Destiel Advent 2012


Jimmy has no idea how Castiel had convinced him to sleep over at Gabriel's house, ever since their older brother moved out he's been living a 24/7 party life. He didn't last four hours before he snuck out, not that Gabriel was going to bother trying to stop him when he was busy pouring liquid chocolate on some red-head. Jimmy doesn't even bother looking for his hat and mittens because he's worried that if he stays any longer he would end up seeing more of Gabriel then he ever wanted to see.

By the time Jimmy walks home his cheeks are bright red and his fingers are numb. There's a black car in the drive way, which means Dean's over, Jimmy's surprised that Dean would let his car sit out in the snow. The living room is empty when Jimmy walks in, Dean and Castiel are probably in the basement getting drunk and watching some stupid movie. Jimmy just wants to crawl into his warm bed and sleep in for the first time since school started.

"Fuck, Cas, s'good baby." Jimmy freezes with his hand on his bedroom doorknob.

"Dean, please, I'm so close." Ew, ew, ew, Dean and Castiel were definitely not downstairs getting hammered. Jimmy quickly marches over to his parents room because there was no way he was sleeping in his own bed with his brother and his boyfriend naked on the bed next to his. This is why he hates when his parents go on business trips, Dean always convinces Castiel to break every single rule his dad set. Jimmy should have known that Castiel had ulterior motives trying to get him out of the house for the night.

Jimmy crawls under the covers and stretches out, his parent's bed is twice the size of Jimmy's and he figures might as well enjoy it instead of thinking about what is happening two rooms over.

"Oh fuck!" Castiel shouts. "Right there, oh god, don't stop."

That may be harder than he thought.

Jimmy doesn't get much sleep that night. Every time he starts to doze off of the other man begin to scream profanities and startle Jimmy awake. Around four in the morning they seem to tire themselves up and Jimmy's able to get a few hours of sleep, luckily he doesn't have nightmares.

He doesn't sleep in like he wanted to, he decides to go over to Balthazar's so he doesn't have to keep hearing the filth that comes out of his brother's mouth when he's underneath Dean. He wakes up a little after sunrise and rifles around in the laundry hamper, he pulls out a t-shirt that he thinks might actually be Dean's but is too lazy to look for anything else. The kitchen tile is cold against his feet but one cup of coffee will be enough to warm him and wake him up.

Jimmy flicks on the coffee pot and opens the cupboard to find his favorite polka-dot mug. Just as the coffee maker starts to drip black drop into the pot two arms wrap around Jimmy's waist. "Hey, gorgeous."

"uh, hello Dean." Jimmy tries to turn around but Dean just tightens his hold.

"You're always up so early," Dean nuzzled Jimmy's neck and mumbled into his skin. "We'll have to change Jimmy's sheets before he gets home," Dean chuckles, his fingers twist and undo Jimmy's jean and Jimmy's a little too stunned to protest.

"Sheets?" Jimmy gasps when Dean wraps a hand around him. Jimmy bucks into Dean's hand and his brother's boyfriend takes that as encouragement to keep going. Jimmy clues in that Dean thinks he's Castiel and he tries to pull away but there isn't a lot of wiggle room trapped between Dean and the counter top.

"You know I love hearing you scream." Dean hot breath ghosts over Jimmy's skin, his hand working faster over Jimmy's cock. "You were so hot last night, Cas."

"I'm not-" Dean sucks down on Jimmy's neck and Jimmy instantly forgets what he was saying. Dean's free hand pushes up under Jimmy's shirt, his thumb flicking over Jimmy's nipple. Jimmy's knees go weak, he has to grip the countertop to stop from crumbling in Dean's arms. Dean grinds his hips against Jimmy's, his hard cock rubbing against Jimmy's ass.

"Wait, I'm- Castiel's not-" Jimmy's protest dies down to a whimper when he comes hot and wet into Dean's hand. Dean kisses up and down Jimmy's neck while Jimmy isn't able to do much beside panting and trying to get his brain working again.

"Well this is unexpected." Jimmy can't turn around with Dean's body still pressed against him but he recognizes Castiel's voice. Dean feels Dean turn slightly, enough to look over shoulder while still covering Jimmy so the intruder can't see the mess Jimmy's in.

"I thought you were spending the weekend at you brothers?" There's a moment of awkward silence before Dean clues and he jumps away from Jimmy like he's been burned. "Whoa, whoa."

Jimmy fumbles to re-button his pants, his skin coloured a bright crimson. "I- I tried to tell you."

Castiel raises an eyebrow at Jimmy, two cups of coffee steaming in his hand and he nudges off his shoes. Dean awkwardly wipes his dirty hand on his jeans and looks up at the ceiling to avoid making eye-contact with either Castiel or Jimmy. "I uh…this is- Merry Christmas, Jimmy."

Dean speed walks over to the stairs without looking at either of the twins, Jimmy can see Dean's blushing even worse than Jimmy. Jimmy's left alone in the kitchen with Castiel, whose face is completely blank, Jimmy has no idea if he's furious or amused. Castiel sets the cups of coffee on the table, pulls off his mitten and coat and turns to face Jimmy. "When you're done cleaning up, you're welcome to join us."

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