Destiel Advent 2012


This is based off my other story Church Channel. Where they're in an asylum and Castiel has DID, the next 7 chapters will be of each of the personalities.

"I refuse to participate in this immoral Pagan festival."

"Then go upstairs," Dean rolled his eyes and plugged in the lights, the Christmas tree flickered to life, sparkling red and green. "No one's forcing you to be here."

"Well I'm certainly not leaving you here with all these demons," Castiel scoffed.

"I thought Jesus was 'the reason for the season'? Why do you have such a stick up your ass about all this?"

Castiel's eyes narrowed in the way they always did when Dean said something stupid. "I would like to point out that we are currently in Hell-"


"And Satan is currently arranging the nativity scene." Luc looked up from where he was arranging the wise men by the manger and gave Castiel a sickly sweet smile. "I don't know why you think I would want any part of this."

Dean had learned that it's best not to ever argue with Castiel, he was much too set in his ways to ever concede that Dean might be right about something. "Well, at least the tree looks nice."

"Bringing trees inside is a Saturnalia ritual. And Pagans-"

"End up in Hell, yeah I know, you've said it like a billion time in the past hour." Castiel opened his mouth, probably to chastise Dean some more, but Dean held up his hand and silenced the 'angel'. "So I guess you don't want your present."

"Present?" Castiel asked slowly.

"Yeah," Dean smiled and curled his finger, motioning for Castiel to come closer. Cautiously Castiel stepped forward until both Dean and him were hidden behind the large tree. "Close your eyes."

Castiel gave him a hard look, as if deciding whether Dean should be trusted or not but slowly closed his eyes. Dean almost laughed at how tense Castiel looked, there probably wasn't another person alive who could make Castiel let his guard down. Dean leaned over and quick as lighting pecked a kiss on Castiel's cheek.

"What are you doing?" Castiel gasped, reeling back and nearly knocking the tree over.

Dean grabbed one of the branches to steady the tree and put a hand on Castiel's shoulder to prevent him from running off. Dean could tell from the panic in Castiel's eyes that he was seconds away from a meltdown. "That's how they greet friends in France."

"France?" Castiel asked, still suspicious and trying to pull away from Dean. Dean sighed because Castiel just didn't get the joke but then then the other man paused and shot Dean a strange look. "Friends?"

"Yeah," Dean said confusedly.


"I thought we were," Dean told him, a little insulted.

"I've never had a friend before," Castiel said thoughtfully.

Dean felt the smile return to his face and he patted Castiel on the back. "Merry Christmas, Cas."

Castiel frowned and moved away from the glowing tree. "I'm still not celebrating Christmas."

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