Destiel Advent 2012


"Dean…" Sam trails off.

"He's coming okay?" Dean snaps. Sam looks at him doubtfully and Dean feels his insides twist form a mix of anger and worry. "Dad said he'd back before Christmas."

Sam glances over at the clock, it's four hours till midnight and Dean's little brother has given up that Dad will keep his promise. Dean's jaw clenches because he's so sick of Sam's downcast expression and the way he keeps looking at Dean with eyes full of pity. Dean stands up and grabs his jacket, shoving his feet into his boots and taking out his keys. "I'm going out."

"When will you be home?" Dean slams the door behind him without answering Sam. He trudges through the snow and taps his boots against the Impala's tires to dislodge the sludge before climbing inside. Sam's watching him through the living room window but Dean doesn't look up, just shoves his keys into the ignition and peels out of the driveway.

He drives faster than he should have on icy roads, he plows through one red light on his way to a liquor store that doesn't care that his ID is fake. The parking lot is empty when Dean pulls in and only one person is working in the whole store. Dean grabs two bottles of Jack and some shitty low-quality tequila, it's too much for just him but he figures if his dad comes home he'll drink whatever is left over. Dean scoffs and mentally corrects himself, when his dad comes home. John might not be the perfect dad but he's not going to leave his kids alone on Christmas.

The cashier looks at Dean with a frown as he scans the bottles and places them in the bag, Dean would have told him to fuck off if he didn't think it would cost him his alcohol. He pays and heads back to the car, dropping two of the bottles in the back seat and keeping one balanced on his knee. He seriously considers finishing the bottle right there in the parking lot and when he's too wasted to drive he'll call his dad to come get him. And John won't pick up his cell because he's at home with Sammy, so Dean will call the house phone and John will cuss him out and tell him to wait for him to come pick him up. Dean will probably get yelled at the whole way home, he'll get grounded and John will have to stay home for an entire month just to make sure Dean doesn't drive or watch TV.

"Fuck," Dean curses and throws the bottle into the back with the others. He should go home, the guilt of leaving Sammy all alone on Christmas eve is already starting to gnaw at him but he can't bear the thought of going home and not seeing his dads truck in the driveway. So instead he just sits in his slowly freezing car, grips the steering wheel and tries to convince himself it's time to man up.

When he starts to loose feeling his fingers he decides he can't put off going home any longer and turns the car back on. By the time he's a block away he can tell that the driveway is empty and was close to turning around when he sees light flash in his living room window. He parks his car while he stares blankly at the red and green Christmas lights that are pinned around the window. Dean hesitates when he reaches the front door, because they've never ever decorated for Christmas before, but he swallows down his doubt and walks inside.

Sam is sitting on the floor by their crappy tree and wrapping a brown box in genuine wrapping paper, it's green and shiny and a million times better than the newspaper they usually use. He has a floppy Santa hat on his head and when he looks up at Dean he smiles is so big Dean's worry it might split his cheeks open.

"Dean, look," Sam stretches his arm out and motions around the room, "it's Christmas!"

Dean looks around, there are stocking hung up by their fake electric fireplace, the tree has ornaments on it and a rainbow of tiny lights illuminate the room. "Where'd all this stuff come from?"

"Hello Dean." Dean turns around and find Castiel behind him, holding a large box with tinsel spilling over the sides. "I'm glad you came back."

"Cas? What are you doing here?"

"Sam called me," Castiel gives Sam a faint smile. "He said you might need some help decorating."

"Your mom is going to freak if she finds out you stole her decorations." Castiel's mother was one of those Christmas freaks who spent thousands of dollars on the holiday. A life sized nativity scene in the front yard and enough lights wrapped around her house that her electricity bill was higher than some small countries.

"She won't notice a few boxes." Castiel hands Dean the box before he turns away and walks back into the kitchen.

"Do you want to help me decorate the left side of the tree?" Sam asks, placing the now wrapped gift under the tree. "I can't quite reach the top part, it looks a little empty."

Dean nods mutely and sets the box down carefully on the floor. Sam does most of the decorating , Dean picks up a few ornaments and places them by the top of tree. He's still trying to wrap his mind around how great the place looks after just a few hours. "That looks nice."

Castiel walks into the living room with plate full of cookies and looks appraisingly at the decorated tree. Sam smiles, "yeah. I think this is the best this place has ever looked."

"Who are those for?" Dean asks pointing to the plate.

"I'm not very good at making pies," Castiel holds the plate out for Dean and Sam, "I hope you don't mind having sugar cookies instead."

"I love sugar cookies!" Sam declares cheerfully.

Dean's a bit more hesitant, he reaches for a cookie but his hand pauses above the plate. "You should be spending tonight with your family, Cas."

"I am," Castiel assures him and smiles warmly. Dean isn't sure if that makes him happy or sad.

Castiel sets the plate down on the coffee table and helps them decorate with what's left in the box. Sam pulls out a big gold star made out of wire and rhinestones. "Cas, why don't you put the star on?"

"I would love to." Castiel takes the star and pulls a stool up next to the tree. It's a bit of a reach for him even standing on the chair and both Dean and Sam laugh a little at his feeble attempts to top the tree.

Castiel finally manages to stick the star on the tip of the tree but nearly immediately he loses his footing and slides off the chair. Dean reaches out and catches Castiel just in time to keep him from knocking down the tree. Dean has one arm wrapped Castiel's waist and the other is placed under his knees, Castiel throws and arm over Dean's shoulder to try and settle himself, eyes still wide in surprise.

"You should be more careful," Dean jokingly scolds him. Castiel rolls his eyes and tries to wiggle out of Dean's hold but Dean doesn't let him go. He smiles at the star that gleams against the bright lights below it and then at the rest of the room. "You forgot something you know."

"What?" Castiel scoffs. "I did not."

"Yeah you did, you forgot the mistletoe."

"Do you need a reason to kiss me?" Castiel asks stretching up towards Dean.

"No, I guess not," Dean smiles and leans down to rest his forehead against Castiel's. "So did it hurt?"

"Did what hurt?" Castiel's brow furrows in confusion and Dean can't help laughing a little.

"When you fell from heaven?"

"A little," he breathes right before he closes the small distance between them. Castiel's lips are dry and chapped but they're warm and taste like sugar cookies. It awkward to hold Castiel like that and kiss him at the same time but Dean someone manages. He runs his tongues over Castiel's bottom lip and Castiel opens up for him, hand reaching up to cup the back of Dean's neck and pull him closer.

"Gross guys, I'm still in the room," Sam complains before running over to the kitchen to get more cookies.

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