Turn Back The Clock

Yellow Eyes

Nikki practically flew into the room, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She watched as the demon disguised as an orderly walked up to Doctor James and whispered in his ear. Doctor James got a strange look on his face and turned, whispering in Doctor Butts ear. Both doctors exited the room with no excuse though it was obvious why they have gone.

The demon...

She saw her friend Jinnie standing in the corner, a bewildered look on her face. She was wondering why the doctors had left Dean alone with a few nurses when he was basically dying.

Nikki gestured to Jinnie, her eyes full of fear. Jinnie moved over to Nikki with a panicked look on her face. "The demon who attacked me is here, in that man there." She pointed to the male nurse, just as she did, the nurse turned and stared right at them, his yellow eyes leering at them.

Nikki felt shivers run down her spine, the demon could attack her and Jinnie if it wanted to, but it wasn't here for them, it wanted Dean. Nikki whispered to Jinnie softly. "Distract that demon anyway possible while I heal Dean."

Jinnie nodded and moved quickly, standing right in front of the demon. "Back off." She said furiously, widening her wings to block Dean from the demon.

The demon offered Jinnie a smug smile, his arms crossed. "Two little nephilim trying to stop a demon such as myself, rather pathetic." Had they been full angels, it would have been far more simple to banish the demon but things could never be this simple. Jinnie could handle him for the moment but not for long. They could lose their lives that day but if the time loop started again...

Nikki took the chance and got to Dean's side while Azazel was distracted. "You can't leave just yet Dean." She said softly, putting her hands over his heart, she began to glow.

The demon took notice of Nikki as she began to glow and growled. "No!" He slammed the blonde angel aside and ran forward, grabbing Nikki by the back of the neck and throwing her aside.

Dean was semi-conscious, he felt.. floaty was the best way to describe it, he had seen angel wings spread out in front of him, then suddenly a brunette landed in front of him. Her voice was too soft to hear, but when she put her hands over him, he felt a warmth spread through his entire body, settling in his shoulder.

He felt the surrounding darkness fade slowly, he no longer felt like he was floating. He watched through half closed lids as the brunette was picked up and throw across the room. How the hell did someone throw an angel?

He looked up at a young aide, then he realized what could throw an angel, a demon. Not just any demon, the yellow eyed bastard, what the hell was he doing here?

Nikki landed against the wall, it hurt like hell but she would manage. She had felt that her healing power had saved Dean, but what good would that do if the demon just killed Dean right there.

Jinnie was of no help at the moment, so Nikki took it upon herself. She ran forward, jumping on the demon's back and wrapping her arms tight around his neck. The demon seemed surprised and reared back from Dean, trying to get the girl off it's back.

Dean was hooked up to machines of all sorts and was hardly in any condition to help fight or even run away. He just watched as the demon kept trying to rid himself of Nikki.

Nikki then whispered something in the demon's ear, causing him to flinch. It was an exorcism rite given by an angel, only to use in a great time of need and this definitely counted as one. She held on as tight as she could, though she knew she couldn't hold on much longer. The demon made it's way over to Dean, only one thing on it's mind, Dean's total anihilation.

But before the demon could reach Dean, it fell to it's knees, a black heavy mist flowed from it's mouth until the demon was completely expelled. Nikki let the man fall unconscious to the ground and got to her feet. She walked over to Dean, her hair all disheveled but a look of relief on her face. "That wasn't enough to kill the demon, I know that much, but he may not be back for a while."

"Why was he here?" Dean felt his strength returning. Then he thought about Sam. "Nevermind that, where is Sammy, is he alright?"

Nikki smiled and nodded. "Other then being worried about you, he is fine."

The blonde haired angel who had been knocked down rose to her feet, her wings flexing a bit. She then walked over to Dean and Nikki, though Dean could no longer see her. "Nikki, make sure he knows about the time loop, let him know how to stop it."

Nikki nodded and turned back to Dean. "Dean, I know what you have been going through the past two days, I also know that since you are alive, the time loop will continue."

Dean sat up, pulling one of the wires out of his arm, causing a great deal of pain. "Holy shit!" He cursed to himself, before looking back at Nikki. "Wait, Sam is alive, so why the hell is the damn time loop going to continue?"

"Because of me, Dean." She saw the confused and frustrated look on Dean's face and hurried to continue. "I'm the reason the time loop is happening, I was supposed to save Sam the first time he was shot, but the demon attacked me, making it so that Sam died, his death was the terrible wrong that happened."

"Well he is alive, so it should be over."

"No Dean, Sam has to be shot and I have to save him, thats the only way for the time loop to truly end."

"Wait a second, you are telling me that I have to let Sammy get shot!" Before Nikki could say anything else, Dean removed the rest of the wires and stood to his feet. "I don't buy it, not one bit. How do I know you aren't just trying to..."

Nikki glared at him, her hands on her hips. "Oh yeah Dean, I healed you just so I could trick you, get a life." Nikki couldn't help herself, Dean reminded her too much of herself. "Listen to me alright, you need to let it happen, or else you will continue to go through the same day over and over until you end up dead, if you die, the time loop ends, Sam without a brother and an easier target for the demon. Do you really want that to happen?"

Dean glared back at her. "Of course not, but if you weren't there when it first happened, how do I know you won't let him die again?"

"I know about the demon attacking me, so I will know to avoid him, don't worry so much." She smiled, knowing she was getting through to him. "Once you go to sleep, time will reset itself, so be ready."

"Fine, then I'm going to see Sam before I go to sleep." He walked out of the room, his head spinning, how could things have gotten so crazy. Saving Sam was supposed to stop the time loop, but not Dean, that girl, not just a girl, it appeared that she was an angel. He headed down the hall, a thousand thoughts coming to mind, could he bare to watch Sam get shot again, especially if he had to let it happen?

He looked around and figured he was lost, the hospital suddenly felt deserted. No nurses or doctors nor any patients.. Why did he have a sudden feeling of dread? Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder, he jumped and sent a punch flying back at whoever had snuck up on him.

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