Destiel Advent 2012


My internet was down the last few days :(. But it's back now so here are the three chapters!

Leviathan stared down at the Santa hat in his hands and then grimaced at Dean. "Absolutely not."

"Live a little," Dean rolled his eyes and straightened the branch he'd ripped off the tree downstairs. "You're the one that complained about not being able to celebrate anything."

"But…Santa Claus?" Leviathan held the hat up by white pompom on top. "It's so…"

"Pagan?" Dean guesses.

"I was going to say childish," Leviathan clicked his tongue and tossed the hat at Dean. "I don't think it's really Christmas. "

"Why would I lie about Christmas?" Dean placed several paper ornaments on their make- shift tree.

"Everyone lies to me." Leviathan grabbed the star, the tiny wooden pendant with tack on the back that subbed for their star, and stuck it on the tip of the tree. "Why should you be any different?"

Dean grunted in annoyance, "can we have one day where you don't make everything depressing?"

"I suppose anything is possible."

"Here," Dean reached into the box he brought with him and pulled out a small newspaper wrapped present. "I brought you something."

"What is it?" Leviathan cautiously took it from Dean's hand.

"It's a Christmas present."

"Oh," Leviathan looked thoughtfully at Dean's gift and turned it over. "No one's ever…given me a gift before."

"Never?" Leviathan doesn't answer, he stuck his thumb under a loose piece of newspaper and ripped the package open. Bits of the wrapper fell to the floor till he had uncovered the beige book beneath it. Then Leviathan just stared down at the book like he had no idea what to make of it and Dean felt a nervous gnaw at his stomach. "Sorry, I don't have much right now- I'll take it back, ask Sam to bring something better."

Leviathan dropped the book to the floor and Dean sucked in a breath, expecting Leviathan to throw a tantrum over Dean's horrible gift giving. He seemed to be guessing right because Leviathan knocked him to the ground but the closes he came to biting him was when the other man gently nipped at Dean's lip. Leviathan presses their lips together and cups Dean's face between his cold hands, the kiss is soft, nothing like the hungry, manic way he's tried to kiss Dean before. When Dean's lungs started to burn, he carefully pushed Leviathan away and sucked in some much needed air. Leviathan panted and rested his forehead against Dean's, "I'll wear the stupid hat."

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