Destiel Advent 2012


"Emmanuel," Dean groaned. "Can we just not do this now?"

"Dean, this is important." Emmanuel tapped a pencil against his clipboard and gave a disappointed shake of his head at Dean. Currently Emmanuel was standing between Dean and the special Christmas dinner, a tray piled high with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and other things that had Dean's mouth water. Dean shot a look around the room where nearly everyone was staring, a few were laughing , some looked like they had experienced Emmanuel themselves once or twice and Luc was grinning smugly.

"Can't we do this after dinner?"

"You should have thought about dinner before you skipped your appointment," Emmanuel said, placing a hand on Dean's shoulder and pushing him back into the empty rec room. "You may eat when we're done."

"That's not going to happen," Dean grunted and tried to side step Emmanuel but the 'doctor' blocked each step. "Seriously?"

"Yes, this is very serious."

"Look either you let me go eat, or I'll-" Dean paused to think of what he could possibly say that might get Emmanuel to back down. "Or I'll report you."

"Report me?" Emmanuel's eyebrows shot up. "Report me to whom?"

"The board of doctors of whatever."

Emmanuel let out a laugh. "And what exactly are you going to report me for? I haven't-"

Dean cut him off by slamming their lips together, noses squishing against the awkward kiss. It lasted only a few seconds before Dean pulled away, leaving Emmanuel with a flustered blush. "See? That was totally inappropriate."

"But- you- I didn't!" Emmanuel stuttered. Dean pushed past Emmanuel and back into the dining hall, the swinging door nearly swung back into the other man's face. "I'll just- see you tomorrow then."

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