The Potter's Curse


Maci Morton, James Potter, Louis Weasley and Chase Reid have been Hogwarts' resident trouble makers since they first stepped foot in the school.. Nothing has ever stopped them, not until now that it..

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“James Sirius Potter please stop running around the house like a madman and come down stairs for breakfast!” Ginny shouted up the stairs to her eleven year old son.

“Mum I’m not running around the house like a madman.” James said as he appeared at the top of the staircase, “I was just…checking my trunk.”

“Liar, liar pants on fire!” Sang Lily dancing down the stairs, “He was messing up his hair because there are going to be girls at Hogwarts,”

“I was not!” James exclaimed making a grab for his little sister, who darted behind their mother, “I wasn’t.” He repeated a pouty look crossing his young features.

“Well whether you weren’t or you were you still need to come eat breakfast.” Ginny chided, scooping Lily up and into her arms, “And you missy need to get dressed. We have to take your brother to the station.”

“Aww mum do I have to? Can’t I stay home with Al?” Lily whined, opening her eyes wide in her best puppy dog expression.

“Nope because Albus is coming with us,” Ginny told Lily putting her down and pointing up the stairs, “Now go. Get dressed.”

“But Mum,” Lily tried to no avail.

“It’s not a bad trade of Lils,” Albus piped up from his spot at the dining room table, “We drop him off now and we’re rid of him for a whole year.” Al’s tone was borderline dreamy until his brother through a piece of toast at him.

“James.” Harry scolded, putting his paper down and looking at his eldest son, “We don’t throw toast at each other.” James just rolled his eyes and continued to munch on his remaining piece of toast. Once his father’s paper went back up James tossed a chunk of egg at his brother.

“Dad he’s doing it again!” Albus whined, wiping the slime from the egg of his cheek and glaring at his older brother.

“Tattletale!” James shouted at his brother, aiming to throw strawberry at Albus this time.

Harry let out a long sigh. It had been a long time since he had been able to read his paper in piece, about eleven years to be precise. Still that was the payment he made for having children, “James are you eleven or are you five?” Harry questioned.

“Hey, I’m five and I don’t throw food!” An indignant Lily exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips and glaring up at her father.

“I’m sorry sweetheart.” Harry apologized, leaning down to plant a kiss on Lily’s nose, “James are you eleven or four?” He repeated once he had sat back up.

“Eleven.” James grumbled under her breath.

“Well then maybe you should act like it?” Harry suggested and James nodded, “Now what do you say we go play a little quidditch before you leave?”

“Harry no we only have an hour and there is still so much to do.” Ginny told her husband in a frustrated tone of voice, but to no avail. All three of guys were already out the door.

“Men.” Lily said shaking her head in a disapproving manner.

“What?” Ginny asked, smiling bemusedly down at her little red headed daughter.

“Men. It’s what Aunt Hermione says whenever Uncle Ron or Daddy does something she told them not to.” She explained matter of factly, before tottering off after her father and brothers.

The Potter family made it to the train with only one tantrum from Lily, two fights between James and Albus and three incidents where Ginny had to shout at the children to behave, so all in all the trip wasn’t that bad. When they reached the station they were bordering on late, so much so that most of the Weasley children had already been placed on train, leaving only the adults and under age siblings. James had put his trunk on the train and said goodbye to his siblings and mother. Now Harry stared down at his oldest son, who looked about ready to explode from excitement. He remembered that feeling. In fact he missed that feeling from time to time.

Sighing Harry kneeled down beside his son, so he could look him in the eye “James remember you have to visit Hagrid at least once a week or else he’ll get upset, you don’t have to worry about Peeves because I’m pretty sure he’ll love you and for god sake do not challenge anyone to a duel before you’ve learned how, alight?” Harry questioned his son who was looking anxiously off towards the train, “Alright?”

“Yeah dad,” James said, it was obvious that he was only saying the words so his father would let him run off to the train, but Harry kept him there for a another minute.

“Hogwarts is going to be like your home for the next seven years, I know it was mine. So make have fun and don’t just stick with your cousin’s, branch out and make friends. Okay?”

“Yeah dad.” James repeated, this time he sounded as if he was really paying attention.

“Alright.” Harry murmured, “Alright. I love you James.” He reached up and hugged his son. When he let go James immediately shot off in the direction of the train.

As soon as he stepped on the train James began looking around. He had been waiting for the day for forever and was practically jumping up and down. The only thing stopping him from doing so was the presence of his cousin, Dom, beside him.

“Cool it James.” Dominique instructed James as if she could read his mind and James stuck his tongue out at the blonde, “Let’s find Louis. He said he’d grab a compartment for us.”

They spent a couple minutes walking the train before they found Louis, standing outside an empty compartment. Dom immediately went inside the compartment, not even acknowledging her brother’s presence.

“How was your-” James began, coming out of the compartment after dropping his bag inside, but he was interrupted by a collision with someone. A very, very short someone. The girl he had knocked into tried to gain her balance and fell into Louis.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled, looking up into Louis’ face, her eyes wide.

Hearing the girl’s stumbling apology a smirk played across James’ face. “It was my fault.” He spoke up and she whipped around to face him. He got a good look at him then and had to force his jaw to not drop. She was beautiful with fiery red hair and see green eyes.

“Yah it was.” The girl told James, “You should learn to watch where you`re going.”

“Watch out James. This one looks as if she might bite.” Louis spoke up from behind James.

“Shut it Louis.” James told him and smirked at Maci. “I`m sorry.” James apologized to Maci. “You`re right I should learn to watch where I`m going, but lucky me I managed to bump into such a beauty.”

Maci rolled her eyes and Louis chuckled, “Don`t mind him. James has been in permanent flirt mode since he was two and has been perfecting that smirk for about as long.” Louis told Maci and she laughed and Louis continued, “Let me guess you’re a first year.” Maci nodded and Louis` smile grew, “I could tell you have that deer caught in head lights look. I`m Louis Weasley, second year and that over there is my butt headed cousin, James.”

“Maci Morton.” Maci introduced herself to the two boys, “And I do not look like a deer caught in head lights.”

“Sure you do.” Louis casually informed her, “Your eyes are all wide and your face has that expression of wonder and terror that all first years have.”

“My eyes are wide because some idiot just smashed into me and my face does not have a look of terror on it!” Maci exclaimed stubbornly, resting her hands on her hips and her delicate features fixing into a determined scowl.

“Oh no Louie!” James said in mock terror, “We have another Dominique on our hands.”

“Who`s Dominique?” Maci asked, her look of indignation falling away for a moment to be replaced by one of confusion.

“That would be me.” A high, clear female voice came from behind Louis. The compartment door, slid open and Dom stepped out. James glared at her, she always ruined all of his fun.

“That`s my sister. She`s a first year as well.” Louis told me, jerking a thumb in the direction of the stunning blonde.

“Are you two going to continue flirting with the poor girl or you going to invite her into the compartment, where may I remind you, you could quite possibly continue flirting with her?” Dominique scolded the boys, then turned to Maci said, “But then again you’d be trapped and couldn`t escape these two morons.”

Maci laughed, “I think I`ll take the chance and sit down.” Dominique nodded and reentered the compartment, with Maci following her. The two girls sat down across from each other in the two window seats. James was the first to follow, shoving past Louis and throwing himself down on to the plush red seats of the train. He tilted his head back so it rested against the dark wooden paneling of the compartment`s walls and flung his legs onto the remaining seats in front of him. Following James` lead, Louis proceeded to take up just as much space as his cousin.

“So Maci, Muggleborn, Half-blood or Pureblood?” James asked Maci and Dominique scowled at her cousin`s rudeness.

“Half-blood. Mum is a muggle and my dad is a wizard.” Maci informed the group and they all nodded. “What house?” She asked when the awkward silence stretched too long.

“Gryffindor.” Louis said being the only one who had actually been sorted. He and James looked at each other and said in unison, “Where dwell the brave at heart." The two boys cracked up, while Dominique just rolled her eyes.

“Family joke.” She explained to Maci, “Really old and overused family joke.” She added, scowling at James and Louis.

“What about you? What house do you want?” Louis asked Maci once he and James managed to control themselves.

“I`m scared to say anything else besides Gryffindor now!” Maci exclaimed jokingly and the others laughed.

“I swear I`ll hold James back if you choose a different house. “ Louis promised Maci, holding up his right hand as if he was taking an oath, “Unless it`s Slytherin. Then I will be forced to throw you off the train.” His face broke into a smile, so Maci would know he was kidding.

“Okay. Be prepared to hold James back.” She informed Louis and he jokingly half rose, “Ravenclaw.”

James made a slight sound of indignation in the back of his throat, but didn`t rise to attack Maci. Dominique nodded, “I`m right there with you.” She told Maci and they high fived each other.

“My own cousin! A traitor. The horror, the pain, the betrayal!” James exclaimed, clutching his heart as if he was in real pain.


After the long train ride and what seemed to be an even longer boat ride Maci, James and Dominique finally reached the school. Louis, being a second year, was blessed with the ability to ride in the carriages and had arrived at the castle long before the trio of first years. Prof. Longbottom, who was Gryffindor`s head of house, met the group of first years in the entrance hall. Once he had greeted them, Prof. Longbottom led the group into Great Hall, where the rest of the school waited. At the front of the large room a rickety three legged wooden stool sat, with an old battered leather hat placed atop it.

A stately woman, who Maci assumed to be the head mistress, stood. The Head Mistress must have been a beauty when she was young. Now, however, her face was riddled with wrinkles that only age could bring on and her hair was the color of unpolished silver. Her lips were pressed in a thin line as she surveyed the masses of students that were before her. “To those who have been here before: Welcome back and to those whom are here for the first time: Welcome. For those who do not know me I am Prof. McGonagall, Head Mistress here at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.” She paused for a second, and then continued, “Now let the sorting begin. Nev- I mean Prof. Longbottom if you would.”

It seemed a short time before Maci heard her name being called. Walking up to the stool she was aware of the many eyes on her. Maci didn`t mind being the center of attention, in fact she rather enjoyed it, but there were so many people, so many strangers, all of them with their attention fixed on her. Once she reached the splintering stool, Maci pulled herself atop it. As the withered hat was placed on her head, Maci felt something change in her head. She wasn`t sure what it was, like there was someone or something probing her thoughts.

‘Excuse me this is my head. Get out.’ She thought.

‘Spirited. Don`t get your nickers in a twist, I`m just trying to see what house you belong in.’ The thing inside her head, which Maci assumed to be the hat, said in an amused tone.

‘Heck to the no.’ Maci informed the hat.

‘Hmm you are quite the courageous one aren`t you. You like to be in control of the situation don`t you? Maybe Gryffindor is the place for you’. The hat continued, ignoring Maci`s protests.

Maci had begun to realize why the other first years had looked so scarred sitting on the stool with this creepy old hat on his head.

‘I heard that.’ The hat told her and Maci winced. She had forgotten it could hear her thoughts. ‘So obviously not a Ravenclaw. You have the brains, it`s applying them that you need to work on. What about Hufflepuff? You are loyal, but the question is whether you are hardworking? Hmm? I see that if you set your mind to something you will work at it, but I think we can attribute that to stubbornness.’

As the hat rambled on in her head, Maci glanced at the Gryffindor table, where Louis sat. He was immersed in a murmured conversation with the teal haired boy to his left, but he was looking directly at Maci. When Louis caught her eye he smiled and mouthed “Not Slytherin.’ And then winked at her. Maci blushed and the hat chuckled.

‘Maybe Gryffindor is where you belong.’ The hat teased, causing Maci to flush and then scowl. ‘Alright, Alright. I think I have made my decision. You will grow most in…”

“Gryffindor!” The hat called out. Relieved Maci slid off the stool and walked quickly to the table. Louis scooted over and Maci sat in the place he had made for her. Louis gave her a congratulatory one armed hug and shook his head. “

“I knew you were a Gryffindor. With the way you told James off.” Louis chuckled. Maci beamed at the praise. Now that she was seated at a table, she felt as if she really belonged here at Hogwarts.

Their talking was interrupted by the name “Potter, James” Being called. Practically sashaying, James made his way up to the stool and hopped up onto it. The hat was placed on his head and sat there…and sat there…and sat there. As the hat was sitting on his head James` face began to change from cocky to what looked to be fear. Maci couldn`t believe her eyes, she had only known James for a short amount of time, but in that time she had gathered that not much phased him.

Finally the hat called out “Gryffindor.” And a relieved James hopped off the stool and hurried to the red and gold table. Louis clapped his cousin on the back before turning back to watch the sorting.

Eventually it was Dom`s turn to get sorted and she strode up to the stool with an air of dignity and grace that only Dom could pull off. The hat sat on her head for a few moments before announcing to the room, “Ravenclaw.” Dom descended from the stool and made her way to the cheering Ravenclaw table. There was a strawberry blonde haired girl seated at the table, who waved Dom over.

Louis noticed Maci staring at the two girls, “That`s our older sister Victoire. She`s a fifth year and a prefect.” Louis rolled his eyes, “I swear I would think she was adopted, if she didn`t look so much like dad. Other than that though, she`s more like Uncle Percy`s kid then my parents.” Maci nodded as if she understood, but the only bit she had actually understood was the prefect bit.

While Maci had been lost in thought the sorting had been completed and food had appeared on the tables. After everyone had served themselves, Louis raised his glass. “I propose a toast. To a new school year.”

“To us” James added raising his glass and gesturing with the other hand at Maci, Louis and himself. “The new Marauders.”

“What are the Marauders?” Maci asked James. There were gasps from all around her and James shook his head in a disappointed manner.

“You are a disgrace.” He informed her in a very serious tone, “But I shall tell you anyways. The Marauders were a group of highly intelligent Hogwarts students who took it upon themselves to entertain their peers with antics of the utmost hilarity.” The tone James took on as he proclaimed this was so pompous that he had his friends in hysterical laughter.

“Do you even know what those words mean Jamie?” Louis questioned his cousin after he recovered from his laughing fit.

“Yes!” James exclaimed sounding indignant, “And one of them was my grandfather, the very one I am named for.”

“Of course.” Maci muttered under her breath.

Not deterred James continued, “So as a matter of tradition I must start a group such as the one he began in his Hogwarts years.”

Maci nodded understanding James’ though process, “And what are we gonna be called?”

“How do you know you will even be allowed in this exclusive group?” James questioned her, smirking.

“Because,” Maci began spearing a piece of steak on her fork, “You are gonna need someone who is charming and intelligent.” She paused to chew and then continued, “And that is where I come in.”

“Hey I’m intelligent!” Louis exclaimed acting as if he was wounded by her words.

“No you’re a pretty face.” Maci rolled her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “Well on of them at least.” She added thoughtfully.

James nodded agreeing with fiery red head, “Okay so how many members should we let in?” He asked her in an “if you’re so smart” tone.

“How many were in your grandfather’s groups?” Maci inquired.

“Four.” James answered.

“Well then we’ll stick be tradition and have four members. Now obviously there are only three of us and Dom’s in a separate house so she’s out. If you two want to go recruit someone else or whatever just makes sure to run him by me first. Oh and I think the group should be called N/A. It stands for Not Accessible on official paper work and stuff.” Feeling as if the topic had been discussed enough Maci turned back to her dinner.

“I think your group has just been taken over before it was even started.” Louis whispered to James, who dramatically began banging his head on the table.


“I would now like to call to order the first meeting of N/A.” James said, delinquent grin firmly fixed on his place, “First order of business guys this is Chase, he’s going to be our fourth member. Chase, Maci, Louis.” He introduced the group, pointing at each one in turn.

“Hey.” Chase nodded at the other two.

“How do we know he’s got what it takes?” Maci asked and Louis snorted.

“What are we some organized crime rink. It’s not rocket science.” He told Maci, who simply gave him a scathing look, worthy of his Aunt Hermione.

“It might not be rocket science but we certainly don’t want some guy who’s going to go and squeal on us, do we?” Maci questioned Louis, raising her eyebrows at him.

“Pranking is a delicate art.” James agreed, nodding his head, “But we can Chase here. We were in potions earlier today and Prof. Carizzo was getting on some poor girls case. So when the old bat came around to check Chase’s potion, Chase here oh so casually slips some Powder of Bopty, which can be explosive when mixed with the wrong ingredients, into his own cauldron and boom, she got a face full of goop.”

Louis let out a low whistle, “Impressive, did you get detention?” He asked Chase.

“Nope, she sent me to Prof. Longbottom and I told him I had no idea that I had used the wrong powder. He let me off the hook, with a warning to read the labels on ingredients before I put them into potions.” Chase told the group.

James looked from Maci to Louis, “So what do you guys think? Is he in?”

Maci looked Chase up and down, “I really wanted there to be another girl in the group…” She said reluctantly.

“Oh c’mon Mace,” Louis coaxed slinging an arm around Maci’s shoulder, “Who needs girls when you’ve got us.”

Flushing at Louis’ action, Maci finally nodded, “Okay, he’ll do I suppose.” She muttered.

“Great!” James exclaimed, “Now onto the next order of business. We need something big to announce our presence in the school, something loud, something messy!”



(A/N: I originally wrote this whole chapter in James’ P.O.V but then decided I liked it better using Maci’s! But OI had already wrote James’ time with the sorting hat so I decided to share it with you all for the heck of it.)

“Potter, James.” Prof. Longbottom called out and James strutted up to the stool. The excitement practically rolled off of him. However that excitement went away real fast as soon as the hat began talking.

‘Wow Mr. Potter you are much like your dad.’ James’ face paled.

‘No I’m not.’ He thought right back, but even in to him it sounded shaky and fake.

‘You cover it up well, but on the inside you have the same heart, the same hero complex, the same love and need to defend people. You and your father are quite similar. ’

‘I am nothing like my father.’ James repeated.

‘Believe me you are. You need to stop being so closed off and covering yourself up with all that bad assness. Cause you could be so much more than that.’

‘No I couldn’t be. Stop saying that.’ James snapped, but at the same time his eyes widened at the thought that someone saw through his disguises.

“You say you want me to stop but I can feel the need you have of being accepted by your father.’

‘I don’t give a crap about what he thinks.’ James argued.

‘Yes you do. You are a brave boy, but in other ways you are a coward.’

‘I am not!’ James insisted.

‘But you wouldn’t do anywhere else, so…GRYFFINDOR!” The hat called out.


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