I Am Not a Victim

Melancholy Reflections


The days Katniss was training were weird. With no mandatory broadcasts I could almost lie to myself and pretend she was still here; pretend she was just running late, or had an errand to run or was home sick. Of course that lie never lasts, as soon as I get out to the woods I can feel she's gone, not just running late.

Normally I couldn't even go out into the woods during the Games, but even when I know the fence will be on, I check, just in case. Surprisingly this year, it's been off most of the time; I think the mayor's taking pity on me. Normally I'd hate someone's pity, tell them to save it for the weak, but, well, who am I kidding? Without my Catnip around I am weak.

It's like in everything I do I feel her absence, and it totally overwhelms me. I just sit at our meeting place and stare off into nothing; the only thing that gets me up is the need to feed both our families. But even that I do on automatic (that's the nice thing about snares, they work whether you're paying attention or totally spaced out.) Without my Catnip any serious hunting is going to bring a lot less game, but we did our best to stock up before the reaping; it'll just have to be enough to last until she comes home. And if she doesn't… God, I don't know what I'd do then. Can I really go on like this for the rest of my life?

Damn it Gale, stop it! You can't get into that trap, people are depending on you! She will be home! Just be patient.

So that's how my days go. Going through the motions of hunting and trapping on auto pilot; things I've done to feed my family for so many years I can do them without much conscious thought.

When the interviews come they do a fine job of breaking me out of my daze. What the fuck, Mellark? Just, what the fuck? We trade with his father, he should know we're close. Even if we're not 'together' he should fucking know better! God I want to hit him.

No one's said a thing since Mellark's declaration, and I look over to see why not. I figured at least Prim would be trying to comfort me. Instead everyone's giving me these odd looks. Oh, shit. Maybe I'm not so good at internalizing my emotions. Crap, gotta work on that. Scaring my family and the Everdeens won't help a thing.

I take several deep breaths, trying to get my rage under control. It takes quite a few, but finally I'm ok enough that everyone in the room can actually sit comfortably around me. I had thought seeing Catnip again would be the most memorable thing of the night. After all, she was radiant, if a bit uncomfortable up there. It was like some Capitol machine took her and polished her to some shiny version of herself, but what was inside was still the same. But leave it to a damned townie like Mellark to take seeing her again and turn it into shit.

But that night was nothing compared to what happened when the Games actually started. I knew Katniss' score of 11 would make her the top target for a lot of people in the games; the Careers aren't stupid, they know who's a threat and will prioritize them. That meant Catnip (along with that big guy from 11) would be the top targets.

Six Careers against my Catnip aren't odds I like one bit. Yeah, the boy from 4 didn't survive the bloodbath, but so what. It's not like he was one who really worried me to being with. So yeah, five instead of six. Those odds still suck. She may be good, damned good even, but five on one is still a long shot.

Bad odds are bad enough, but of course Mellark to fuck things up even more. That son of a bitch (if you've ever met his mother you'll know that's the god's honest truth; no slander there) So we're back to six on one again.

In all the Games I've had to watch I've never once cheered for the Careers to make a kill; I always was on the other guy's side, but right now I'd be lying if I said at least a part of me wasn't hoping one of them would just slit Mellark's throat and be done with it. Of course the Careers let me down; instead they let bread boy join. Figures. No wonder townies complain about good help being hard to find. Guess if you want something done right…

I'm not joking here. If Mellark makes it back somehow... If Catnip dies because of this shit… I'll make sure Mellark doesn't live to enjoy his winnings. I've never tried to kill a human, never even wanted to, but I know I can. I kill things to eat every single day. I know how to do it; I know how to hunt my prey.

I learn my prey's patterns, how they move, when they move why they go where they do. I know exactly where, set the trap, what bait to use and how to deal with them once they're caught. Usually that just means a quick death to end their suffering, but with Mellark I think he and I might have a little dialogue first. Not too much, I don't want to drag it out and get caught after all, just enough so he knows who's ending him and why.

But so far there's no need for that. Mellark feeds the Careers a bunch of bullshit about Katniss. Maybe he's trying to be some kind of double agent, I don't know. Still good intentions won't change his fate if she dies and he comes back alive.

The more I watch the more his bullshit feels familiar. Wait a minute, is he feeding them my skill set and claiming it's Katniss'? Ok, that's one I didn't see coming. I guess I should be flattered. My life's good enough to scare the whole Career pack. Who knew. Ok, maybe I hate Mellark a little bit less…

Shame he's totally useless when the Careers actually find Katniss. Yeah, he stops them from getting her out of the tree right away, but so what? All he manages to do is stall for time. He needs to do a hell of a lot more than that! I mean, come on! Kill a Career in their sleep or something! Have some balls! But no, he just lies there like a lump of dough. Good job, bread boy!

Instead of useless fucking Mellark it's a Career who decides to help Katniss. The girl gives Katniss a weapon and leads her out of the Career camp. So I guess that makes twice I've cheered a Career on? Weird shit. This girl's weird too. I remember in all the lead up to the games she was doing this over the top sexy blonde bombshell thing District 1 pulls a lot, but she was a total airhead. Except now she isn't.

She's sized the Careers up, looked at the angles and is making this weird play with Katniss. Gotta say, I like the part of the plan that involves helping Catnip. And I do respect her skills as a hunter (well, of people, but she helped Katniss out so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. A little at least). Sized up her opposition well, and made a smart play teaming up with my girl and getting her out of there. (Not that I'm biased or anything…)

But as much as I like what she's doing this girl worries me too; smart opponents are always a dangerous thing. And in her case she's smart and strong, and that makes her doubly dangerous. She says she's sticking with Katniss until the end, some big dramatic duel to the death to close out the Games or some shit. Maybe for a Career that's a storybook ending maybe but I worry this alliance might not last that long.

If this girl's on the level she's a good ally for Katniss, so I guess I'll cheer her on. It's weird though. I'm cheering for a girl knowing that in a few days I'll be hoping she dies. And people wonder why I hate the fucking Capitol so much.


It's getting close to lunch time, and Glimmer's grumpy. I guess missing meals isn't a part of academy training. Figures. The way she's grumbling you'd think she hadn't eaten for a week. "Come on, Katniss! I'm hungry!" I swear I can hear how blonde she is. "Let's stop and eat already!" Ugh. And she's actually getting worse too.

"All right Glimmer, but look, we should try to get some food, not just constantly eat down our supplies. Gather some stuff, maybe shoot something we can cook for dinner later."

"Why? I grabbed more food from the Cornucopia."

"Because Glimmer, the food from the Cornucopia will keep, which means later on in the Games when food's a lot harder to get that stuff will still be there waiting for us. But for that to happen we need to get food when we can. As in, now."

"But I'm hungry now!" she whines. And suddenly it dawns on me: she's doing this just to annoy me. I turn and give her an accusing glare, only to find her stifling a fit of giggles. I should have known; her voice getting that high is a dead giveaway.

"All right, you win." I sigh. "Let's stop for a bit and eat. But I'm serious about food, Glimmer. So how about you something ready for us and I'll scout around. I shouldn't be more than five or ten minutes."

She smiles and nods, sitting down on a rock. By the time I'm making my way out of the little clearing we stopped at and into the woods Glimmer is already happily digging through her pack. It feels good to be in the woods hunting again. It's familiar, almost safe feeling really, despite the absurdly obvious danger of being in an arena.

I miss having Gale on my left when I'm hunting, but that can have an upside too; I finally have time to think, something that isn't easy to do with Glimmer around. I swear, she makes a game of teasing me and messing with my head. I don't know if it's some scheme of hers or if she just enjoys doing it. Come to think of it, she does enjoy it. Ok, so maybe it's some scheme, maybe not, but there's no doubt she has fun doing it. Why though? Am I that fun to do that to?

Maybe this is her way of being friendly? Is this how friends get along? I don't really know; my only female friend is Madge, but that's not exactly a perfect comparison; Glimmer and I have talked in a day more than Madge and I do in a month.

Wait, what am I saying? This is the Games; there are no friends. Glimmer and I are allies, that's it. It doesn't matter how trustworthy we may be; it doesn't matter how strong a friendship we may or may not have. In the end we're just tributes and that means one of us has to die.

Even if she's a pure-hearted as Prim, in the end it won't matter; it'll be my bow against her sword; being friends will just make that harder. Maybe that's why she's doing it? Act like she's my friend, make me forge this emotional connection to her so when it's just us I'd hesitate and she has the edge?

Is it too cynical to think she's doing that? She doesn't seem like she's doing this just to make me easier to kill later, but I just don't know. She's a Career, she's trained for this all her life. Ugh! This place has my mind twisted in knots. God I wish I was with Gale instead of Glimmer and these woods were District 12, not some Capitol manufactured hell to amuse freaks I can barely even think of as human.

This all has me so distracted I don't even feel the presence of another person until they're practically close enough to touch me. I'm not sure how I know they're there, it must be something subconscious; a change in how the forest sounds, little noises only a person makes, things smelling a bit different. Whatever it is, they're close, but they haven't attacked me yet.

It's almost embarrassing I let someone sneak up on me in the woods. Ok, sure Gale does it all the time, but he's a special case. Usually I'm a lot more with it than this. I keep walking, making my steps easy and relaxed like they were when I was lost in my thoughts. To most anyone watching me they'll just see the same girl strolling through the woods, but it's all an illusion. I take a few more steps and then as soon as my weight shifts to the proper foot I turn and raise my bow in a motion I've practiced all my life, an arrow nocked and ready to kill my newfound shadow.

Rue looks up the shaft of my arrow, terrified. I let out the breath I'd been holding in preparation to fire; this little girl from District 11 is no enemy. It's no wonder I didn't feel any danger when she was following me. She relaxes slightly as I lower my bow; not having a weapon pointed at you anymore will do that.

"Wow, you're fast." She finally says. "I didn't even realize you knew I was there."

"I didn't at first; I wasn't paying much attention. But you should be more careful, sneaking up on people is dangerous in here."

"I wasn't trying to sneak up on you, I was just watching." She defends. It's said without fear; she's just stating a fact. It's something Prim would do.


"Yeah, watching. Last time I saw you, you were stuck up a tree. Did you drop that nest?"

"Um, no not exactly." Ok, this topic can get awkward fast. I'm not sure Glimmer's particular charm had the same effect on Rue as it did on the Capitol. "I um, managed to find a way out before the sun came up."

"Oh really? What was it?"

Yep, obvious follow-up question I totally wanted to avoid. Ok Katniss, time to try and dodge. Come on, you've done it with Prim, you can do it with Rue. " Hey, Rue, you hungry? I've got some food nearby if you want." Yep, change the subject, always a winner if you have the right subject.

Rue's eyes light up. "Really? I am hungry… Are you sure it's ok? I mean for me to eat your food?"

"Sure, it's be fine. Don't worry, there's plenty, and I know how to hunt. District 12 is in woods like this, trust me, I can get more food, no problem." And that seems to do it. She's still going to find out about Glimmer, but at least this way I don't have to tell her. And besides, she'd just have followed me and seen Glimmer anyway, so it's not like it wasn't going to happen.

I didn't get food to replace what we're going to eat for lunch, but it's back to that clearing just the same. It's not far to where Glimmer's fixing lunch, a minute or two's walk only. Rue is following behind me and must not see where we're going, because when Glimmer looks up and waves to me Rue seems totally unprepared. "Heya Katniss. Get anything?" Hardly among Glimmer's more threatening lines, but it's enough to freeze Rue in place.

She grabs on to the back of my jacket trying to formulate words. "Katniss!" She manages to squeak out in a tiny voice, like a screaming whisper; a tiny little panicked plea. "We have to get out of here! She'll kill us both!"

"No she won't." I try to reassure. "It's ok, she's with me. She won't hurt you, I promise."

Of course Glimmer just has to be the sort of girl who hates being kept waiting and comes over to see who I'm to. The look on her face changes the instant she sees Rue. The casual, friendly Glimmer is gone, replaced with the Career, on guard. "Katniss, what's going on?" The even deadpan she asks in creeps me out. It's just so not Glimmer at all.

I look back and forth between Rue and Glimmer before answering. I really had only figured on one of them being hard to deal with. "Um, Glimmer, this is Rue, from District 11."

"I know who she is; I watched all the reapings. What is she doing here?"

"I ran into her in the woods and invited her to eat with us. Why? Is there a problem?" Glimmer just stares at Rue for a while before turning and walking back to where she'd been sitting without a word.

Ok, now Glimmer's starting to creep me out. The teasing, that I'm starting to get used to; the ego, the vanity, the blonde moments, even the friendliness I can't really determine the sincerity of, all that I'm getting used to. But this? No. Something is seriously wrong here.

I turn back to Rue and try to put on a normal face. "Come on, let's go sit down and eat. It'll be ok, I promise." Rue doesn't seem convinced, but she comes with me regardless.

Glimmer wordlessly hands out what apparently is lunch: plastic packages that claim to be 'Meal Ready to Eat'. It looks like an odd thing to put something to eat into, but inside is real food, some sort of powdered drink, even a side dish and desert. Seriously? This is how Careers eat? This is more than I usually manage for a meal in the Seam, and they consider this survival food in the Games? There's even some weird chemical pack that heats up when I add water. After all, to not have hot food would simply be uncivilized, right?

It's just nuts that the Careers would have to 'suffer' thought food better than people in the Districts get to eat normally. I can tell Rue thinks so too, from the looks she's giving me. Unfortunately she's also glancing at Glimmer quite a bit. Less and less the looks Rue's giving me are comments and the food and more and more they're full of apprehension and fear. Glimmer for her part give me some looks that I can't really read but are definitely not happy. When she's not giving me dirty looks all Glimmer does is stare at her food; mot a single second spent looking in Rue's direction.

Ok, this is ridiculous. Rue's terrified, Glimmer's ticked off and I'm sitting here lost. Is this how normal girls act? God if it is I'm glad I don't deal with socialize much. The only girl I ever talk to is Madge, and we don't talk much. That's why I like Madge actually; she doesn't feel the need to fill nice, normal silences with some sort of stupid chatter. And she absolutely never does this weird game of resorting to odd looks instead of saying whatever needs to be said.

But Glimmer isn't Madge so for all I know sometimes she gets like this, but the more I think about it the more I have my doubts. The question is what to do about this. I suppose I'll have to say something, but it has to be right thing, something subtle. You know, put her at ease, not just attack.

"Ok Glimmer, what's the deal here?" There, the perfect balance of subtlety and gentle probing.

Glimmer stops eating and looks up at me. "Excuse me?"

"I asked what the deal is. You've been acting weird ever since I got back. So what's going on?"

She stares back at me for a good long while. "Nothing. Nothing's going on."

I blink. Nothing? Even I know this isn't nothing. "What? Are you kidding me? Nothing's going on?"

"That's right. Nothing. I said it, now leave it alone." Glimmer snaps.

"You expect me to just drop it? You're acting all weird Glimmer, so tell me what's going on."

"It's none of your business, so drop it already!" Glimmer's moved to angry now. This could definitely be going better.

"It's me." Rue quietly says.

"No sweetie, it's not your fault." I turn to her, trying to reassure her, but the sudden silence from Glimmer feels wrong.

"Wait, is it her?" I ask Glimmer. She stares down at the ground in response. "What'd she ever do to you?"

It takes her a moment to respond. "Nothing. I've never met her before."

This is why silence can be golden The more people talk here the less I understand. "Uh… I don't get it, Glimmer."

She sighs. "Do you really want to know that bad, Katniss? Can't you just let this go?"

Huh. That's actually a good question. Do I really need to know that bad? I certainly know about having parts of yourself you don't want to talk about. On the other hand, with Gale I don't seem to mind no matter what he asks. That's what's so great about him, we trust each other with everything and there's no real worry that trust will be betrayed; it's part of what makes us such a great team. Would it be the same if we kept secrets from each other? What about if we just left things alone when one of us was really obviously bothered?

I'm not sure that'd be a good thing now that I think about it. But is it the same in this case? Can I just switch Glimmer's name in for Gale's and things work identically? I'm in the woods with Glimmer like I go to with Gale, but Glimmer and I have known each other for a day, not most of our lives. And I don't have to fight Gale to the death in the near future, that's a very important difference. Also, I trust Gale, and no matter how nice it might be to have a partner I can trust here, I just don't know if Glimmer is trustworthy or not yet.

But does all that mean I should just leave this alone? She is my partner here, whether I totally trust her or not, shouldn't I care if my partner's so obviously upset? I know she wants me to leave this alone, but it just doesn't feel right to leave your partner wounded, even if it isn't the sort of wound that bleeds.

I need to be subtle I think. For real subtle this time. Hmm, how do I do that though? Nice ways of phrasing things to spare feelings aren't exactly a skill I have. Maybe try to think of what Prim would say if she were here? She's so much better at this sort of thing than me. Come on, think Katniss, think! "Glimmer…" I start, with a much softer voice. "If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. But I really would like to know if you think you can tell me. I think you'd feel better if you did." I hope that's good enough. It's as Prim-like as I can do.

She gives me a long look, probably deciding if she wants to say anything or not. Finally she comes to a decision. "You really want to know?" I give her a nod. "All right, fine. I'm a Career, you know that; I've trained most of my life for this. And not just trained, I was the best, the absolute best of my year. And that doesn't just mean I won a beauty contest, I was the best at everything. At the Academy, they taught us a lot, weapons especially. And you know what? I can use basically all of them, and well too. Name a weapon, I bet I can use it. Swords? Absolutely. Knives? You bet. Same with axes, spears, pole arms, tridents, sickles, scythes, lances, flails, everything. I trained for years, I sparred, I practiced, I did everything. I was the best."

Glimmer pauses to take a breath before she gets too worked up. "You know what I did with all that skill? All that training, all that practice, you know what use I put it to?" I shake my head. "I killed people that look just like her." Glimmer points at Rue. "The last kids I saw I killed them. And not just killed them, it was murder; butchery. When the Games started it was a mad rush to the weapons; a lot of adrenaline and sprinting. Of course we Careers got them first, we're bigger and faster, we always win that sort of a contest. I grabbed the first weapon I found, a knife. Some girl, I think she was from 6, got too close and I pounced on her. She was scared, tried to turn and run but all she managed to do was fall on her butt. Before she could do a thing I was on her, straddling her. I stabbed her, felt the blade slide between her ribs. Again and again, I just kept going…"

"Some guy, from 5 this time, tried sneaking up on me, as if you can in the middle of a crowded field. Cato threw him into the side of the Cornucopia before he was any sort of real threat. I left the dead girl behind and moved on the boy. He hadn't even gotten back to his feet before I put the knife into his heart. I left it there this time; The first girl got me distracted, sloppy. You can't afford that in the Career pack, you know. Heck, this year one of the Careers didn't survive the bloodbath, I couldn't afford to join him. I was calming down now, enough to realize that a knife is hardly an ideal weapon when you have your pick So left the knife in the guy's chest. The wound was fatal; no need to stab him more than once. "

"After that I grabbed an axe. That's the thing about the Cornucopia, you aren't ever more than a step away from a weapon. Now by then the bloodbath was slowing down, but not over. I saw another girl, some terrified thing from 9 trying to steal supplies before she was noticed; she never had a chance. Yeah, she saw me coming, but it didn't matter; I was bigger, I was faster and I was armed. She looked like she was going to say something, maybe beg for mercy, I don't know. I buried the axe into her skull."

"Three kills in a matter of minutes. It sounds impressive, as Career stats go. It's the sort of a start that most anyone at the Academy dreams of. Really something to admire, right? I killed 3 kids. And it's not like they were trained or armed or had any sort of skill at all, heck they didn't even want to be there. Hell, I don't think any of them would have known which end of a sword to hold even if I had given them one. All that training, all those years, practically my entire life, and when it's my moment, when all of Panem is watching I murder little kids. Not some honorable duel, not some fight against a worthy opponent, not someone with skills that are a match for my own. No I straight up murdered helpless little kids."

"And then you bring her around here. The last kids I saw I practically painted the Cornucopia with their blood and brains, and that is not a memory I particularly enjoy reliving. Yeah, it's not her fault and I have nothing against her, but just the same, kids are a bit of a sore point for me at the moment."

I just stare at Glimmer. I never thought I'd hear anything like that in my life. Careers are supposed to take pride in the bloodbath, laugh at us poor people from the Districts they kill; helpless, half starved, we're the designated victims. I never thought I'd once hear even the tiniest bit of remorse from a Career for anyone from the districts.

I really don't want to imagine how she feels, never mind picture myself in her place. It's the sort of thing you don't need to imagine yourself in to know it's bad. I know in here sooner or later I'll have to kill. Heck, I almost did with that nest I was going to drop on the Careers, but that's different; they're trained, they're evil. Kids from the districts may be the designated victims, but Careers are the designated villains.

I wonder if Glimmer thinks of herself as the heroine or a villain in these Games. I want to ask her, but even I can tell this isn't the time. Later.


In all the Games I've seen (as in, had to watch) I've never seen a scene like that. The Careers usually try so hard to preserve their image. They spend so much time an effort building it after all, all for sponsors. To lose that image is just not acceptable usually.

These images are always one attribute or another: Cato is strong, Glimmer sexy and so on. But in addition to that they all protect an image of invincibility; they don't feel a thing when they kill. Quite the contrary in fact, most enjoy it. They don't show remorse or regret, they don't hesitate and they never look back and the Capitol loves them for it. Careers always are shown as strong, they have the Cornucopia so have supplies, their carefully crafted images mean they have sponsors to get whatever else they need, even the editing helps them.

Yes, I know the games are stacked, the Capitol plays politics. I am a mayor's daughter after all, and a mayor who's as much of a rebel as is physically possible while living and working in a spotlight. The only reason he goes as far as he does is because District 12 is, well, frankly, a nobody district.

His rebellions attitude has rubbed off on me too. We get the TV stations from the Capitol, the Capitol newspaper, but I've also seen the truth, and that shows me the power of editing. A picture is worth a thousand words is an ancient saying, but a picture can be worth a lot of different words how it's presented. It's all about context, what you show, and what you don't. It's like a stylist really; a stylist can make Katniss look like the proud hunter I know her as, a poor half starved Seam girl the rest of Panem would see her as, or as the girl on fire that she now is to all of Panem.

I'm sure Careers in other games have had moments of weakness, doubt, regret, even broken down crying, but they never show it on TV. The reason is simple really: The Careers are stand-ins for the Capitol in the Games. When District 1 or 2 or 4 kills someone from another district it's as if the Capitol did it themselves. I know it, the Capitol knows it and the districts know it (even if only on a subconscious level) and that's a power the Capitol usually guards.

But I suppose to them Glimmer's a traitor to that now. She teamed up with a girl from the districts, so they're more than willing to let her look weak on TV. Personally I think it makes her look human, and in fact makes me a lot less nervous about her being with Katniss, but I don't really know what anyone else thinks.

That's another thing about being the mayor's daughter: it's lonely. Really lonely in fact. I've gotten used to it over the years (as if there was a choice), but sometimes I still wish it wasn't so. Not that I blame anyone for it; they have their reasons. People in the Seam resent that I grew up never wanting for a thing, and the town people see me as tied to the Mayor, and therefore tied to the Capitol, which they absolutely do not trust. They may live better, but that just means there's more for the Capitol to take. Taxes, fees, regulations, no matter who you are in District 12, the Capitol never lets you forget who has the power.

So I never was one to have many friends. And by not many I mean one: Katniss Everdeen. It's been an odd sort of friendship (or at least it seems like that based on all the other people I've seen.) Katniss never said much, and I was so used to being alone I'd simply gotten used to not saying much either. We'd sit together at lunch, sometimes if times were bad I'd give her half of my lunch if she had none (very discretely of course, Katniss does not accept charity easily.) and sometimes we'd work together on school projects, but that was really it; m one and only friendship. I'm sure it's rather pathetic, but pathetic or not, I miss her.

Besides me Katniss has one other friend in District 12, but unfortunately it's not a friendship I share. She and Gale Hawthorne have a rather obvious connection and a painfully unrequited love. It's almost painful to watch, honestly.

I've known for a while Gale loved Katniss (how could someone not know that?) but I never said anything to her about it; it's not my place to meddle in that sort of thing. Besides, Gale wouldn't exactly like it. He's not my biggest fan, to put it mildly. His life has never been easy, and unlike Katniss, he has never made any effort to get past his resentment of those better off than him like, well me. Like I said, I don't blame him for it, even if I do wish things were different.

So even for a girl used to being on her own, these Games have been rough. My mother is in no condition to watch the Games or even talk to me, and my father has so little free time between his job and the revolution he's helping in its infancy that I'm all alone at home. And the funniest part? Katniss, the girl least likely to make friends in District 12 (well, besides me) has made a new friend. Two in fact. And her first new one is blonde and rich. I can't help but feel a bit of amusement. I guess Katniss has a soft spot for blonde girls.

Her second new friend is the little girl Rue; the one who obviously reminds Katniss of her little sister Prim. The one who made Glimmer so uncomfortable and showed a part of a Career never before show. And she's the one who on TV right now cautiously is walking to Glimmer and giving her a hug. It's amazing how little kids can deal with adults so weighed down by problems. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of friendship or forgiveness. It won't change the past, it won't change the world and it certainly won't solve everything, but sometimes it gives a person what they need to keep going.

Gale Hawthorne might not be someone willing to be my friend, but I wonder if the same can be said about Primrose Everdeen. Maybe I should see if Katniss first rich blonde friend can get closer to a little girl.

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