Destiel Advent 2012


Dean travels a lot. Usually Castiel doesn't mind, there's texting, Skype, the telephone and other endless possibilities to keep them in touch. But around holidays and their son's birthday, Castiel feels his absent especially hard. The money keeps them in a nice house and Richard in a good school but sometimes Castiel wishes it was seven years ago and he was still riding around Dean.

Castiel gets up early that day because it's the only time he has to wrap Richard's presents, he's a lot like his dad, likes to stay up late and sleep in. Fortunately it's something that Dean and Richard only get to do on vacation.

Castiel yawns and turns the coffee maker on and grabs the bags of presents he's been hiding in the cupboards. He lays a strip of blue wrapping paper and weighs it down with an empty coffee cup, while he searched for some tape in the kitchen drawers.

"Someone's been busy."

Castiel spins around, scissors in one and the newly found tape in the other. "Dean?"

His husband smiles at him, crosses his arms and leans against the doorframe. "Miss me?"

Castiel drops his scissors and tape, crosses the room in three large steps and throws himself against Dean. Dean lets out an oof against Castiel's sudden weight and wraps an arm around his waist, he still smells like winter air and gasoline from all the time he's spent on the road. "You're back."

"Drove all night, just to make it home," Dean sings softly into Castiel's hair. He presses a kiss to Castiel's temple and then pulls his husband back to the island in the middle of their kitchen. "Okay, show me what you got the brat."

"I wish you wouldn't call him that," Castiel mumbles but it's hard to stay mad at Dean when he's come for a surprise visit.

"Ricky's a little hell-raiser just like his daddy." Dean positions Castiel between himself and the countertop, his arms slung over his waist and his chin on Castiel's shoulder. "So, what we got?"

Castiel grabs the first bag, full of small stocking stuffers and dumps it on the counter then takes the actual gifts off and sets them out on a line in front of them. "There's already a few under the tree, from Sam and my family."

Dean hooks his fingers around a toy tool belt and gives a lopsided grin. "Cute."

"I thought you'd like that one," Castiel says rubbing a thumb over the back of Dean's hand. Dean went onto the next, awkwardly lifting it up with Castiel still between his arms.

"Is this…?"

"It's an Easy Bake Oven," Castiel tells him. "Richard asked for it."

"It's pink," Dean grimaces.

"That's the only colour they had."

"Could at least put some skulls on it," Dean murmurs setting the box back down.


"If my dad knew his grandson had an Easy Bake, he'd be rolling over in his grave."

"I bake," Castiel snaps and the tension instantly melts off Dean's face.

"Best apple pie this side of the Mississippi," Dean grins and nudges Castiel face to the left so he could plant a gentle kiss on his lips.

Castiel shows Dean the rests of the present, his husband nodding and smiling at each one. Dean picks up the sticky gift tags next to the tape, some say from Castiel, some from Santa and the last few from Dean. Dean goes quiet and Castiel senses the change in mood instantly. "He's going to know I didn't buy any of these."

"Dean," Castiel says quickly, turning around and taking Dean's face between his hands. Castiel knows how much Dean wishes he could be around more, knows he hates driving all over the country and leaving them alone. He hears the confliction every night when he has to hang up the phone but they don't have enough money saved up for him to look for another job. "There's still time, we will go shopping tomorrow."

"Thought you didn't want me spoiling the kid?" Dean lets out a small laugh but it's still tinged with sadness.

"Well one Christmas won't ruin him for life." It's a touchy issue for the two of them. Castiel, who grew up with money, doesn't want Richard to grow up not appreciating things like his brother Gabriel did. But Dean, who grew up with nothing, wants to give his son all the things Sam and him didn't have.

"You're too good to me, Cas." Dean leans down and kisses him, tangling his fingers in Castiel's still bed-crumpled hair. Castiel curls his hands in Dean's shirt and Dean slides his knee up between Castiel's thighs. "I've got something you'll love in the trunk of my car."

Castiel smiles against Dean's lips but then comes to a horrifying realization. "I didn't get you a gift."

Dean pulls away in false-anger, "you didn't!"

"I thought I'd have time this weekend, I didn't expect you to be home so early. " Castiel looks away in guilt. Dean lets out a small chuckle and reaches for something on the counter before he smacks a bow on Castiel forehead. Castiel's eyes criss-cross trying to look at the big red ribbon, "what's that for?"

"You're my present this year," Dean explains. Castiel's heart swells and he pulls Dean down into another kiss, their noses squishing together from the force of it.

"Daddy?" Dean groans and pulls away from Castiel, looking over to the door way where Richard stands in footie PJs, clutching a teddy bear to his chest and rubbing his eyes. "You're home."

"You bet I am, little man!" Dean grins, walking over to his sun and scooping him up into his arms before he can see any more of his presents. "Just in time SpongeBob, right?"

Dean takes Richard into the living room and Castiel starts to pile the gifts back into the bags. There'd be plenty of time to wrap them later.

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