Destiel Advent 2012


AH! This is late I know :( but that means you get two stories today!

"Do you really think this is going to work?" Castiel asked, nearly crushing a green present beneath his elbow.

"Of course it will," Dean scoffed at Castiel's doubt and adjusted the branches that rested on top his head. "I saw it on TV."

"I doubt that the TV is always realistic." The two children were hiding in the corner, their upper half concealed under the Christmas tree and surrounded by presents.

"I'm going to prove to you Santa Claus exists." Castiel opened his mouth to disagree but a noise from upstairs silences him. "Did you hear that?"

"That…the roof is too slippery for reindeers to land on," Castiel tried to reason but he was staring up the stairs with wide, curious eyes. "It's impossible."

Something at the top of the stairs grunted and the sound of jingle bells floated down, followed by heavy boots taking the steps one by one. Dean peaked through the branches to get a good look at the intruder and gasped when he saw the white trimmed red suits.

"That's," Castiel whispered, "that's Santa!"

"Castiel! Shhh!" Dean shushed. Santa dropped his heavy sack on the floor, inches from Dean and began to take the presents out. The boys sat in silence while the presents were piled higher and higher until the bag was emptied and Santa let out a disappointed sigh.

"Oh no! A sad Santa," Dean's mother laughed from the stairs. Castiel and Dean twisted over as much as they could to look at Mary sitting on the stairs in her nightgown.

"Guess the kids are still sleeping. " Santa picked up his sack and slung it over his shoulder. "Waste of a suit."

"I think Castiel snuck over again, there are foot prints in the snow outside," Mary giggled, stood up and walked over to Santa.

"Might have to put that kid on the naughty list next year," Santa chuckled. Castiel paled at the comment and nudged at Dean who held a finger up to his lips, telling him to keep quiet. "Speaking of the naughty list."

Santa reached out to Mary and yanked her forward, she collided into his chest and threw her arms around him. "Oh, Saint Nick!"

"I hear you've been a bad girl this year." Mary giggled again and then Santa leaned down and kissed Dean's mother, the bottom half of her face disappearing in his white beard. Dean's jaw dropped and his cheeks lit up in a mix of shock and embarrassment.

Castiel slapped a hand over his mouth and whispered harshly in his ear. "Sh, Dean! I'm not losing all my presents because you attack Santa!"

"Oh no, does that mean I get no gifts this year?" Mary asked, fluttered her eyelashes and leaned into Santa's arms.

"Well," Santa drawled and scooped Mary up bridal style, "maybe there's some things you can do to convince me."

Santa carried Mary up the stairs leaving Dean and Castiel frozen under the tree. When they hear the door close on Mary's bedroom they finally crawled out from under the tree. Dean stared blankly at the stairs where Santa had just carried his mother up, his married mother who must have been lonely with his dad working late that night. Castiel put a cautionary hand on the boys shoulder, "Dean…"

Dean spun on his heels and went to where the stockings where hung and pulled out the BB gun Santa had just left him. He quickly filled it with ammo and headed up the stairs. "I'm going to kill Santa Claus."

Castiel was right, there was no such thing as Santa.

Dean couldn't look at his parents for the rest of Christmas break.

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