united under two skies

Chapter 7

Rex sat behind his desk completely absorbed in text manuals and diagrams from the Normandy's databanks. It would take years to integrate the new technology into the wasteland's daily life, but Rex already had a few ideas where the new tech could be immediately integrated. He smiles genuinely for the first time in a while and leans back in his chair exchanging his depleted cigarette for a new one from the small pack in his desk and flicks his left thumb open revealing a small lighter and goes to light the cigarette. Just before the flame touches the cigarette he pulls back and looks over at the stack of completed paper work and the identical stack of notes and schematics he had drawn up this morning and closes the lighter.

"Fuck it, I've been good lately" He says standing up and walking over to the wall to the left of his desk and places is hand on an almost invisible square in the white wall causing it to slide upward to reveal a large room filled with various weapons, armor, and various racks of different sized containers.

Rex walks into the room and withdraws a small red box from the various racks and carries it back to his desk. The wall closes with a "swoosh" behind him and he places the box on the desk top and sits down. He opens the box and withdraws a stack of fine paper and a tin marked "good stuff"; he carefully opens the tin and the smell of fine tobacco mixed with a citrus smell wafts out. Rex takes a small bundle and places it within one of the sheets of paper and rolls it into a cigarette and lights it.

He inhales deeply saving the taste of the fine tobacco as he leans back in his chair. Thanks to the biological research station in the sink Rex was able to breed a super fine variant of tobacco that blew every other variety available away; even the pre-war cigarettes generated through the Sierra Madre vending machines. He had tried to use the matter replicators to reproduce this tobacco in a larger scale than the small garden in the sink, but the result tasted horrible and he abandoned the effort after a few tries.

He continued smoking as he clicked through the diagrams and codex pages aimlessly absorbing information as he went. Ever since he was a kid Rex had been able to absorb and retain information; this came in handy when he went salvaging as a kid with his father. He could still vaguely remember combos and codes of safes and various old computers that lay forgotten and pilfered in the ruins of the old world surrounding the ruins of a small town called Dust.

Thinking about his old life before his fourteenth birthday made Rex nostalgic and he grabbed a small leather pouch from his duster pocket. The pouch was made of old tanned leather marked with cracks and a large red R stitched to the back of it. Rex unclasped the flap and withdrew a folded piece of cloth, and stared at the stainless steel instruments stored in the small slots as he smoked. He took each instrument out and thumbed them in his hands examining each tool intently, even though he had used them thousands of times to open a countless number of locks and safes.

Rex returned the tools to their slots and then placed the cloth in the pouch before returning it to his duster's pocket. He got up and put the rest of the tobacco in a small pouch and along with the rolling paper places them both into another of his duster's numerous pockets before putting on his duster and gun belt before leaving his office and heading over to the elevator. Rex rides the elevator down to the Lobby and leaves the Lucky 38 walking out onto the strip already bustling with people and street vendors. Lunch time was rush hour for the various food carts that usually occupied the edges of the strip, but now they line the streets feeding farmers, police, office workers, and tourists.

Rex turns to the north and walks through the streets off the main strip to the New Vegas Medical Center. It had been expanded and the finest doctors of the wastes practiced there. He walked through the door and the smell of antiseptic and fresh linens fill his nostrils. The almost too bright electric lights burn on the ceiling illuminating the white tile floor and the green furniture rests bolted to the white washed walls. As he walked through the lobby he noticed the large crowd waiting in the minor emergency section of the center; more and more cases came through the center thanks to the growing population.

"Another thing I have to worry about" Rex says under his breath as he walks up to the receptionists desk. A young looking man with a shaved head and a large facial tattoo sat at the desk tapping away at a computer terminal; He didn't look at Rex but said:

"We'll be with you in a moment sir"

Rex laced his metal left hand on the edge of the desk, just in the man's field of vision "I have an appointment".

The man looked up and with a look of shock begins to stammer "Certainly, sorry about that sir I'll tell the techs you're here". The man practically trips as he hurries away to fetch the doctor. Rex leans against the receptionist's desk smiling softly.

Even after two years of practically mythic status amongst the waste landers Rex still hadn't gotten used to how most act around him. Those who had never actually met him either reacted in awe or fear, but after interacting with him on a regular bases the glamour of his legend slipped away and all that was left was a scrawny gunslinger. Some even went so far as to doubt his actions at the battle of Hoover Dam; this was often met with a bullet swishing by their ears followed by several others shredding the naysayer's clothing without so much as leaving a scratch. This led to a rather large wall repair budget set aside every month at the treasury meetings, and Rex paid into it mostly with the money from his weapon business at Veronica's request.

Soon a nurse calls his name and he follows her back to one of the many examination rooms. The interior was sparse; an auto doc sat in a corner while the other was taken up by a couple of chairs, an examination table, and a small table of instruments and supplies. This was his personal auto doc designed to calibrate his robotic arm and keep his other artificial organs in top shape; he kept it here because it allowed him an excuse to leave the main strip alone and unbothered by his soldiers or companions. Rex took his duster and shirt off before opening the auto doc, and he stepped in letting the doors shut behind him.

As darkness enclosed around him he slowed his breathing and braced as the robotic arms of the auto doc began the process of examining his body; the robotic arms fidgeted with his own robotic arm and illuminated the small space as a small torch lit and the multitude of tools began calibrating his arm. The other arms went to work on his body delivering medical treatments designed to keep his bodily functions working at top shape; this was very important considering his lungs, spine, heart, and brain were artificial and required near constant maintenance.

The treatment ended after about thirty minutes and Rex left the medical center and walked down the strip rubbing his muscles as he went. He leans against the eastern wall of the monorail station and rolls another cigarette and lights it sending trails of smoke out of his mouth and nostrils. His work was done for the day, and the legion investigation was turning up nothing just yet so he had some time on his hands.

As he pondered his options Rex saw some of the Normandy's crew walking down the street. He recognized Jack almost immediately along with the odd couple of Jacob and Miranda following behind. His tails had been following them the last few days and one of them walked forward past the group and sat at a bench beside Rex; then he opened a newspaper and pretended to read as Rex stood beside the bench smoking.

"So what have our friends been up to?" Rex asks not turning to the tail.

"They've visited their commander at the Ultra Luxe this morning before that they were gathering info about you, the Securitrons, and the surrounding area" The tail says not looking away from his paper "The bald one seems to be hungover".

"Seems she not such a bad ass after all" Rex thought as he inhaled deeply depleting the cigarette before stepping forward and tossing shiny disc about the size of a fifty cent piece to the tail and began walking forward.

The tail looks at the disc for a moment and grins breaking his relaxed act. Rex had just handed him what amounted to a hundred dollar bill in the Mojave; one of the many coins recently put into circulation around the Mojave. This one bore a pair of ten millimeter hand guns on one side and three solid bars on the other.

Rex walked through the relatively large crowd to the small group and raised his hand in greeting plastering his business smile on his face. The group noticed him and they stopped; the prissy one crossed her arms and was staring at Rex intently as if he was some kind of road block. Rex's presence couldn't be considered intimidating really; even after two years of intense exercise and hand to hand training with Veronica, Rex still gave the impression of a skinny drifter but when he wanted to he could ooze charisma or malice.

"Something on my face?" Rex asks still holding his businessman's grin firm.

"No the cheerleader is just pissed she can't boss anyone around on shore leave" the tattooed woman says smirking.

"I can speak for myself Jack if you don't mind" Miranda says turning momentarily from Rex to Jack before turning back again "If you don't mind Mr. Craster we have urgent business to attend to".

Rex considered tis a moment and says "Well whatever business you have to attend to can wait you all look hungry and as your host it's only right if you let me treat you four to lunch" Rex says lighting another cigarette as the trio bore a look of confusion; Rex had noticed the slight distortion behind the trio and could just barely make out the silhouette of a woman "You can de-cloak now".

Kasumi's cloak falls away and she appears directly behind the trio with a bemused look on her face "Well this is embarrassing".

"Don't feel too bad I've been dodging cloaked assassins for years" Rex says looking to the trio once more "So who's up for some lunch I know the owner of the restaurant in town"

Miranda smirks a little and says "Oh thank you for the offer but we really have to get back to the Normandy to see to the preparations, but Jack here would be delighted to have lunch with you".

Jack shoots her a glare and says "Well if the cheerleader objects I might as well get some grub" and she turns to Kasumi who is smirking devilishly "You coming Goto?"

"No sorry but Shepard has me running a few errands this afternoon so I can't" Kasumi says before cloaking again in a much simpler manner than her usual way.

"She's using a stealth boy" Rex thought and smiled; that meant she had either stolen or bought one. It seemed Miss Goto had travelled much farther than any of her crew mates, because the only place that sold and stored the Mojave's custom stealth boys was the Mojave Arms Depot. Rex's shop in Primm run by the old some of the old remnants that decided to stay in the Mojave after the second battle of Hoover Dam.

"Shall we?" Rex says turning to Jack who looked at him with an expression somewhere between curiosity and annoyance.

"Whatever, food better not taste like ass" Jack says as she followed Rex through the crowds of people out into the small shopping district adjacent to the main strip. The small square the district occupied was crowded due to the lunch rush at the several restaurants with people milling in and out carrying piping hot food and cool beverages. Rex whistled as he walked noticing Jack glancing around the street then at him and then at the street again.

"Expecting me to turn and yell boo?" Rex asks looking over his shoulder.

"Just staying alert carrot top" Jack replies with a glare.

Rex chuckled and continued walking down the street to a small restaurant nestled between two a gun store and a clothing boutique. The interior was dimly lit and smelled of spices and roasting meat with small tables set up across one wall in a row that stretched to the back of the restaurant with a counter running up the parallel side behind that was the kitchen. It wasn't crowded even though it should have been the lunch rush with only a few patrons eating at the small tables or drinking coffee at the counter.

Rex guided Jack through the tables to one near the center of the room and pulled a chair out for her before taking a seat himself that faced the entrance of the restaurant.

As they waited for their waitress Rex rolled a cigarette and lit it with his finger lighter and leans back before looking towards Jack "So Jack how are you liking your stay in New Vegas?."

"Not the worst shithole I've ever been stuck in" Jack says with a mocking tone "No one's tried to blow my head off just yet so that's a plus"

"Well we're still growing so the shithole feel won't be gone for some time" Rex says taking a long drag of the cigarette "but I wouldn't get too comfortable even in peaceful times the Mojave's still very dangerous"

"I think I'll do just fine I can handle some scorpions or mutants" Jack says smiling a vicious smile.

"I believe it" Rex says before changing the subject "So Jack tell me about you"

"Why do you want to know about me?" Jack says standoffishly.

"Well you're a woman from another universe of space faring civilizations of course I'm curious" Rex answers "and I find you interesting to say the least"

"You only talked to me once" Jack says leaning back "And bought me a drink; thanks again for that by the way"

"Your welcome"

"SO what do you want to know?" Jack asks a look of minor annoyance on her face "just don't expect me to tell you my life story and fall crying into your arms."

"Wouldn't dream of it" Rex says rolling two more cigarettes and passing one to Jack "So where'd you get the Tats"


Chapter 8: Chapter 8

"… Then we saw Rex running down the street buck naked with about ten Great Thugs chasing him down the street" Veronica exclaims giggling uncontrollably.

"Wow" Shepard says finishing her bowl of stew "how the hell did he get out of that one?"

"Luckily the Thug captain's girl he was screwing managed to throw him his guns in time and he managed to hold them off until Veronica and ED-E could get out to help him" Christine says grabbing the dishes and carrying them over to the sink "I can only imagine Rex gunning down Thugs in the buff "

"Trust me it was hilarious; his skinny butt shining in the moonlight" Veronica says going into a laughing fit.

Catherine chuckles as she returned to the table "If he ever gives you shit just mention this story and that will shut him up".

"It seems like our universes aren't that different after all" Shepard says thinking of her own childhood "I grew up on a spaceship flying from one Alliance base to another, and we had to deal with roving packs of mercs and pirates"

"I guess so, but it must have been amazing getting to travel across the galaxy like that" Veronica says getting that misty look in her eyes she brandished on the elevator.

"Not really, it was cramped and stank of recycled air" Shepard replied remembering the tight quarters of her childhood "Mom and Dad always tried to make sure I was comfortable though, but they had their careers to think of and I made it work until I was eighteen and joined the Alliance military".

"Followed your parent's footsteps huh we can understand that" Veronica says "we both grew up in the Brotherhood of Steel and then became scribes."

"That's one of the old factions that formed after the Great War, right?" Shepard asked she had read some of the materials Rex had provided on the area the night before "The guide book is really extensive about but doesn't have anything to about the Mojave branch recently"

"There's a reason for that" Catherine says bowing her head slightly "The Mojave Brotherhood doesn't exist anymore."

Shepard noticed the look and changed the subject and changed the subject "So Rex was talking about arming the Normandy's crew do you two mind showing me where I can stock up."

They brightened at that and Veronica says slipping her power fist on and making for the door "Oh yeah Rex asked me to show you the stock at the Depot; I can take you there right now if you'd like"

"Thanks I feel almost naked without a weapon "Shepard said getting up from the table and follows for a moment before turning to Christine "Thank you for the food"

"Oh don't mention it, and just a word of advice" Christine said as she wiped her hands off "Don't be so tense around Rex like we said he's not as shady as you think".

Shepard nods and follows Veronica out of the room to the elevator and when the doors close Veronica turns to Shepard and says "Thank you for not ogling the scars".

"Don't mention it" Shepard replies in truth she barely noticed them "I barely noticed, in my line of work scars are a dime a dozen I stopped noticing them years ago."

"Thanks, she's been through enough as it is, but the moment they see her face people stare" Veronica says visibly angry "Wastelanders see crazy things everyday but the moment a chick gets a few scars on her face she's some kind of freak."

"I guess that's another thing our universes have in common" Shepard says shaking her head "idiots".

Veronica smiles at that and the doors open. She leads Shepard through the lobby, out onto the strip and down a side street to a small stone building in the shadow of the Lucky 38. She opens a garage door to reveal an old fashioned car. Shepard had seen pictures of cars from the fifties that resembled this one but at the same time didn't. It more resembled a civilian vehicle form her universe but boxier and definitely dated, as she examined it veronica got in and turned the ignition bringing the engine to life with a purr as the micro-fusion cell activated.

The top folded down and Shepard hopped in as Veronica hit the gas sending them into a sharp turn and down the street and out of the city into the wide expanse of desert. Veronica wasn't particularly good at driving, but she made up for it with enthusiasm grinning giddily as she sent small dust devils in her wake as the car flew across the asphalt. As they got farther and farther away from the city Shepard noticed roving packs of securitrons darting between the many buildings scattered across the sands. The buildings themselves bellowed smoke and fleets of trucks could be seen bussing in workers or carrying product out.

They arrived in Primm in no time and as Veronica pulled in Shepard saw Rex's "shop". It seemed that the massive building in front of her had been some kind of hotel before being converted, it even had a roller coaster attached now converted to connect with train tracks leading off to the north. Workers moved in and out of the building carrying boxes of what Shepard assumed was ammo and weapons into a small fleet of trucks parked out front. Veronica led her through the front doors into an entry way populated by several men and women behind desks each answering a call from the multiple phones on their desks.

Veronica nodded to one of the receptionists as they passed and the girl barely nodded as she wrote down order details with efficient sweeps of her hand. They walk through a hallway into a massive room filled with dozens of boxes stacked in neat rows and Shepard heard the faint roar of machinery far off like it was being muffled by the walls.

"They make the best weapons in the Mojave here" Veronica explains approaching one the rows "Rex stole the Old world blueprints a few years back and he opened this place shortly after we took over."

"Where does all this product go?" Shepard asked.

"Mostly to the private sector; mercenary companies and the like" Veronica explains withdrawing a glimmering black sub-machine gun "We supply the Midwest brotherhood of steel with arms and ammunition along with other factions around the Mojave."

"Wow" Shepard says opening a box and examining some of the guns "I'll need sniper rifles, shotguns, sub machine guns, pistols, and assault rifles."

"Certainly we've got a bit of an overstock at the moment and you pick from our best stock" Veronica says grabbing a clipboard from an employee.

"Alright let's get shopping" Shepard says cracking her knuckles.


"So you crashed a space station into a moon?" Rex asked smiling in disbelief.

"You bet your ass those floating jellyfish still have a warrant out for me" Jack says taking a bite of the hamburger steak.

"Wow and I thought I was hot shit for tossing a few nukes" Rex says taking a long drag off his cigarette.

"I was stupid as hell after the crash the Hanar had Mercs after me for months until the other mercs got tired of replacing their dead friends" She said; a wicked expression on her face.

"I know how that is, In the last two years I've been through at least ten different assignation attempts" Rex says rolling his eyes "You'd think they'd stop trying after at most five fuck ups."

"You must make a lot of enemies Carrot Top" Jack says taking a long drink from her cup.

"You don't know the half of it" Rex said flicking the depleted bud of his cigarette across the room into the ash tray by the door. He had gone through his entire supply of special tobacco talking with Jack; they had begun their talk at lunch several hours ago. He found her stories interesting and once she grew a little more comfortable talking with him she was much less hostile in her phrasing.

"So I've been sharing my war stories for hours, but you haven't told me shit about you" Jack said finishing the last of her drink and banging it on a table to get the waitress's attention before saying "You've just been feeding me the tour guide bullshit"

"Not much to say really" Rex says flatly "grew up in a small town called Dust left when I was 14 worked as a mechanic and a gunslinger mostly a gunslinger though. After that I worked as a courier delivered a nuclear trigger to a small city accidently triggered a small time nuclear holocaust. Then a few years later I got shot in the head by a guy named Benny and through a series of events I ended up right here with you."

"Lots of holes there carrot top" Jack said smirking "and you know most people don't just casually say they caused a nuclear holocaust single handedly."

"Most people wouldn't so casually say they brought down a space station either" Rex says smiling as he leaned back and changed the subject from his past, He liked Jack but she didn't need to know too much " So how'd you end up on the Normandy? You don't strike me as a person who would just willingly board"

"Shepard broke me out of prison and helped me drop a bomb on the hell hole I was raised in" jack says looking away for a moment.

"You were raised by Cerberus right? That pro human organization" Rex asks.

"How do you know about Cerberus?" Jack asks suspiciously.

"I read about them in the codex" Rex says quickly realizing the nerve he just touched "From what I've read they're just like an organization that used to exist here called the Enclave".

"Mother fuckers all around, I never understood why Shepard worked with them" Jack says fuming "although the shiny new ship probably helped, and we did deliver a huge fuck you to the Illusive man when we took down the Collectors."

"Indeed" Rex says standing up "Well Jack I think I've taken enough of your time I should probably let you get back to your fellow crew members."

"Thanks for the grub carrot top" Jack says standing up "Maybe I'll let you buy me dinner next time."

Rex places a couple dozen caps on the table and says "It would be my pleasure Jack".

Jack walks out of the restaurant and Rex watches her go admiring her. Just before she leaves the restaurant she looks back sees him watching, winks, then flips him the bird and lets out a jaunty laugh. Rex smiled to himself and laughed as well before walking out of the restaurant to see the tattooed woman disappear into the crowd.

He lit a cigarette and said "My pleasure indeed".


Shepard pulled Veronica's car up next to the hulk of the Normandy where the majority of her crew was milling in and out loading waiting trucks and strapping down exposed metal panels. The truck carrying the new weapons came to a stop just behind them and a crew of workmen unloaded several of the boxes. Shepard left the car and flagged Garrus down from his perch atop the Normandy directing traffic.

When he reached her Shepard said "Merry Christmas" before opening a crate revealing a high powered sniper rifle made of black metal. Garrus picked it up and looked down the sights mock aiming at birds and buildings.

"Well balanced, if a bit of an antique by our standards" Garrus said fiddling with the gun's scope "Still using gun powder I assume"

"Yeah of course" Veronica says annoyed at his comments "Finest powder and weapon you'll find outside of the NCR".

"It'll do" Garrus says loading a single round into the gun "My dad trained me on this old rifle that belonged to my great grandfather which was fun until I broke it trying to load the damn thing"

"How'd that go?" Shepard asked.

"Oh great once he realized that his old man had it insured years ago" Garrus says chuckling before shooting a crow out of the sky around four hundred yards away "Bought my mother a new kitchen."

Shepard gestured for the other crew members to grab a weapon. The squad members each equipped themselves with their usual armament or at least their equivalents while the rest of the crew grabbed service pistols and rifles. The crew tested their weapons and made quick adjustments before returning to work. A few hours later after the crew was armed Shepard ordered any and all of the remaining cargo to the warehouse or to the rooms of the crew before she watched the Normandy be lifted on top of a metal platform and surrounded with metal rigging. When that was done Shepard began walking back to one of the trucks to get back to the Strip, Veronica had been called back to the strip by Rex a few hours before, when Thane appeared by her side silent as a shadow.

"How are you Siha?" He asked in his quit voice.

"Fine I've been dealing with getting us armed" Shepard replied grabbing his hand "I'll be glad to get the Normandy repaired; How's EDI holding up?"

"She is fine; Joker on the other hand won't leave the ship" Thane says squeezing her hand softly "I don't believe he realizes how he acts around her."

"Ah yes, I think it's kind of cute" Shepard said smiling "Maybe when we get back we can hook them up with an android body or something"

Thane just chuckled and they walked back to one of the trucks and got in. They watched the Normandy shrink as they rode back to the strip hand in hand.


Rex sat in his work shop tinkering at a small machine resembling an old radio; ED-E floated behind him recording his grumblings. As he worked Rex measured out brackish red liquid from a container into a small glass phial before placing it into a slot connected by a green wire to the machine's generator while another few wires connected to the other pieces of the machine. He flipped a switch and the machinery whirred to life sending energy into the tube making the liquid shift and glow red before a blast of red energy sent Rex flying from his chair into a pile of junk on the other side of the workshop.

"Trial #4 unsuccessful" Rex says sitting up and lighting a cigarette as ED-E unfazed by the blast floated over to him with a concerned beep.

He stands up and walks back across the workshop and examines his once again scorched workbench. He collects the fried machine and throws it on a pile of similarly destroyed machines of various sizes and designs before grabbing the bottle of liquid and staring at it intently.

"Possibility of match 100%" Rex says "perhaps a slightly different molecular structure; needs further testing and refinement at the MT."

Rex placed the small bottle into a lock box filled with similar ones, each filled with the liquid. He stowed the lock box in a shipping crate and sealed it.

"Remind me to collect the solid form from Klein" Rex says "This could be our ace in the hole if Shepard is still hiding something juicy from me, which she no doubt is"

ED-E beep in confirmation and then proceeded with several low beeps followed by three long high ones.

"What do you mean that's dishonest?" Rex asks raising an eye brow "I agreed to help them fix their ship and figure out that device noting more."

Another series of beeps this time in an almost disappointed tone.

"Don't you dare tell Veronica about this" Rex says scowling "What she doesn't know won't hurt her."

More disappointed beeps.

"How about you show a little loyalty E; I mean who fixed you up when you were collecting dust in Primm? Was it Veronica? No it was me" rex says patting the robot's chassis "you and I have been through more shit than a methane farmer just trust me, okay buddy?"

ED-E beeped somberly than in an almost apologetic tone beeped again.

"Thank you, now let's see about a few upgrades for you old buddy, the computers they brought over are so much more…"

Rex trailed off as a sudden smell it his nostrils, it was faint but still there, the smell of burnt broc flower petals. Commonly used by the legion before battles to ward in preparation speeches.

"Powerful, we can really give you an overhaul" Rex continues reaching forward and opening ED-E's front where the handle of a pistol poked out of the robot's circuits; it was a custom gun that fired a single solid slug of melted steel and plasma through a mini rail gun. The problem was it only had one shot and Rex didn't know where the attacker was. He closed his eyes as he grabbed the gun's handle all the while still talking.

Rex listened and could faintly hear the soft almost silent sound of a padded foot touching the ground as the attacker moved around a stack of parts. He grab the gun and whipped around firing the gun low causing the pellet to explode at an angle dousing the assassin's legs in molten steel and plasma. The assassin screamed and fell dropping a curved blade as their legs caught fire Rex grabbed a small fire extinguisher and put out the fire before it spread across the assassin's body.

A feminine scream rang out as the helmet fell off revealing a chestnut haired woman as the assassin. Rex grabbed three stimpaks and a dose of concentrated med-ex from a first aid kit and plunged them into the assassin's burnt legs and pulled her up by the collar plunged his hand into her mouth and roughly pulled out the false tooth containing the cyanide this caused her to gag and vomit slightly but Rex barely noticed. He pulled her up and carried her to a clean work table and laid her on it before commanding ED-E to go and get Veronica and a doctor.

When the small robot was gone he grabbed a bottle of anti-septic and poured it over the assassins legs causing her to jolt in pain. Rex held her down with his robotic arm as the stimpaks went to work re-growing the burnt flesh.

"Regenerating flesh after a major burn's a bitch aint it" He says tying her to the table "Now my lovely little nightingale we're gonna have a chat."

"Fuck you swine" She snarls spitting in his face.

"Now now don't be that way little birdie and I thought we were friends" Rex says punching her in the stomach "Now be a little nicer and the amount of pain you're going to feel will be considerably less."


The woman was coughing uncontrollably, now her eyes were bloodshot and bulging.

Rex on the other hand felt alive, his heart was beating faster than it had in years and the familiar surge of energy was flowing through him.

"You know I might just enjoy this little chat; haven't gotten to beat the shit out of a legion bitch in years" Rex says his smile becoming a sneer. He could feel the old gears in the recesses of his brain bringing up emotions and drives he thought he had buried years before.


In his rush he almost didn't hear it, but he caught it. He turned to see a little red headed girl crying as she clutched make shift doll. Her tuft of fiery red hair was messy from sleep and he could see that she had been spooked by something maybe another nightmare.

"Rexy I had a bad dream"

The energy left his body and the only thing left was a faint warmth. He walked over to the girl and knelt down wiping the tears from her face.

"Oh that's too bad Rosey, but I'm here now so don't be afraid" He wrapped her in a hug and as he did the violent rage inside him faded as did the phantom girl fade back into his memory. Rex sighed and lit a cigarette as he stood forcing his body to calm down. Veronica arrived with a doctor and the modified mesmatron.

The doctor went to work reviving the woman who had fallen unconscious. While he did that Veronica looked to Rex who was sitting back smoking in a chair with his eyes closed.

"What happened?" Veronica asks flicking the cigarette from his mouth.

"Legion assassin; I got a little carried away went into a rage" Rex replies "She pulled me out of it"

Veronica knew who she was and also knew she shouldn't continue questioning "When she comes to I'll question her you can go get cleaned up."

"Sure" Rex says standing and walking up the stairs to his living quarters and his ghosts.

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