Turn Back The Clock

Hard Decisions

Dean's fist was caught before it hit a surprised face. "Woah Dean, I only just got rid of my headache."

Dean turned, so happy to hear his brother's voice again. "Sam, you're alive!" He pulled his brother into a tight hug, very out of character for him he had to admit, but screw it, he had dealt with enough shit and finding his brother alive near the end of the day felt great.

Sam smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I escaped with a headache while you were almost killed, Thank God Nikki was able to heal you." Sam saw a troubled look on Dean's face and knew what he was thinking. "So she told you that I had to die?"

Dean nodded. "Yeah, how the hell does she think I am going to be able to do that, I mean how do we know that this isn't some way to make sure you die?"

"If she wanted to have me die, she wouldn't have had to heal you, she could have just killed me earlier."

"Yeah I guess, I don't know, this just is so freakin screwy," Dean followed Sam back into Sam's room, in the corner, Nikki and Jinnie stood talking. Dean heard Sam's name mentioned. Nikki turned in time for Dean to catch a blush come across her face. He smiled for the first time since waking up. Was there something there he didn't catch. He looked at the blonde nurse and winked, but all he got was a snort from her, she turned and walked out of the room, after shooting a look at Nikki.

Nikki looked up at Sam and Dean, the blush fading. "Sorry Dean, she doesn't date hunters, especially ones like you."

"What the hell do you mean ones like me, whats wrong with me?"

Nikki looked at him, raising a brow. "Do you want the list, cause I left the book at home."

Sam laughed as Dean glared at the nephilim. "Dean's get a taste of his own medicine, sucks don't it Dean?"

"Shut up Sammy. These angels are kind of snobby." Dean looked at the angel. "So once I go to sleep, time will reset again, I will have to deal with the same shit again and watch my brother get shot. If I try to save him myself then I will just screw things up and possibly die myself, letting you save him ends the time loop and we both get to ditch this sucky town and get on with our hunting, did I leave anything out?"

Nikki crossed her arms over her chest and smiled. "You forgot the part where I smack you for being so rude to me and Jinnie slaps you for hitting on her yet again, because knowing you, you will be asking for her number anytime now."

"Who says I wanted her number? She ain't my type anyway."

"I suppose. Just so you know, we aren't full angels. Just half." Nikki saw the annoyed look on his face and laughed. "Hell, half the girls you have flirted with in your life have been etheral or demonic, not a very good track record I must say."

"Why are you bashing me, I didn't do anything to you?" Sam watched the banter with an amused but tired look on his face, he laid down on the bed and fell asleep before either Nikki or Dean noticed. Dean heard the soft breathing and looked to see his brother sleeping soundly.

"So will Sam remember today at all?"

"It's hard to tell, the time loop affects each person differently, he may remember or he may not. Him remembering will be really helpful instead of having to tell your brother that you have to let him die."

That was what Dean was thinking as well, he remember the indesribable pain he felt as he watched Sam writhe in pain after being shot, watching him suffer in the ambulance, watching them try and revive him with the paddles...

Nikki saw the look in Dean's eyes and knew he was reliving it, it had to be hard on Dean. She put her hand on Dean's shoulder. "You can't think about that Dean, your brother is counting on you to end this time loop."

Dean nodded before brushing her hand off his shoulder and curling up in the chair beside Sam's bedside. It couldn't have been comrtable, but Dean didn't care. Dean would be there in case Sam woke up in the middle of the night.

The next morning, as Dean expected, Dean was woken up with a pillow in the face. He fell off the bed and landed hard on his butt. He looked up to see Sam laughing and holding the pillow. "Get up Dean, we have a hunt to start."

Dean's head throbbed and he felt horrible. It looked like Sam didn't remember, which made things a lot more difficult. Sam dropped the pillow on the bed and grabbed his laptop. "Get a shower while I search for some info on the house, maybe I can find the former owner or something."

Sam walked out the door, leaving Dean to agther his thoughts and get into the shower. His head hurt but he needed to fully wake up. He heard the front door open while he was in the shower and Sam's muffled voice. "Wow Dean, you actually got up, I'm amazed."

"I'm ignoring you Sam." He heard Sam laugh, it took a moment but Dean got out of the shower and into some comfortable clothes. Sam sat on the one bed, his laptop sitting in front of him, a concentrated look on his face.

Dean walked out, should he tell Sam or just let it happen, either way it would basically kill him. He sat down on the other bed and looked at Sam. "Hey Sam."

"Hold on Dean, researching." Sam idn't even look up at Dean, the sound of clicking keys irratated Dean. "Sam, I need to talk to..."

"Whatever it is can wait until this hunt is over." Still Sam didn't look up, Dean got frustrated and slammed the laptop closed, Sam yelped and pulled his hands out, glaring at Dean. "What the hell Dean, you freak."

"Turn that damn thing off before I throw it out the freakin window." The look in Dean's eyes told Sam he completely meant it. He placed the laptop on the floor and slid it under the bed, keeping his brother from getting rid of that thing always hard. "What do you want to tell me."

"Um, well Even though I already told you this once, it isn't going to be any easier." Ignoring the confused look on Sam's face, Dean continued. "Don't say a word until I'm done, no questions or smart ass remarks."

Sam wasn't sure what was up, though he was feeling a major deja vu moment. "What are you talking about Dean." Sam smiled. "Oh God, please don't tell me you're pregnant."

Dean glared at him. "That would be the smartass remark I was talking about, now shut the hell up and let me talk."

"Whatever you say Dean." Sam put his full attention on Dean.

Dean took a breath. "Sam, I've been going through a time loop for the last three days." Sam opened his mouth to say something, but the death glare Dean gave him shut him up quickly. "Yeah I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I have had to watch you die twice and nearly died myself the third day."

Sam was surprised, but he stayed quiet, allowing Dean to continue while he tried thinking.

"I was told how to stop the time loop, but I really don't want to do it."

"Dean, if it stops you from living the time loop over again, why wouldn't you want to do it?"

Now came the hard part. "Because I have to let you get shot."

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