Destiel Advent 2012


"Once upon a time there was this really pretty angel who found a hunter who was one handsome son of a bitch and they fought their way out of hell together. This angel was so hot that he burned the hunter the first time they touched and the hunter was so awesome that the angel fell from heaven just for him. But the hunter had a little brother that didn't like to listen, even though the hunter was always right, so he made a mistake that put the whole world in danger. So the hunter had to almost single handily save the world with only a little help from his angel. And for a while everything was good but the angel had spent too much time with the annoying little brother so he thought he didn't have to listen to the hunter either. So he messed up too and the world was in danger again and the hunter had to clean up everyone's mess. But even though the hunter was very mad at the angel he also couldn't live without him, it took a very long time but eventually the hunter forgave his angel. Ever since then the hunter, his little brother and the angel have been traveling the country and working in the family business."

"That is ridiculous," Mary said, her brows crunching in displeasure. "I don't buy into the premise of that story at all. Why would an angel rebel just because he found a human attractive?"

"Yeah, that sucked," John agreed with his sister.

"That story was awesome," Dean scoffed. He pulled the covers up around the twins and tucked it around their small bodies. "You kids just have no taste, you get that from your papa."

"We want to hear the Genesis story again," Mary demanded, she wiggled out from under the covers and clasped her hands beneath her chin. "Please, daddy."

"Nope, deal was one story then bed."

"But we hated your story," John grumbled while attempting to pull his sister back down onto the bed.

"Well, next time you'll have to ask papa to tell you a story." Dean pulled on Mary's ankle and she tumbled on to the bed, he pulled the covers back up and leaned down to kiss his daughters forehead. "Goodnight, baby."

John struggled a bit when Dean tried to lay a kiss on him, the kids at school had told him kissing was for girls, but Dean managed to plant a wet one above his left eye. "Gross, daddy."

"Sorry, buddy," Dean laughed and flicked the lights off. "I'll see you in the morning okay?"

Dean was halfway out the door when Mary's soft voice made him pause. "Just one more story?"

"I'd love to sweetheart but I was in the middle of getting some when you two barged in." Dean chuckled at the confused look on his kids face as he shut the door. He walked back down the hall to the room he shared with Castiel, eager to get back to their previous activities.

When he opened the door he found Castiel spread out on the bed, sheet just barely covering his hips. He was also sleeping. Dean could imagine Castiel trying to make sure he looked sexy for when Dean came back and then being unable to stay awake long enough. Dean wasn't sure if that was cute or depressing. He picked up Castiel's boxers off the ground and tried to slip them back on the ex-angel without waking him up and failing miserably.

"Dean?" Castiel asked groggily.

"Go back to sleep, babe." Dean nudged Castiel on his side and pressed his chest up against his husband's.

"But…" Castiel trailed off trying to suppress a yawn.

"It's okay, we'll drop the kids off at Sammy's tomorrow and you can have me all to yourself for a few hours." Dean pressed a kiss behind Castiel's ear and wrapped an arm around him.

"We are supposed to use that time to go shopping for Christmas."

"I won't tell if you don't."

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