Destiel Advent 2012


Despite what Dean and Sam had been expecting , Castiel hates Christmas.

He hates the inaccurate depictions of angels. He hates that they celebrate the birth of Christ of the wrong day. He hates that people go insane in the stores as they go into a spending frenzy. He hates drummer boys and wise men and Santa Claus because he says they all have nothing to do with Jesus. He hates that people pretend to be nice to people they hate just because it's Christmas time.

"I hate eggnog," Castiel declares in Bobby's kitchen.

Dean add rums to it, Castiel still hates it.

He drinks it anyways.

"Another thing I hate about this holiday is your decorations," Castiel grumbles trying to brush off the tinsel that clung to his jacket. "And your films about pessimistic young boys with bodies too small to support their large heads."

"Charlie Brown is a classic," Sam explains and hangs candy canes on the lopsided tree they have.


"Chill Cas," Dean snaps pouring him another glass of crappy eggnog. "You're not supposed to start bitching till after you get smashed."

"I doubt you have enough eggnog for me to be inebriated." Castiel chugs down the mug of eggnog in one gulp and then grabs Dean's cup and does the same.

"Sam, go see if there's any more decorations in the attic." Sam sets the candy cane box on Bobby's desk and heads upstairs. As soon as Dean hears his brother's footsteps on the stairs he grabs Castiel's hand and tugs him off the couch. "Come on."

"Why? Where are we going?" Castiel asks as Dean drags him towards the kitchen. They pause in the doorway and Dean gently pushes Castiel up against the frame. "If I'm going to be forced to celebrate this holiday I'd like to do it while drinking your mediocre eggnog cocktail."

"Look up," Dean chuckles and pushes two fingers beneath Castiel's chin. His eyes dart up to a few leaves of a plastic plant and a few berries nailed to the door frame.

"If you expect me to compliment your decorating skills when you've sat around all day while Sam decorated, you will not be pleased." Dean rolls his eyes and leans in, pressing a soft kiss to Castiel's lips. He gives the angel a moment to clue in before he drags his tongue over his bottom lip, Castiel moans and opens his mouth to let Dean in. The kiss doesn't last long, Dean has to pull away to breath, plus Sam will be coming soon and Castiel knows Dean doesn't like being affectionate in front of other people.

"You have to kiss under the mistletoe," Dean explains, pulling away from Castiel and walking back over to the tree, "it's tradition."

Castiel loves Christmas.

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