I Am Not a Victim

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

< Glimmer>

"So it looks like they plan to end it tomorrow. We should come up with some sort of a plan." I state.

"Well obviously not going isn't an option." Katniss is firm.

"Why not." I shake my head at Peeta's question.

"Uh, because you'll die!" Katniss almost yells.

"I thought you said it wasn't that bad." Hmm, he got her there. It's almost clever of him.

Katniss isn't sure what to say to that. Since she obviously doesn't want to give the blunt and obvious answer I help her out. "If they want a finale and we don't take the bait they'll just send mutts to flush us out and then we have both mutts and the other tributes to deal with."

Katniss looks at me. "So you have a plan in mind?"

"Well it all comes down to timing; whether we want to be there early or hang back till after it starts. If we're there early we might get a jump on the feast, but the Careers are going to be near there already, so we may run into them. If we wait they may already be dealing with Thresh, but it's possible they'll have gotten at our stuff."

"Running into them early is risky since they outnumber us."

"What do you mean they outnumber us?" Peeta asks.

"There's three of them, Peeta." Katniss answers.

"And there's three of us. That's even, not outnumbered."

Katniss stops and looks at Peeta. "What are you talking about? You're hurt, Peeta. You can't go. You couldn't even walk on your own to get in here."

"I can walk, Katniss."

"How?" she demands.

Peeta pulls the morphling autoinjectors out of a pocket. "With these."

"What, you're just going to drug yourself up and stagger there? That's a terrible idea! Who knows what even walking that far would do to your leg! And what would you even fight with? We don't have a lot of weapons to spare!"

"I have a knife, Katniss. It's not great, but I can manage with it. I'm no expert with a weapon like you or Glimmer are, so a knife is as good as anything else for me."

"What about your leg though, Peeta? You think you can even walk there, never mind fight on that?"

"I can manage, Katniss."

"No Peeta! It's a terrible idea! It's a bad risk to take!"

"Katniss, it's my risk to take. Good, bad, it's my decision. And I'm going."

Katniss throws her hands up and looks at me. "You talk to him Glimmer. It's a stupid idea. You tell him."

"Katniss, you're right, it may be a stupid, but he's right too; it is his life, he can decide what to do."

"Even if it kill him?"

"Katniss, listen." Peeta starts. "I know it might kill me. Staying here will kill me pretty soon too. If something goes wrong and you two don't make it I'll just be lying here waiting to die, literally. I'm not going to do that, Katniss. If I can die either way, I'd like to be on my feet and face whatever is trying to kill me."

"You've been thinking about this for a while, haven't you?" Katniss glares at Peeta.

He nods. "Ever since Glimmer told me what she thinks of me." Katniss shoots me a dirty look. "Don't be too mad at her, Katniss. She was right. I'm not proud of how everything has gone, of all the things I've done. This is my chance to change things, to actually do something I can be proud of."

Katniss slumps down, defeated. "You have any idea what to do with this then, Glimmer?"

"Well I don't think showing up early is a great idea. However Peeta manages to walk I think we can do without him trying it in the dark before dawn. We pretty much have to show up a little after dawn and hope Thresh is there and we can take advantage of some chaos." It's not much of a plan, but without knowing what Peeta can do it's the best I can come up with. We'll just have to improvise.

" I liked the Cornucopia better when we were flinging giant rocks at it." Katniss mutters.


It's been a long night; for all of us actually. I know I should try to sleep, get whatever rest I can before tomorrow, but my mind just won't sit still. After all, in less than a day at least one of us will be dead, and that's the best case. Worst case is all three of us will be dead. It's a lot to think about; really makes you want to hold onto each second; there could be so few left.

Katniss wasn't any better. Even Glimmer didn't get much sleep, and she's trained for this all her life, dreamed of this night; she's one night away from being declared Victor. I guess things are different when you're actually here. None of us talk. I don't know about the girls, but there's really nothing I want to talk about. The biggest thing we have in common is these Games, and I just don't want to use up so many precious seconds on them when I can think about something else.

Eventually Katniss decides we've been here long enough. "It'll be dawn soon. We should get ready." She and Glimmer work on breakfast. It's surprisingly large for the Games. Since it's our last day here, last meal together in fact they're making all the food we have; a feast before going to the Feast.

I'm partway through the unique breakfast when I glance over at Glimmer. "I've been wondering something for a while…"

"What's that?" She asks.

"At the interview, I know you weren't wearing a bra, but were you even wearing any panties?"

Katniss instantly snaps me a dirty look. Glimmer seems unfazed though. "Absolutely not." I stare at her. She didn't even hesitate before answering. It's almost like she was gloating with it. " Hey, I'm fighting for my life here. If I can't do an interview all the way then I'm just a victim."

"Uh, well that makes sense… I guess…" I stammer lamely. Geez. Girls just don't talk that way. I figured maybe she'd be embarrassed or smack me, not answer, and certainly not an answer like that!

"Seriously Peeta? You ask that? At a time like this?" Katniss is not in a good mood.

"Well I was curious! I was up most of the night, and I tried thinking about home, about my family, about things like that, but it's hard. This place… it gets to you, gets inside your head. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried my mind kept coming back here to the Arena, to the reaping, to the Capitol… And it just seemed weird to stay silent forever. It's like a funeral."

"It basically is." Katniss points out.

"But see that's my point! It isn't! Yeah, it will be. No matter how much we may not want it to happen people are going to die. And it's going to be at least one of us, and the survivors will be sad and mourn. But right now we're all still here; we don't have to mourn yet. We can still at least act like things are normal."

"I'm sure that question was normal in an awful lot of conversations around the Capitol…" Glimmer says with a smirk. Katniss just turns her dirty look on Glimmer. "Hey, I'm just saying. But if you like if we make it out I can get you a makeover after the Games. Show you how to do your makeup, get you a good wardrobe, some skirts, some heels, oh yeah. You'll be breaking hearts, getting lots of attention; almost as much as me." Katniss rolls her eyes, but the dirty look is gone.

I see why she and Glimmer are still together; they fit together in an odd sort of way. Glimmer doesn't aim any of her hard edges at Katniss (they're saved for me apparently). Katniss just gets teased, but it's only when she really needs it; when one of her moods needs breaking. Come to think of it, they probably work great in combat together. Glimmer has her sword and apparently was good enough to handle Clove with ease and Katniss with her bow can keep Glimmer covered from further back. They're sort of like two sides of a coin. I'm glad they met in here; I'm glad Katniss hasn't had to face this place alone for a while now.

After breakfast I take another pill. Now for the part that could be truly awful. Getting away from Cato was bad; the adrenaline covered up a lot of the pain, but it was still there. Honestly, he laughed more than attacked me. Once he put a huge hole in my leg he knew the fight was over, so he just mocked me. Eventually he got bored with my staggering and stumbling away so just let me go. I guess he figured I'd bleed out and he'd get his kill eventually. Meaner to leave me alive to suffer maybe? Whatever the reason, I'll see him again soon.

Finally there's no more time to stall. I take out one of the morphling pens, take off the cap and jam it into my thigh near the wound, as per the instructions. Almost right away I can feel the pain receding. "Wow. I'd forgotten when it felt like to not have pain." Katniss smiles at me and I try standing up.

Instantly the pain shoots through me and I feel as if Cato is stabbing me again. I try to suppress a yell of pain (I think I was only partly successful) as I fall back to the ground. "Peeta!" Katniss is quickly at my side. "Don't overdo it! Glimmer and I can still go without you."

"No Katniss. I'm going to go. It'll just take a bit more than I thought." I know she's going to argue over this, so before she can I jab another pen into my thigh.

"Peeta, be careful with those…" Katniss cautions.

"I know, Katniss. They said no more than four in eight hours, I'm still at only half that." It's obvious by the look on her face she isn't happy, but it's too late now. I give the morphling a moment to work and then try standing up again. I take it slow and am a bit unsteady, but I manage to get to my feet. I try taking a few steps but as soon as I try to put weight on my bad leg Katniss has to catch me.

"Peeta! Are you ok?" She asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just… I can't feel my leg. With all the morphling it's numb. Like trying to walk if your leg is asleep, but way harder."

"What about if I cut you a walking stick? You think you can manage then?" Katniss asks.

"Yeah, that could work." Katniss nods and goes outside. I glance over at Glimmer who's been watching me silently the whole time, arms crossed. "Something on your mind?"

"So, you're really going to do this?"


"You know what this means? How it will probably end for you?" she asks evenly.

"I know. But I've gone through these Games on my back enough."

"And to think people were expecting me to win with that strategy." Glimmer comments with a smirk.

"I figured you'd like that choice of words. But it's true too. I need to try."

Glimmer shrugs a bit. "Your life." She's right; it is.

Not long after that Katniss comes in with a freshly cut walking stick, roughly as tall as I am. I try it, and it definitely makes a big difference. "Yeah, I think this will work, thanks Katniss." I certainly won't set any speed records, but I can walk on my own power like this. Hopefully I'll get used to a numb leg by the time we get to the Cornucopia so I can actually fight.

We gather up our weapons and supplies and take a last look around the cave, making sure we haven't left anything behind. As odd as it sounds, it was our home; an odd home for an odd trio living together. It's the only home I've known in my life outside of District 12, and it was dark and uncomfortable, but I'll miss it. They say all good things must come an end, and for this stone oasis in a televised hell that time has come. The time for sentimentality is over. We need to go, and without any more delay or introspection we do just that.


We aren't making great time to the Cornucopia, but I hadn't really expected big speed for this trip. Peeta's moving better than I expected; it looks like he wasn't lying about the painkillers. His issues are based on not seeing where he's walking, not pain. As more light appears in the sky he seems to be doing better; more used to the numbness, more able to see where his feet and walking stick are going, or maybe it's just more confidence in himself. Whatever it is, it'll either be enough or it won't. I can't afford to worry about it.

Three Careers plus Thresh, against that much I can't worry about anything but myself. I can't think about Peeta, I can't think about Glimmer, I can't think about Gale or Prim or home. There's no room for any of that. There's just the fight; that's all I can focus on. All those other things will have to take care of themselves.

That's not to say I won't help Glimmer or Peeta if I can, but I can't afford to make them my focus. I imagine Glimmer's thinking the same way. An arrow may come to help her here or there, but her survival will hinge on her sword. And Peeta… well, he made his choice, he has to manage as best he can. It's just that simple.

The sun's first rays shine through the trees as dawn breaks. We still aren't there yet, but we're getting close. This time won't be like our last fight with the Careers, Glimmer able to take one of them on one on one while I keep the rest pinned down.

I hear the sounds of combat ahead: steel clashing against steel; it's already begun. "Katniss." Glimmer starts. "I'll take point. You follow, try to stay about twenty yards behind. Peeta, bring up the rear, as fast as you can. When we get there we try to take them one at a time if we can. Do what you have to to stay alive." She doesn't wait for an answer before increasing her pace to a run. I watch her, giving her five paces before breaking out into my own run.


It takes me a matter of seconds to reach the clearing with the Cornucopia. The Careers are already engaged with Thresh. Or rather Vera, the girl from District 4 is engaged with Thresh, Cato and Marvel seem to be mostly watching and taking the odd cheap shot at Thresh. It's obvious that it was a three on one at some point based on the extensive injuries Thresh is sporting, but he's still on his feet with a scythe in his hands.

Cato, sword in hand and shoulder apparently healed along with Marvel holding his spear are watching and laughing. It might be directed at Thresh mainly, but I can't help but think some of their scorn is for Vera. She has an axe in each hand and is holding her own against Thresh, but I don't see her having won more respect from Cato and Marvel than she had when I was with the alliance. She always was too nice, too normal to fit in with a group that had Cato and Clove at its head.

I watch Vera and Thresh parry and thrust back and forth. I don't want to rush into this without Katniss to back me up; Cato and Marvel are too far from the tree line where I am, and there's no way I can handle both of them at once.

Thresh is a powerful opponent, but his injuries are getting to him; I can see he's slowing down. Vera sees it too. Thresh is sloppy parrying one of her axes and leaves himself open. Her other axe swings, cleaving deep into his chest. Thresh yells out in pain and falls backwards.


Thresh's lifeless body hits the ground, still dragging his scythe with him. Vera thinks it over and doesn't see the scythe's blade coming at her from behind. It digs into her left arm. She shrieks in pain, dropping her other axe.

"Awe, looks like someone wasn't very careful, were they?" Cato derides. Vera holds her bleeding arm and looks back at Cato. "I figured you'd be the weakest. Three's a crowd and all that. You know how it is." Vera never gets a chance to respond with any final words. Cato stabs her through the heart.


I feel Katniss tap me on the shoulder. I wasn't more than a few dozen yards ahead of her. The whole thing took just seconds. I pull my gaze away from the battle to look back at Katniss. "It's just Cato and Marvel now." She nods and we step into the clearing.


It doesn't take long for Cato and Marvel to notice us; I guess that's what happens when people are waiting for you. Cato looks at us with the same fake grin of a Capitolite hosting a party. "Ah look Marvel, we have guests! Fire girl and the traitor. Shame they left the cripple behind, but oh well. It'd be greedy of us to expect every tribute to just line up for death so politely." Wow. Peeta and Glimmer managed to stay in an alliance with this guy for how long? I'm impressed. "Marvel, would you be so kind as to entertain your district mate? I think I'd like to have a little dialogue with fire girl."

Glimmer and I split, her heading left and I right. Marvel matches her move and the two approach each other. It's the last glance I spare either of them for now; my focus is all on Cato. He grins, approaching me. It's a sick, maniacal grin. I'm not sure if he's playing it up for the cameras or if he's not all there. Either way, it doesn't matter.

The way he's casually swinging his sword means even if part of him isn't here, the part that knows how to kill is. The part of him still here also seems to be a creative killer; parts of the hard plastic crates that once held the Careers' supplies are hanging all over him, held together with rope and string. It looks comical in a way, debris and scraps all over him, but I'm not laughing. As ugly as it is, it's still serviceable armor, and I have no idea if it'll stop an arrow or not.

We're still far enough apart that I have a chance to find out. I stop and raise my bow, arrow already nocked. As soon as Cato sees my weapon come up he breaks out into a sprint. I pull the arrow back, trying to keep my breathing under control and my aim steady. Cato's almost on me, charging like a bull. I set the aim point over the center of his chest and let my arrow fly, finally releasing the breath I'd been holding.

The arrow is perfectly on target: straight at Cato's heart. It hits exactly where I wanted to, and exactly as Cato wants, it bounces off the improvised armor covering his chest. He's still coming and I don't have time to draw another arrow. I should have aimed for his head; it's a smaller target, a much harder shot, but it could have been worth the chance. I played it safe and now I don't get a second chance. All I can do is swing my bow to block the sword swing he's already started.

It isn't pretty, but it manages to do the job. Cato's sword isn't coming for me anymore thanks to my improvised block, but he still is; Cato hasn't let up a bit and barrels into me, full speed. I fall backwards, Cato awkwardly falling on top of me. My head hits the ground with enough force that I almost black out. Cato lands on top of me, and with my body to cushion his fall he's in a much better position than I am. I try to sit up and then it hits me. My left hand is resting on the grass, not holding my bow like it should be.


Marvel and I are facing off in an odd sort of slow fight. He's using his spear like a pole arm, keeping me at range so he can jab and swing with it. At this distance I can't reach him with my sword, but his attacks aren't hard to parry and dodge either. It's a classic engagement with these weapons; I've fought this matchup hundreds of times at the Academy and I'm sure he has too. This fight will be determined in one move; whoever messes up or gets distracted first loses. Either I'll miss one of his attacks and find a spear through me or I'll get in too close for him to use his weapon and cut him down.

"You turned on us, Glimmer that's not very nice. We don't like traitors." Marvel taunts. All it takes is one moment's distraction, and verbal sparring can make that happen as much as our blades can.

"Awe, I didn't hurt your feelings did I? I'd hate to have made you cry."

"I'd never cry over a weakling like you, Glimmer."

"But you cry for other things?" That one gets me a look of annoyance. Not enough yet, but a step in the right direction.

"So how'd you convince her to team up with you? Some pretty speech or are you slutty and into girls enough that you sealed the deal with her?" I give him a dirty look.

"What's the matter, jealous? Two hot girls going at it and none for you? Or maybe you're the sort that likes to watch?"

"I get all the girls I want!" He's getting angry now.

"Geez, defensive! What's the big deal? It's not like you're covering for the fact you're into boys or something, right?" He growl and attacks recklessly; I've got him.

I'm slow parrying Marvel's next attack. If he was thinking straight he'd realize there's no reason my parry should be off, but he's too angry to see it; he just redoubles his attack. His spear thrust is meant for an off balance girl, but instead I'm ready. His killing blow hits nothing but air and he overextends himself. I slip past the tip of his spear and bring my sword around in a wide arc, burying the blade into his left side. It slides between his ribs and into the organs behind them. I pull my blade free and Marvel falls to his knees, clutching his wounded side, all thoughts of his spear forgotten.

"You bitch." he seethes, coughing up blood; my blade obviously hit his lung.

"Oh please. We're both Careers; we both knew going in how this would end. And frankly, you wouldn't have beaten Cato or Clove either. Sorry, but you were never really in the running to win."

He stares at me with pure hate, but it's too late to matter. I raise my blade high; dragging it out any more would just be making him suffer needlessly. I bring my blade down; his head hits the ground, his corpse falling beside it a moment later.



I've scampered away from Cato, first sliding awkwardly backwards on my butt and then when I opened up some distance I'm back on my feet. Cato just watching me, this sickening grin on his face. I draw my knife and he just laughs, like he doesn't have a care in the world. Honestly, it's probably not far from the truth. My bow is on the ground at his feet, and he still has his sword in his hand.

"Well fire girl, shall I guess how you got that 11 in training? Hmm, let's see… Was it your charming personality? No? Perhaps your looks? Hmm, I doubt that. Maybe you're a master with that knife? Somehow I doubt that one too. Now I wonder… Could it have been with a bow? Like the one on the ground right here?"

"Go to hell" I snarl at him.

"Hmm, well that rules out the charming personality. And looks, well… no offense, but Glimmer's got you beat there. So I believe that leaves a knife or this bow. You had your shot with a bow, shall we test your skill with that knife? Yes, let's do just that."

He comes at me with the sword. Damn he's fast! His blade is practically everywhere and it's all I can do to keep just far enough away to not be skewered. I keep backing, trying to keep my knife between myself and Cato, but it's useless; he isn't intimidated at all, and I've got no real training with a knife. I can use it against wild animals, or to skin and clean them after the kill, but I don't have the first clue how to use a knife to defend myself against a sword.

All I can do is keep trying to get away. Unfortunately, I don't dare turn my back to try and run; I'd never get even one step. Walking backwards as fast as I can is the best plan I can muster. It's a fine plan that's going well (not really, it's a plan that consists entirely of running away, but you get the point) until I back into something hard. I hazard a quick glace behind me to find I've backed out of the clearing and straight into a tree.

Cato laughs. "Well running away isn't what got you that score either. You know, I'm starting to think you're overrated. What do you think?"

"Go fuck yourself." Lame last words if ever I heard some.

"My, my, such language. Well if you aren't going to even talk nicely I suppose we'll see how you are at dying." The mirth and mocking attitude leave Cato completely. The heartless cold killer takes over and his sword streaks straight at my chest.

I'm shoved aside, all the way to the ground. When I look back up I see Peeta with Cato's sword through his stomach. Cato stares at him and wears a look of disbelief. "Lover boy? What the hell are you doing here?"

"What I meant to do all along. I'm saving Katniss."

"Seriously? I'll kill her right after I kill you. You haven't saved a god damned thing!"

"Yes I have. You just don't get it yet."

Cato growls and sinks his sword further into Peeta, but Peeta seems to barely feel it. "Oh sorry Cato, did I forget to mention just how much morphling I'm on right now? I can barely feel that at all." Cato blinks, staring at Peeta slack jawed. Suddenly Peeta's arms come up and take hold of the sword's grip, covering Cato's hand. Peeta pulls hard, forcing the blade further into himself.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cato demands, trying unsuccessfully to get his hand off the sword.

Peeta turns to me. "Hurry Katniss! Get your bow! There isn't much time!"

I break out of my stupor and run for my bow; it's only a few strides away. I pick it up and nock an arrow, taking fast aim at Cato. He's still struggling with Peeta, but not so much I don't have a clean shot. I pull the arrow back and aim, for Cato's head this time. He looks back in my direction, but it's too late.

I let my arrow fly. It streaks for its target, passing through Cato's left eye, burying itself in his skull. Cato stands frozen, and for a moment I'm afraid even that somehow won't be enough to bring down this monster. Time stands still and I watch, waiting to see if the fight is really over or not. The moment shatters when a blade swings down on top of Cato's head, burying itself nearly to the base of his neck. Finally Cato falls and I see Glimmer panting, holding the sword that just went through Cato's skull.


I open my mouth to say something, but before I can I see Peeta fall to the ground as well, Cato's blade sticking obscenely out of his abdomen. I run over to him. "Peeta! Peeta!" I kneel down by him, cradling his head in my lap.

He looks up at me with tired eyes. "Katniss… Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Peeta."

"Is it over?"

"It's over." Glimmer confirms, standing above me. "It's just the three of us left. We did it; we won."

"That's good… I'm glad." Peeta sounds so tired.

"Peeta.." I start. "Why'd you do that? Didn't you know what would happen?"

"I knew, Katniss. I knew as soon as I decided to come to the feast how it would end. But I had to do it."


"I couldn't sit and be useless anymore."

"Peeta…" I just don't know what else to say. "It's going to be ok, just hang on."

"Katniss, I already lost a lot of blood from my leg. As soon as this sword comes out it's going to be all over."

"Don't talk that way!"

"It's ok, Katniss. I told you, I knew it would end up like this. I came anyway."

He reaches into his pocket, pulling something out. I gasp at what I see. "Peeta, no! You can't!"


The official feed of the Games has gone to a split screen, one side is the live feed of the end of the Games, the other a live crowd shot. The crowd is divided up into two camps, the so called Team Peeta and Team Glimmer. (Who the hell comes up with these dumb names anyway?) The flood of merchandise has only increased. Shirts, banners, jackets, jerseys, every damned thing under the sun, peddled by the thousands. More maybe. Caesar claims there's over a hundred thousand assembled out there watching.

The crowd is silent, staring at the screen, seeing the same thing I am on the other screen: a close up of Peeta's hand, holding a half dozen morphling autoinjectors. Way more than is required for a lethal dose.

"Peeta, you can't. You'll die." Katniss' voice comes over the Games feed.

"That's going to happen either way, Katniss."

"They can heal you! The Capitol doctors, they can heal you."

"It's not that simple, Katniss. Two people leave, not three. I'm not going to make you choose, and I'm certainly not going to let you die just so I can live. I thought this through Katniss. It's best this way. I was able to do something that matters, you don't have to pick who dies, and you get live. You get to go home to Prim."

Katniss is starting to tear up now; a lot of the crowd is outright crying. "It's better this way, Katniss. I'll just go to sleep." Peeta continues. "I really did mean it you know. That I love you that is. It wasn't just an act for TV."

"I know, Peeta" Katniss states. Well, I guess that's as good as he's gonna get out of sweetheart.

He looks up at princess; the two just nod at each other. Guess that's their goodbyes. He looks back to Katniss. "Goodbye, Katniss. I love you."

"Goodbye, Peeta." He uncaps the autoinjectors, gives Katniss one last look and then jams them all into his thigh. His eyes get heavy and close; his chest rises and falls slowly one last time then stills.


The Mentor Room, as well as the crowd are dead silent. Even the commentators on TV are quiet. All that's left now is to declare the girls winners (yeah right) or announce they're getting fucked. The silent moment passes and the crowd starts changing from somber to uneasy. The feed of the crowd has audio (I guess they thought it'd be more dramatic or some shit) and now it's picking up shouts. "Why don't they declare a winner?" "What are they waiting for?" "It's over! End it already!"

Looks like the Capitol's about to get an education in what being a dick looks like. I wait for the announcement that the new rule is toast and the girls will have to fight to the death, but then something else happens entirely. "They lied to us! They're only going to let one live!" It rings out like a bell, rising above the discontented murmurs of the crowd. You can't tell where it comes from, but it's quickly picked up by other people. It spreads like a virus, infecting everyone.

The mood turns dark almost instantly. Tears are replaced with angry yells of "The Games are fixed!" and "They were never going to let either team win!" and my personal favorite "They lied to us!" This shit's getting ugly and then suddenly it hits me: this pure unique lucid moment of revelation (It's like a weird super condensed moment of sobriety. I'm glad this doesn't happen often) This crowd is about to riot. A riot. Here. In the fucking Capitol. I'd have bet a lifetime supply of booze I'd never see anything like this, but it's about to happen, and happen on live TV for all of Panem to see.

Before the crowd (well, now a mob really) can get going on all the good shit (like mob violence) Claudius Templesmith's voice comes over the TV feed and loudspeakers for the crowd to hear. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Ladies and Gentlemen! I am pleased to present the winners of the 74th annual Hunger Games! I give you Glimmer Aurum and Katniss Everdeen, tributes from Districts 1 and 12."

The crowd breaks into wild cheers, all previous thoughts of delicious violence lost (Damn! I wanted to see shit set on fire!) In the arena Glimmer rests her hand on Katniss' shoulder. "Come on, Katniss, it's over. It's time to go."

A hovercraft materializes above them and two ladders are lowered. Katniss takes a last look at Peeta's body before getting up. The two each take hold of a ladder and are frozen in place. Seriously, Capitol? You can't trust someone to climb a fucking ladder? What the hell? How many people did it take to invent this shit? How much time was spent solving that difficult life issue of climbing a ladder being too much fucking work?

The final shot of the Games is the two girls being lifted into the hovercraft. The feed fades to black. The Games are over; the games are about to begin.

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