Destiel Advent 2012


"this was a horrible idea," Castiel whispered. "how did you convince me to do this?"

"come on, Cas, this is great!" Dean peaked out from behind the curtains trying to locate his parents in the shadowy crowd. "Look! Even my dad showed up."

"I've- I've never done this before..." Castiel trailed off nervously, fiddling with the wire halo attached to his head. "what if I mess up?"

"you'll do great, you just walk up to Chasity and say...?"

"Hail Mary, the lord is with you, blessed art thou and blessed is the fruit of thy womb."

"What? No thats not the line."

"Well that's what it should be." Castiel looked at Dean with weary eyes. "the drummer boy isn't even in the bible."

"Just say your line!"

"Fear not Mary, for god has blessed you with a baby and you shall call him Jesus," Castiel recites with absolutely no emotions in his tone.

"Dude you suck," Dean said a little too loudly and one of the little boys on stage glared at him. Dean patted Castiel on the back and lowered his voice. "You're just nervous."

"I hate this, I do not want to be here."

"I know what will help!" Dean declared and went back into the chaning room. Nestled inside a crib, wrapped in a blanket slept Deans little brother Sam. He was a little old to be playing a baby but he was the youngest kid they could find. Dean scooped his brother up, tiny hands hooked under his armpits and held the baby close to Dean's chest. When he returned, Castiel took one look at the baby and cringed, Dean Winchester did not know how to hold a baby.

"What are you doing?"

Dean held Sammy up inches from Castiel's face and grinned. "Kiss him!"


"It's good luck."

"Why would it be good luck to kiss your brother."

"Because he's Jesus."

"He is not!"

"Castiel, kiss baby Jesus, right now!"


"Be quiet you two!" their teacher Eve hissed. She grabbed Castiel by his shower and ushered him towards the stage. "You missed your que, now get on there."

She gave him a hard shove and he stumbled on to the stage. The bright lights we blinding and Chastity stared at him with lips pursed in annoyance. Castiel stared it at the crowd, knowing his parents were in there staring back and filming his collasal failure at the re-enactment of the birth of the messiah.

"F-f-fear, fear not..." Castiel's voice wavered, he tried to swallow down the lump in his throat but only found it difficult when his lip kept quivering.

"Castiel," Chasity whispered harshly and that was all that was needed to unleash the floodgates. Castiel burst into tears, water streaming down his face and hands clenched at his sides. His sobs echoed across the stage and everyone else froze in surprise.

"Castiel!" Dean called out from behind the curtain but his friend couldn't hear him over the sound of his own crying. Dean ran on to the stage, with his brother still in his arms and the barely missing Mrs. Eve's attempt to grab him. Dean stood in front of Castiel, blocking his view of the crowd and Castiels crying died down to gentle sobs. "Hey, it's okay. Just say your lines."

"I messed up," Castiel snuffled.

"Everyone messes up sometimes. Mom says it only counts as losing if you give up."

"Okay," Castiel nodded and wiped his nose on the sleeve of his costume. He turned to Chasity, who did not look impressed, and tried again. "Fear not Mary, for god has blessed you with a baby and you shall call him Jesus."

Castiel voice was soft and shaky but Dean grinned anyways, chest puffed out in pride that his friend had gotten his lines right. It was only the that he realized that everyone was staring at him, the little drummer boy who wasn't supposed to come out for another two scenes. Sam wiggled in his arms as if encouraging him to think of something fast. He coughed to get Chastity's attention then shoved his baby brother into the little girls arms. "Here he is, special delivery!"

A hushed silence fell over the crowd and Dean started to get nervous thinking he'd messed up even worse then Cas. Someone in the crowd burst into laughter and the rest of the parents followed, Dean thought they were making fun of him till he heard then start to clap. The curtains suddenly closed and their teacher stormed onto the stage, yelling about how everything was ruined and that she shold have become a stewardess like her mother wanted.

"I think you did great, Dean," Castiel told him shyly. And really as long as Castiel liked it, he didn't care what Mrs. Eve thought.

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