Destiel Advent 2012


Warning for (accidental) cross dressing

When Sam had silently prayed for the snow to disappear he hadn't been expecting the torrential rain that came down. The rain hit when Sam and Castiel were walking back to the motel, the only cover they had were some books and papers they'd photocopied at the library. They rush back to the motel but by the time they got there they were soaked to the bone and their papers had turned to mush in Castiel's hand. Sam peeled off his wet jacket while he grumbled that all the info they had on their ghost was now ruined. Castiel tossed Sam his bag and picked up the duffel he shared with Dean, they both stripped till they were only left in their jeans before they started riffling around for dry clothes.

Castiel picked out an outfit that was half Dean clothes and half the ill-fitting items he had bought last week. He bent over to untie his boots and when he did his jeans slipped low of hips, Sam caught a flash of white skin before Castiel bent down a little more and revealed red silk and green lace.

"Cas, is that…lace?"

Castiel stood up straight, his hands laid out on his lower back and he pulled his jeans up. "My apologises. Dean was right I should have tried the clothes on before I bought them."

Castiel went back to digging through the duffel bag while Sam stood gapping on at him. "You're wearing lacy panties?"

"Yes," Castiel told him, his brow creased in confusion. "Why, would you like a pair?"

Castiel held out a hand and, his fist uncurled to reveal another pair of panties, this one black with pink stripes and lace. "No I- Cas, why are you wearing women's panties?"

Castiel head tilted to the side, then something must have clicked in his head because a soft blush burned onto his cheeks. "I was informed that these were unisex underwear."

"By who?" Sam asked, though he knew the answer before he even finished his sentence. "How did Dean convince you to buy those?"

"He told me if I bought boxers or briefs they would get mixed up with yours…" Castiel trailed off probably suddenly realizing how ridiculous the statement sounded.

"Ug, I did not need to know Dean had a panty fetish." Castiel promptly grabbed a pair of Dean's boxers and stomped off to the bathroom to change. Sam turned the television on and tried to wipe the last ten minutes from his mind. When Dean walked in through the door, he was greeted with a dozen panties being thrown into his face. Dean, to his credit, did try and look apologetic but neither Sam nor Castiel bought it for one second. When they began to argue, Sam grabbed his wallet and headed out because he knew that the only reason Dean and Castiel ever fought was for the make-up sex and frankly Sam had already been scarred enough for one day.

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