Turn Back The Clock

Seeing Double

Sam looked at the white feather then back at Nikki. She was an angel, he couldn't believe it. He had come across many different types of creatures, but never an angel. He smiled. "You're a harpy?"

Nikki gasped and punched him in the shoulder, causing him to laugh. "Sam Winchester, you better be kidding."

Sam grinned. "Wow, who would have thought you were an angel, are angels even allowed to swear?"

Nikki smiled. "Not really, but I'm lucky, I'm only half angel."

"How come I can't see your wings, Nikki?" He took the feather from her hand and looked at it.

Nikki grabbed the feather back from him. "It's complicated but essentially mortals can only see angel wings when the angel allows it or when a mortal is close to death. Same for Nephilim."

"And you are a healer aren't you?"

Nikki smiled and nodded. "Yes I am, a very skilled one too, not that I'm boasting of course."

"How come you didn't heal my head wound?"

"And make it seem like a miracle that you recovered so easily, quite possibly exposing myself, no thank you." She smiled. "But I can take care of your headache." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. An instant warmth spread through Sam, before it settled in his head, eliminating his headache.

Hope rose in Sam. "So this means you can help Dean, right?"
Nikki sighed and sat back on the bed. "This case is so different, I mean the time loop makes things so complicated, I don't know exactly what caused it."

"Dean didn't know either, saving me from getting shot didn't work the second day, I just died a different way." Sam didn't really care about himself right now, he cared about Dean.

Suddenly Nikki jumped up and began pacing and talking to herself. She seemed to be beating herself up. Sam threw the covers off him and got up, he gently grabbed her arm, causing her little rant to end. "What is wrong?"

"Oh Sam, I think I know what caused the time loop." Her voice sounded sad and angry at the same time.

Sam would have smiled, except for the fact that Nikki looked so upset. "Ok, what then?"

She brushed her long brunette hair out of her face, her sky blue eyes filling up slightly. "I did."

Doctor Butts stood over Dean, the nurses around him trying to get him stabilized again."Doctor James, were you able to get a blood transfusion?"

"They can't send it until tomorrow Doctor Butts, there is nothing we can really do at this moment."

Jinnie watched from the corner, no one able to see her in this form. She couldn't heal Dean, she wasn't meant to either, Nikki had to. Where was she?

Dean was trapped in the darkness, pain was shooting all over his entire body. What the hell was happening to him? He opened his eyes a little bit, he saw past the doctors and nurses to a young blonde haired girl, she wore a nurses outfit and seemed to be watching him intently. What surprised Dean was the beautiful angelic wings that spread from her back, she glowed with a pearly light. Great, now I'm seeing hot angel nurses, God must be teasing me.

"Wait, how is this your fault?" Sam was getting confused.Nikki looked down. "The terrible wrong that happened had been your death, you weren't supposed to die, I was supposed to save you."

"Well what happened?"

"I was unable to get to you until it was too late. You were already dead. It was heart-breaking to watch Dean leave, knowing I had screwed up." She sighed. "I didn't know it would cause a time loop until I woke up the next morning reliving the same day. I was able to esc...I mean to get to the hospital on time, but you never came."

"So you thought the time loop was over?"

She nodded. "Yeah until this morning, then I was surprised when Dean came in shot and you had a head injury. Leave it to Dean to try and fix everything himself."

Sam smiled and nodded. "That's Dean for you."

Nikki closed her eyes, feeling a call and stood to her feet. "I need to get to Dean now, just know that once I heal him, the time loop will continue, if he dies, then the time loop dies with him."

"Will I remember?"

"I'm not sure, that's the problem, if you do remember, tell Dean to let it happen, I will save you this time. I just hope to God that you remember, because if you don't, then we might have to go through this over and over again, but if Dean dies in any of the days, then you will lose Dean forever, done."

"I will remember, go and save Dean." She smiled and turned. "Just in case you forget..." She leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before running out of the room.

Sam lay back, hoping that she was able to get to Dean in time and that he would remember.

Nikki ran down the hall as fast as she could, mentally screaming at herself for not realizing it sooner. She would have to avoid the creature again tomorrow, now she knew why the demon had attacked her, it was trying to prevent her from saving Sam and Dean. It had succeeded once, it would not again.

People moved out of her way, patients who could walk practically dove out of her way, she didn't have time to apologize, not if she was to get to Dean in time.

She swerved around a man in a wheelchair and ran around the corner. The yellow-eyed demon had such a hatred for Dean Winchester, keeping her from healing Dean would end the time loop and end Dean's chances of coming back.

As bad luck would have it, she saw that damn demon invading the body of a male nurse. The demon looked up at her gold eyes glowing. "Oh no you don't." His voice was gruff and he reached out to grab her, stop her from getting inside. She was only just able to shift and avoid him, heading inside with him following not too far behind. Jinnie would have to help her with this.

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