Destiel Advent 2012


Castiel is terrified.

He almost stayed home from school because he's dreading what he might find in his locker that day. His Secret Santa clearly had some mental issues and Castiel is starting to fear for his life. The first gift was a knife, which Castiel thought was weird but figured that it was meant to be a manly gift. He shoved it deep into his bag where the was no chance of a teacher seeing it and forgot about it. The second gift was an adult magazine called Busty Asian Beauties and Castiel was not impressed but again just thought his Secret Santa was a teenage boy and that was just what normal boys liked.

The bullets through him off. 200 7mm bullets in a old Tupperware container. Castiel locked every door and window when he got home that night.

Gift four was a two dozens condoms. Castiel's Secret Santa was sending mix signals.

It only gets worse and Castiel just can't figure out whose sending these gifts. Day five is bottle of Jack. Day six is a DVD that he doesn't realize is porn till about ten minutes into watching it. Day seven is a container of car oil, Castiel has never in his life driven a car.

He starts writing pleading notes to his Secret Santa instead of giving gifts. Please stop sending me dangerous weapons, I could be suspended from school. I do not own a gun or have any use for a knife.

I also have no use for pornography, if my mother ever found this I would be grounded for a very long time.

PLEASE stop sending me weapons, perhaps you thought my first letter was a joke but is not.

I am giving you a dozen of my sisters Christmas cookies. If these horrible gifts stop I promise you will get them every day.

No, I also have no interest in gay pornography but thank you for the consideration.

Yesterday, you gave me a half drunken bottle of Wild Turkey, the thought you put in these gifts is drastically decreasing. I have an uneasy hope that perhaps you have run out of disturbing gifts to send me.

That jar you gave me on Friday, was it full of teeth? They feel very realistic and appear to some sort of animal fang. I pray


Yesterday I received another DVD from you. Honestly I'm afraid to watch it, I don't know what could be a step up from gay porn.

Please save the condoms for yourself, I have no use for them. While I appreciate you trying to encourage safe sex I am much too socially inept to engage in sexual intercourse at this time.

You gift of a pair of handcuffs is both confusing and unsettling.

Castiel isn't expecting the gift he receives on the last day. It has nothing to do with sex or violence, it's a simple necklace, black cord and a bronze pendent. He also has no idea what it actually is, it looks like a man with horns on top of his head. As Castiel slips it over his head he prays it's not actually a satanic idol.

Castiel's favorite part of the Christmas season is the days between when school ends and his parents come home. It's one weekend where the house is quiet and he doesn't have to trudge through the snow before the suns gone up. It's not that he doesn't particularly like his parents, it's more that he doesn't enjoy the loud lavish parties they through around winter time.

Castiel goes to bed already planning the things he's going to get done tomorrow. Christmas gifts and finding the missing button for his trench coat. He's half asleep when he hears a banging coming from downstairs. He tries to ignore it and go back to sleep but the noise sounds again and on the third time Castiel finally rises from bed. He pulls a t-shirt on, expecting to go down and only find a window he had forgotten to close but when he is half way down the hall he hears someone swear. Castiel quickly back tracks to his room, as quietly as he can, and reaches under his bed to pull out a box full of useless Christmas gifts. At the bottom of the box is a sharp bowie knife.

Castiel take slow nervous steps down the stairs, hoping to not alert whoever has broken in that there's someone else in the house. There's a good chance they took the empty driveway and dark house to mean the occupants have gone away for the winter. When he reaches the kitchen he can see through into the living room where a shadowy figure is riffling through his dad's desks drawers.

"Don't move," Castiel orders. The man turns around and Castiel realizes he's little more than a boy dressed in an oversized leather jacket.

"Gotta say, you don't all that comfortable holding a knife that big."

"Who are you? Why are you in my house?" Castiel asks, staying firm in place even when the stranger steps towards him.

"I need my pendent back."

"Your what?" The stranger moves again and this time Castiel takes a cautious step back.

"I know you must have loved all my other presents but I really need this one back."

"You're my secret Santa?" Castiel lowers his knife but only a little. "You give the most mediocre gifts I've ever seen."

"Sorry," he shrugs, "that's all I had in my car at the time."

Castiel does not want to consider how disturbing and pathetic that is. "That doesn't explain why you are in my house."

"Yeah, look, my brother and I got into a huge fight and I gave you the necklace because I was pissed. But now I'm going to need it back." He steps closer and Castiel raises the knife. "I thought you didn't have a need for knives?"

"That was before I found someone breaking into my house." The stranger smirks at Castiel and then lunges, Castiel tries to step back but the other man already has him turned around with his arm twisted behind his back. He squeezes Castiel's wrist till he cries out and drops the knife.

"Just tell me where the necklace is," he chuckles, pushing Castiel up against the wall.

"I don't know," Castiel swallows nervously. He has no idea why he's lying about a useless hunk of metal. "I threw it out."

His secret Santa releases his arm but he only gets a moment of relief before he's spun around and the stranger pins his wrists against the wall. "Did you?"

He doesn't look angry, just mildly amused as he invades Castiel's space. "Yes, like I did with all your pointless gifts."

"Except the knife," he points out and grins.

"So I kept one gift."

"And the porno."

"I most certainly did not keep those filthy movies," Castiel snorts.

"Really?" He smiles again and leans down to whisper in Castiel's ear. "Because you left the empty case right next to the DVD player."

Castiel cheeks turn bright red and he tries to yank his wrists free from the strangers hold. "I don't know where your trash necklace is so you might as well-"

The stranger's lips crash against his, he keeps Castiel's wrists firmly in place but presses their hips together in gentle waves. Castiel stays stiff and wide eyes, he never thought his first kiss would be with a complete stranger in his kitchen. When Castiel doesn't respond the stranger pulls away and rests their foreheads together. "Dean."


"My name's Dean."

"Well, Dean, do you think it's a good idea for a robber to give out their name. Clearly you're- oh," Castiel gasps when Dean's lip latch on to the dip in his neck. There's a scrape of teeth and the warm press of tongue, that has Castiel's blood flowing downward. He can feel Dean smile against his skin, he pulls Castiel's hands up and lays them on his shoulders. Before Castiel has time to even consider running away, Dean's now free hands push up under his shirt.

Castiel loses himself against the feel of Dean, fingers twisting at his nipples, hand reaching into his pants and grabbing his ass, burn of teeth digging into his neck. He's a mess of nervous until Dean pulls away and leaves Castiel feeling cold. "Did you throw the condoms out too?"

Castiel shakes his head, "I didn't throw anything out, it's all in a box under…under my bed."

Dean's eyes light up and he leans down to nip at Castiel's jaw making the boy whimper and pull Dean closer. Dean tugs at the hem of Castiel's shirt, "Lift your arms up."

There's a bit of a struggle to get Castiel's shirt off but when it's finally pulled free Castiel's already working on his belt buckle. Dean's stopped touching him though and when Castiel looks up Dean is grinning smuggle at his chest. Specifically at the pendant dangling from his neck. "So what do I gotta do to convince you to give that back?"

"I'm sure you'll think of something."

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