Destiel Advent 2012


For obvious reasons, God doesn't care much for Christmas, "Why would you want to celebrate the birth of an absent god?"

"Look, if you're not going eat the candy cane, just give it to me." Dean reached for the candy but it was yanked away.

"I didn't say I wouldn't eat it." The would be god studied the bent stick in his hand. "I just don't understand why you would give me this."

"I was just trying to be nice." Dean rolled his eyes and stretched out on the couch, kicking his feet up on the arm rest.

"This is a symbol of your old god."

"It's candy." Dean grabbed the TV remote and flicked on the TV. "Can we go ten minutes without getting into a fight?"

They slipped into silence and Dean thought the argument was over so he just watched the crappy sit-com and ignored the man that sat on the beat up chair. Then he hears a small crunch and Dean glanced over to the candy cane broken in half. "You're questioning my right to rule."


"Dean," he bit out and knocked Dean's feet off the couch. "You clearly don't remember what it was like before. Being forgotten by someone who's supposed to care the most about you."

Dean sat up and made room for the other man, despite knowing it wasn't going to end well. "Look as far as shitty parents go, I think I had it much worse so-"

"I've spoiled you," he shook his head sadly and Dean resisted the urge to smack the stupid look off his face. "I've been far too lenient with you."

"Awesome, I love having this conversation," Dean stood up and dropped the remote on the rickety table. "I don't think we really settled the issue the first eight time."

"Wait," he called after Dean but at that point Dean had gone through seven days of crazy and he didn't want to put up with another moment. He barely made it to the stairs when he was tugged back, Dean turned ready to shout at the crazy man for all his annoying rambling. Instead there are fingers in his hair and a hand gripping his arm, a sloppy kiss is smacked down on his lips but quickly replaced with a gentle peck on his forehead. "Why is it so difficult to make you happy?"

"You can't just go around kissing people," Dean replied, feeling awkward having the other man pressed up against him in the only place in the entire hospital that wasn't crowded with security cameras.

He let out a tired laugh, "I'm god I can do anything I want."

"Yeah, well…" Dean shifted uncomfortably.

"You talk too much." He pulled away and let go of Dean. "You should just let me take care of you."

"I don't need someone to take care of me," Dean stressed.

"I believe it's been well established you don't know what you need," he sighed tiredly. "Go upstairs, I'll bring you something to eat. "

Dean wanted to argue but he knew it would be pointless and he also knew that chances where pretty slim that 'God' was going to be around long enough to actually bring him up his dinner. So he nodded and waited till the other man left before he climbed up the stairs.

Sure enough a few hours later Castiel found him, complaining that the day went by too quickly. He doesn't have any dinner but they share a sugar cookie. Christmas isn't on a Sunday that year, so he doesn't get to see Sam but his brother left a few gifts with the nurses. He gets some old movies which means he'll finally have something to watch of their crappy TV and Gabriel got Castiel an ugly sweater that he'll never wear.

It was the best Christmas someone could have in a medium-security facility.

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