know what I'm doing"

"If you says so six" Ulysses replies coldly.

"So you got my message to come here and now I need to know what you know about the new legion" Rex says placing his bowl aside.

Ulysses finishes his stew before replying "There are rumblings from the east that someone has risen to reunite the shattered fragments of the bull's armies and take back the land the Midwest brotherhood of steel took in the confusion after Caesar's defeat"

"Any idea who it is?"

"A man calling himself Octavian has risen to the throne" Ulysses answers.

"You have got to be shitting me" Rex says chuckling "Is there any originality with these guys seriously, he takes the name of Caesar's adoptive son"

"I came only to inform you of this threat do not take it lightly courier six, because this Octavius remembers you and has his eyes set on the Mojave" Ulysses says standing up. Rex stands up as well and grabs the bowls and takes them to the sink.

"Ulysses, there may come a time when I need what's in the Divide, and the question becomes will you allow it?" Rex says turning around to see a gun barrel pointed at his face.

"The day you return to the divide is the day we finish what we started, especially if you intend to unleash the fury of the old world again" Ulysses knocks the hanging light casting shadow across the room and when the bulb swings back he's gone.

Rex lights a cigarette and leans against his stove turning the stew off. His mind is no longer still, and his personal ghost would not return again tonight. Rex looks over at his bed and feels the days trials all over again sending a wave of fatigue through him. He walks over to his bed and falls into its softness and is enveloped in sleep.

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