Destiel Advent 2012


"But I am not tired."

"I know you're not," Dean said, peeling off his shirt and toeing off his shoes.

"I don't understand why you insist on the two of us lying in bed then." Dean lifted up the covers and slid into its warmth. Castiel stood next to the bed and looked suspiciously down at Dean but grudgingly he removed his coat at let it crumble on the ground. "It's too early for bed."

"Will you stop bitching and just take your clothes off?"

Castiel loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt so slowly that Dean was close to just lean over and yank the short open. Castiel finally crawled in next to Dean and gently pressed his lips against Deans. "Are you attempting to entice me to have sex?"

Dean grumbled and wrapped an arm around Castiel's waist. "No, no sex tonight."

"Oh." Dean gently pushed on Castiel's shoulders till he shifted down on the bed and tucked his head beneath Dean's chin. "Then why are what are we doing?"

"We're sleeping," Dean yawned and tightened his hold on Castiel. "And I'd like to be passed out when Sam gets here so I don't have to listen to him go 'aw' and get all teary eyed."

"I told you I wasn't tired," Castiel told him but Dean could hear the strain in his voice.

"Hm," Dean hummed. He tangled his fingers in Castiel's messy hair and kissed his forehead. "No more of this staying up till you pass out. Your New Year's resolution is to get at least four hours every night."

"If I were tired I would go to sleep," Castiel scoffed. Castiel wasn't as useless as a human as Dean had thought he would be. He'd been watching humanity long enough that he had known most of the basics. He could hunt with them, or stay behind at the motel without the world ending. Unfortunately there were a few things he still had trouble with, he couldn't always tell the difference between nausea and hunger, he freaked out every time one of his legs fell asleep and never waited for his coffee to cool off so he burnt his tongue every time. Worst of all was that he hadn't gotten the hang of sleeping yet. Dean wasn't sure if Castiel couldn't tell when he was tired or if he just had trouble lying still long enough to fall asleep. Maybe he was just afraid he'd miss something while he was asleep.

"I'd like the company," Dean mumbled into Castiel's hair. Castiel wiggled against him and it made it really difficult to keep his promise that tonight was only about catching a Z's. "Stop struggling."

"Your feet are cold," Castiel complained.

"Are they?" Dean stuck his foot between Castiel's legs and the former angel huffed in annoyance. "'m sorry, you're just so warm."

"That is not helping," Castiel said but Dean can see his eyelids begin to droop. Dean chuckled and pulled the covers high up so they rested just under Castiel's nose. Despite his whining Castiel drifted off to sleep before Dean did and he sleeps long after the Winchester's awoke the next morning. He only managed to pull himself out of bed after Dean crawled back in and rubbed his still cold feet up and down his calves.

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