I Am Not a Victim

Three's a Crowd

< Katniss>

I make a rather unflattering (and probably somewhat cowardly, if I'm being perfectly honest) noise and try to jump back, but something holds me back, quite literally. I look down and see a hand coming out of the rock, holding firm on my left ankle. I open my mouth to ask what's going on, but it turns out I don't have to.

A boy slides out from under a rock outcropping and sits up. His face and chest are heavily camouflaged, but I instantly recognize Peeta under all the mud and whatever else he layered on top of himself. "Peeta!" I gasp. Yeah, it's really obvious. Gimmie a break. You get grabbed by what looks like a rock and see how you react.

"Katniss." Peeta groans out, slowly sitting up and wiping his face (with moderate success.)

"Oh joy. It's bread boy." Glimmer deadpans.

"Come on Glimmer, help me get him up." I ask.

"Why?" Glimmer crosses her arms.

"So he's not on the ground."

"What do I care if he's on the ground? Let him hide under a rock, makes no difference to me."

"Come on Glimmer, please?"

Glimmer looks down at Peeta who's staring back at her. I think he's trying to not look intimidated, but it's not really working. "Well, how about it, bread boy? Can't even get up on your own?"

Peeta slides out from under the rock he was hiding beneath. "Hello, Glimmer. I see Cato was right, you did team up with Katniss. And no, I can't stand so well." Peeta drags his legs clear of the rock, showing a deep gash in his left thigh. It's still bleeding and has soaked through his pants.

"Oh my god Peeta! Glimmer, come on! We have to help him!" Glimmer gives me a long look and then sighs in defeat. She moves to the opposite side of Peeta and we pick him up, draping his arms across our shoulders. Glimmer's none too nice about it, and I'm at a loss as to why.

She and I have gotten along well; more than well, great even. And she had no problem with Rue, and Finch… Well Glimmer seemed to really respect the girl and got to like her. Sure she was uncomfortable around Rue, but once Glimmer explained the bloodbath that made sense. But even before she explained it's not like she was hostile to Rue. She's been fine with everyone, so I have no idea what her problem with Peeta is. Maybe something from the Career alliance? "Come on, we need to find a place to make a camp and see how hurt he is."

Glimmer bites back some sarcastic remark or another and instead just rolls her eyes. We carry Peeta downstream in search of a place to hole up.


I'm watching the Games at the Everdeens' like usual, with Prim and Madge (which is not so odd as it used to be. In fact it's becoming more usual, odd as that is) I've even gotten used to seeing Katniss with that Glimmer girl.

The whole catapult bit was amazing to see. No one knew if it would actually work, even the guest commentators they had on the TV. They claimed the theory and plan was sound, but had no idea on accuracy. But in the end it actually worked; maybe it was lucky, maybe that Finch girl really was that good, but either way the Careers have a big crater instead of a pile of supplies now. All that sponsor money's gonna get eaten real fast. Literally. Good, let the fuckers starve. It's way past time to see someone else facing it.

And then there was the fight right after the explosion. The Games are required viewing, we've all seen battles; we've all seen blood; we've all seen death. But when it involves people you know, people you care about, it's so much different. The commentators thought Katniss' arrow shot was amazing, but I could tell it wasn't what she was planning; all it took was seeing the look on her face to know she missed.

It's not surprising really, the shot was basically out of range, and her perch was so awkward it's amazing she hit anything at all. No one else would have; I certainly couldn't. But she pulled it off. Hit that Cato bastard in the shoulder, his good one too. Good. Make the bastards spend even more money on medicine. Sooner or later they'll run out, Katniss just has to keep bleeding the fuckers till they're dry.

I have to admit I had my doubts about that Glimmer girl. Yeah, she talked a good game, it was obvious pretty quick she wasn't the dumb blonde she played at. But if she was really as good as she said or just some girl conning her way through life was still a question I wasn't sure about. But it turns out she's for real. The way she killed that Clove girl was amazing. A great ally for my Catnip, but at the same time I started to really worry about how things would go if it really did come down to just the two of them at the end.

They cut away from that weird funeral sort of thing that Glimmer chick put together for Finch. I guess seeing her upset was fine, but once they figured out she was doing some weird funeral thing it wasn't good TV anymore. When they finally cut back to Katniss and Glimmer Finch's body was gone and the girls were on the move again, but Glimmer still looked like she'd been crying. Either she's a good actress who has Katniss fooled or somehow she managed to get out of the Academy while still actually having a heart in her chest.

It's after that things get weird. An announcement both can win? Did I hear that right? I look at Prim and Madge to make sure and find them staring right back at me. None of us are sure what to say. I don't want to ask if I heard what I think I heard. I might not have heard right and I don't want to ruin it by asking. Instead it's Katniss' surprised yell that ruins it. I look back at the TV and of all things it's fucking bread boy. "You've got to be kidding me." Prim and Madge look at me. Crap. Did I say that out loud?

"What's that supposed to mean?" Prim asks.

"Um, well… Uh, I didn't actually mean to say that out loud." I answer lamely.

"Well you did. So what did you mean?" Now Madge is piling on. Both she and Prim are giving me looks that are disturbingly like the ones my mom gives when she wants answers out of me and I'm not eager to offer them up.

"Come on Gale, what's going on?" Prim demands. "They found Peeta, that's good right?"

I sigh a bit. "It's not that simple, Prim."

"Is this about Peeta's interview?" Damn. I miss Katniss and her total ignorance of emotions all of a sudden. Crap, how do I answer that? How am I supposed to explain away how that guy constantly butting in irks me. Irks me. Shit. It pisses me the hell off. Why can't he stay the hell away from Katniss? It's a huge damned arena! What the hell are the odds of them running into each other?

As it turns out, I'm saved from answering by the bell. Well, actually it's the door, but being saved by the door doesn't sound as good. Anyway, someone's at the door knocking.

"Who could that be?" Prim wonders aloud as she goes to answer it.

She opens the door, revealing Thom, a friend of mine from school. "Um, are Gale and Madge here?" he asks.

"Yeah, they are. Why?" Prim asks.

"There's a phone call for them up at the Mayor's house. They sent me to find them."

"A phone call?" I ask. Who could want to talk to me? I mean, yeah, people want to talk to me, but they're all in the Seam. If they want to talk to me they just find me and talk.

"We'd better go see what's going on." Madge says.

I nod and get up and go with Madge. It's a bit of a walk to her house, so whoever's on the phone must really want to talk with us if they're willing to wait this long.

When we get to the house Madge just goes right in the front door. After all, why shouldn't she? It's her house after all. But I've never been in the front door. I've been to this house countless times, but every single time it was selling strawberries and every single time it was at the back door. Seam rats like me didn't use the front door; that was for guests, big important people who came on the train.

Things like this are part of why I had a hard time dealing with Madge before the whole watching the Games together thing. At my house there's no such thing as people not important enough for the front door; the front door is just how you get in. We don't have a servant entrance or whatever the fancy word for the back door is.

Madge stops a few steps inside and looks back at me. "Oh come on already Gale. It's just a door."

Damn. I hate looking weak. I suck it up, put on a neutral face and follow her inside. She doesn't say anything else as she leads me into a study or office or whatever you call a room with a big fancy wooden desk and lots of bookshelves. It's very fancy and tastefully decorated and all that I'm sure, but right now all I care about is the phone sitting on the desk and who could be on the other end of it. Madge picks it up.

"Hello? Yes, this is Margaret Undersee, but please, call me Madge. Yes, he's here. Of course, I completely understand." God I hate hearing just one side of a conversation. These phones seem like a lot of annoyance and trouble. I'm glad I don't have one.

Madge holds the phone out to me. "They want to talk to you. Said it would probably take longer than talking to me so you should go first."

"Um, ok. Thanks, I guess."

I shrug a bit and take the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, Gale? My name is Cinna, I'm Katniss' stylist." He has a soft voice, nice I guess. Better than that bitch who pulled Catnip's name out of the bowl, that's for damned sure.

"Stylist? You're the guy that made the whole Girl on Fire thing?"

"Yes, I am." He tries not to be obvious about it, but I still hear the pride there.

"Uh, well it was um, good. So uh… Why you want to talk to me exactly?"

"Stylists design the clothes for our tributes, at the Tribute Parade, for the interviews and if we're lucky for the post Games recap and final interview. But I take a somewhat broader view of my job."

"Uh huh. So um, this involves me how?"

"As I told Katniss I want to help her in any way I can. Up to this point that hasn't entailed a great deal beyond what is normal, but from here on forward I think I can do more, and right now that means talking to you."

"Ok. So just what do you want to talk about?"

"You are aware that the final eight tributes, or in this case the final seven have their friends and families interviewed?"

Ah, so that's what this is about. "Yeah, I know that. Why, they gonna want to talk to me?"

"Yes, I believe so. As I'm sure you saw Katniss talked about her friends back home, and it was a short list. You and Madge Undersee in fact were the entire list. So I expect them to talk to both of you, as well as her sister and possibly her mother. Now the interviews with her sister and mother are almost certain to be predictable enough, but with friends it sometimes can wander more."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means there are more questions they may ask."

"Ok, so what?"

"Hmm, how to put this… Gale, let me try to be honest with you. Now, you should know that this line is secure, that is to say, no one listening in, and my role here is to help Katniss, so you can say whatever you like to me without worry." What the hell? What's this guy going on about? "Now Gale, these interviews entertain the Capitol viewers, but they are more than meaningless chatter; these things matter, and to Katniss they can matter a very great deal."

"Ok, you say I can speak freely? Fine. So what the hell are you going on about?"

"Gale, the Games are more than entertainment. I'm sure by now you have realized they are a very real means of control over the districts. Simply put, Katniss' behavior in the Games has earned her some very real problems, and you do not want to add to them. I can help you with what to say and what not to say so you do not make her life needlessly harder."

"What, they're worried Katniss and that Glimmer chick teaming up will show the districts they can team up too?"

"Simply put, yes. 1 and 12 are not supposed to be allies. Also the improvised funerals they held did not earn them any friends among the Gamemakers."

"What, you can't show emotion for dead friends?"

"Well, you have to understand Gale, the Games are not just television, they are like a model of Panem. Close relationships between tributes that last even past death can be seen as more."

"So I'm guessing it's not just me that sees the Careers as basically being stand ins for the Capitol?"

"That's exactly what they act as."

"Ok. So then why this new rule? If they're so big on Katniss and Glimmer being together as a bad thing, why give them incentive to stay together?"

"Gale, I am quite certain that the timing of that rule and their encounter with their newest ally were no coincidence."

"Well fuck. So god damned bread boy really is there to fuck things up, it wasn't me!"

"Quite so, however I would advise you to not put it quite like that in front of a camera."

"Um, yeah, I know where I'm not supposed to swear."

"Um, yes, but I might also add the phrase 'bread boy' to the list of things not to say in front of cameras." Cinna chuckles.

"Yeah, well, he's still butting in."

"That may be so, but remember to anyone else this is pure coincidence, so you should be careful to not blame him publicly." Cinna pauses, I guess picking his words. Guy seems to not have to do that often. "I take it you do not particularly like Mr. Mellark? Is this because of what happened in his interview or because of something back in 12?"

"I barely knew him back in 12. What he did at the interview was a dick move though. He's never said a word to Katniss then he all loves her? What the fuck was that? Nobody asked him to say that shit. It's just like now. The guy always butts in where he isn't wanted or needed."

"So let me ask Gale, are you interested in Katniss?"

"Interested?" I play dumb. I'm not really sure why. Force of habit maybe? The fact it isn't any of this guy's business? Yeah, I think that's it. It's between Katniss and I, not him.

"Gale, I'm not here to judge or say who should be with who, I'm here to help. And reporters could ask about this. It came up between Glimmer and Katniss in the Games, so you need an answer ready."

"What the hell's it matter anyway? You think what I say will make her do better or worse in the Games?"

"It matters because there is more to the Games than just what is in the arena. It may not seem like it in 12, but please believe me when I say that the Games are far larger than just that, and while it may not seem like it now, trust me. There is more I can do to help Katniss than you realize, but to do it I need the right things to work with. Katniss has done her part in the Games; with how she's fought and how she's acted, Glimmer has helped Katniss, and now I need you to help as well."

I think about it a while. Yeah, maybe the guy's full of shit, but maybe not. That flaming outfit was amazing, so maybe this guy really can produce. I don't know what the hell he thinks he can do, but I guess he's earned a shot. "All right, I'll play ball. So tell me what to say."

"Excellent Gale. All right, let's start with you and Katniss."


We managed to find a small cave along the rocky shore of the stream and carry Peeta inside. We set him down and I start digging out the first aid kit from my pack when I see Glimmer still standing near the entrance. "What are you doing, Glimmer?"

"Katniss, where do you see this going?" she asks me.

"What do you mean? I thought we were going to see how bad his leg is. We should look at your arm too."

"I mean this. All of us."

"I don't follow."

Glimmer sighs. "Katniss, how many winners are allowed?"

What kind of stupid question is that? They just said two. And suddenly it dawns on me. "There's three of us now…"

Glimmer nods. "That's right. Real soon a hovercraft is going to come with two seats, and there's three of us in this cave."

Damn. I was so glad to see Peeta again I didn't realize what it meant. One more winner than we thought, and now one more of us than we had. Somehow it seems so much worse this way than it did before.

"Uh, Katniss, why are we even talking about this?" There's Peeta, as if I needed a reminder he was here. "We can go home. Together. What is there to talk about?"

"Peeta, it's not that simple…" I try to explain.

"What are you talking about? We're from the same district; she's a Career. This seems obvious to me!"

"You joined the Career alliance too, bread boy." Glimmer points out.

"But I was never one of you!" Ugh. Peeta arguing with Glimmer is going to get ugly fast, and I already can feel a massive headache coming on.

"Don't start. Either of you. Please?" I look between Glimmer and Peeta, hoping they listen.

"Fine." Glimmer groans. "I'll go find something to try and hide this cave entrance or something."

She turns to leave, but I stop her. "Hold on, let me look at that arm. We don't want it getting infected or you loosing blood needlessly." I get the first aid kit out of my pack and go to work. The wound is fairly deep and has bled for a while now. I do what I can to disinfect and close the wound, cleaning up the blood as best I can. I'm sure Prim would know how to stitch the wound up and do a real nice job, but for now this will have to do. At least it isn't bleeding anymore and hopefully I stopped any infection before it could set in. Glimmer thanks me and leaves. I take a deep breath and turn to face Peeta.

"Katniss, what is going on?"

"We teamed up, Peeta."

"I can see that Katniss. But why? And why are you still together?"

"She's been a good ally."

"Katniss, she's a Career." He's trying to stay neutral with his tone but I can't help but feel like there's a lecturing tone to this.

"Yes, Peeta, I know. She's from 1 and she went to the Academy there."

"And you're still with her why? She's going to stab you in the back you know."

"No she's not, Peeta. We had an agreement, we'd stay together until the end, then when it was just the two of us we'd settle it."

"Katniss!" He's gone from lecturing to shocked. "She's a Career! You can't trust her! Come on, you've seen the Games! You know what they're like!"

"You don't know her, Peeta!"

"Yes I do! I was in the Career pack with her!"

"She told me that was all just an act, Peeta. She isn't some dumb blonde like she acted there."

"Oh yeah, and now what you're seeing is the truth? Are you sure it's not just another act, all for your benefit?"

I don’t have a quick response to that. I don't think it's all an act from Glimmer; I like to think I could tell if it was. Honestly there never came a point I started trusting Glimmer, it's just after a while she didn't do anything to make me suspect her, so I eventually just stopped thinking of her as a Career; she was just the girl I was teamed up with.

Since I don't have a ready answer for Peeta I decide to play nurse instead. I take the first aid kit and set to work on Peeta's leg. I cut his pants away around the wound and gasp. "Oh my god, Peeta, what happened?"

"Cato. He had a sword. After you and Glimmer disappeared he wasn't very happy."

I try to hold back the urge to vomit. It's bad. Very bad. The wound is deep and wide, with sickly puss oozing out of it, and I think I can see bone deep inside. There's no doubt it's infected, none at all. If we were back in 12 maybe my mother and Prim could do something, but here I doubt it; I'm not sure how he'll be able to keep his leg without some sort of borderline magical Capitol medicine.

"Is it that bad?" he asks me.

"No, it's not." I lie. I don't think he believes me, but he lets me get away with it. "It'll be fine. Some antibiotics, we bandage it up and you'll be back on your feet in no time." It's a bad lie, but I'm too focused on trying to treat the wound. It's probably all just for show, since I really doubt a first aid kit can handle an infection this bad, but I have to at least try.

I do the best I can and get up stiffly "We're low on food, I'll go try and get some. I'll be back by dark." I turn and leave, but as I get to the cave mouth Peeta stops me.

"Katniss… be careful." I don't muster a response other than leaving the cave.


I've gathered some leafy branches and rocks to try to hide the cave entrance. I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to camouflage; it's not a skill they stressed much in the Academy, but if I stayed in that cave much longer I was going to say something Katniss wouldn't like. I'm sure sooner or later that'll happen, but I'd like to at least try and be a good little girl for a few minutes.

I'm about done with my efforts when I see Katniss come out. She stops and looks at me. "We're low on food. I'm going to get some. Try not to kill him?"

Hmm, that's low on words, even for Katniss. Maybe it's not just me that can't stand bread boy. "I'll try." Katniss nods and we go our separate way, her into the woods and me inside.

Peeta stares at me, still lying down. "So, my personal assassin is here."

I roll my eyes. "Katniss asked me not to."

"Oh, well the word of a Career is a lot of comfort. Thanks for that."

I promised not to kill him, but I never said I wouldn't beat the crap out of him. Hmm… I wonder… It wouldn't be so bad, would it? "Says the guy who joined the Career pack on a lie, claiming he'd lead us to Katniss and then lied every chance he got about her abilities?"

"I did it for her! I did it to help her, not because I'm some bloodthirsty glory hound!"

"Oh, and how'd that work out for you? Lots of misdirection that we all bought? Kept us from finding her? Saved her when she needed it, did you?" Peeta just glares at me. "Oh, is that a no? Didn't do any of those things? So hmm, let's see, just what did you do? You talked your way in, sure, but I certainly didn't believe a word you said; I doubt any of them did. Cato may not be the best thinker ever, but I don't think you fooled even him. And you certainly didn't prevent us from finding Katniss."

I smile at Peeta. The sort of smile I use to charm idiot males when it's obvious all their thinking occurs below the belt. Of course here the effect is much different, much less seduction and much more mocking. "Oh, and when we found her and she was trapped up in that tree what did you do? Nothing! That's what you did. Absolutely nothing. You just laid there on your back staring up at her. Yeah, real good job there. The time you finally could help her came and you did nothing. It was me that did something; me that got her out of that tree, and me that's been with her ever since. Oh, and if that's not enough, when we do find you again, what are you doing? You're lying on your back again! That seems to be all you can do!"

"You heartless bitch." There it is, cold, angry, pay dirt. Maybe it's not that hard to get a rise out of him when he's in a lot of pain, but it's satisfying just the same. "Just because you spent your entire life training to be some perfect killer doesn't make you better than me. I've actually done something with my life. I have a family, a mother, a father, two brothers and we do something worthwhile with our time and our lives. We make something! We bring something to our district, something real, not just blood and death."

Hmpf, he thinks he'll talk down to me? Yeah, right. "I don't think I'm better than you because I went to the Academy. I'm better than you because when it matters I act; I do things; I get the job done. And that's not about where I trained and you didn't. That girl from 5, Finch, she acted when it counted; she made a difference when she had the chance. But you don't. You just lie there staring and pining away for a girl you didn't even have the guts to look in the eye and tell her you like her. You had to ambush her on live TV when she wasn't there to say a thing to you. You're a coward, and when the time to act comes you're useless. That's why I'm better than you."

He stares at me with pure hate. Good. We're on the same page then. If I hadn't promised to kill him this would be the time for it. Shame I can't. He's no Clove, but I think I'd find it quite satisfying to kill him regardless.

Helpless or not, he's going to hold Katniss and by extension me back, and I'd be doing us both a favor to put a stop to that before it starts. What a pain. "I promised Katniss I wouldn't kill you and I won't. Doesn't mean I'm hoping you last. People a lot more deserving than you are gone. I won't shed a tear if you join them."

I get up and walk out. If I stay it'll be too tempting to break my promise to Katniss.


Well this is going just wonderfully. Princess wants to kill bread boy and I can tell he's telling himself he shouldn't hit girls. I also can see that a part of him thinks she's right. Damned girl was pretty vicious going after him. It's all going just like that son of a bitch Snow planned I'm sure.

The interviews with friends and family are coming on soon, a welcome break from this fucking train wreck. Looks like the pregame show is starting in the public feed now. They're showing the crowds watching and… What the hell is that?

The crowds are usually pretty nuts by this point in the Games, but this is almost a mob scene. Well, really it's two mobs. On one side are princess fans, wearing t-shirts with her face on them, some of them are even made of that same see through shit her dress was. They've even got flags and banners and are chanting her name. The other mob is the bread boy mob, and they have swag too; shirts, banners, the whole deal.

What the hell is all this? There's always fans in the Games, but this is really organized; someone set this up; someone who planned it out, designed all the clothes and banners and flags and all that other crap and actually got the people riled up into a pair of mobs. They used shots from the Games and interviews a lot too. Shots of princess and sweetheart at the interviews in the fancy outfits, action shots of each fighting put together, the whole bit.

And then there's ones of bread boy all pouring his heart out to Caesar with that dumb look on his face, a blushing sweetheart (I'm calling bullshit on that one. No way that girl looks like that in real life). Whoever the hell did this, they do good work. They've got the Capitol reduced to two mobs. Sucks for anyone betting on the other tributes, they're totally overshadowed now.

They cut to the interviews now, doing it all in the same order as they announced the training scores. First up is that Marvel kid, and like everything with him in the Games, it totally doesn't live up to the name; it's the usual boring Career shit. Friends at the Academy, family cheering him on, all the usual crap. Yawn.

Next up is the princess interviews. These are a bit strange. They've got her parents who are supportive but pretty obviously don't know her well, and then there's people at the Academy who seem to not know what the hell to say. None of them were really her friends, that much is clear fast.

What's also clear is that her act at the Academy worked, since none of them seems to know what to make of her. It's weird stuff, and pretty weak support of her too; they don't say it, but it's pretty clear they think she betrayed the whole Career way of life or what the hell you'd call it. That or they're just pissy at being played by a girl.

2 is about what you'd figure. Yeah, big tough guys, blah blah blah. Win to avenge the dead chick and how great their guy is. Boring shit. Same with the girl from 4; she seems to have nicer friends, but it's nothing that's going to wow anybody. Same with the guy from 11. Yeah, nice family, all proud of how far he got and all that and absolutely nothing that'll impress anyone in the Capitol at all.

Finally it gets to 12, where there should actually be some drama; I almost feel like I should get some popcorn. And a drink. Actually, fuck the popcorn. It starts with bread boy, his brothers, his parents, some friends; you know, all the usual suspects.

Dad's nice enough, mother tries to be nice (anyone that knows her can tell you that's an act), brothers knew he had a crush on Katniss, school friends are the usual supporters like you'd see in most any final eight interview. They don't much trust princess, some are just wary of her, others outright say she'll betray sweetheart and bread boy. Every last one of them says sweetheart should ditch princess as soon as she can.

Finally we have the people in sweetheart's corner. Her mom's pretty typical, if on the really detached side, and her little sister you can practically put a halo on. Then it gets to her friends; both of them. They don't make a huge thing of it, but the fact she only has two friends is sort of odd. The Undersee girl is polite, refined, everything you'd expect of a Mayor's daughter. She has nice things to say about princess, says good things about bread boy and says she'll support sweetheart no matter what she does. The whole thing sounds like some politician's speech; the girl's definitely smooth.

Last up is the Hawthorne kid. This is where the popcorn should come in. I've seen him around the Hob, I know exactly what he thinks of the Capitol and I'm wondering if he'll behave or he'll tell the Capitol to shove the Games up their ass sideways. It wouldn't do sweetheart any favors but damn it'd be great to see.

But instead he looks like he could be borrowing the little girl's halo. He's polite, supportive, has nothing but praise for how sweetheart has done things, likes princess, he even manages not to swear when talking about bread boy. I know god damned well he's got a thing for sweetheart and the whole unrequited love angle's got to be killing him.

To be honest I don't know how the hell he's giving an interview like this; someone's got to have coached the shit out of him. Who the hell in 12 knows how to do that? I don't think he'd listen to the Undersee chick, in fact I don't think I've ever seen them even speak. So what the hell?

Well whatever the hell is going on, it's certainly making sweetheart look good. It's all really selling the whole bit that princess and bread boy should both want to be with her. When the feed cuts back to the crowds in the streets I can tell they're eating it up. Bread boy's fans love the whole young love and romance angle and princess' people love the devious, clever girl thing. I don't think the interviews changed a whole hell of a lot, but whoever set all this up did. It's been a long time since I've seen games going on I didn't know about. It could actually be fun figuring out who's responsible for all this and why.

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