Turn Back The Clock

Completely Serious

To say that Sam was stunned would be a understatement. He searched Dean's face for an indication that Dean was pulling his leg, but Dean looked dead serious. Sam took a deep breath and ran his fingers through her hair. "You're serious, aren't you Dean?"

Dean scowled. "Of course I'm freakin serious, why the hell would I be joking about something like this."

"I guess I will never get a shot at the demon."

Dean shook his head. "Don't talk like that Sam, I haven't gone through all this shit just for you to give up immediately. I won't let you die again."

Sam felt like he had been punched in the gut, the fact that Dean had watched him die twice already was horrible enough, the fact that Dean had to watch it again was worse. "So who told you that you needed to let me get shot?"

Dean calmed down and smiled for the first time. "She is going to be annoyed that you forgot her so easily Sammy."

Sam raised a brow. "Who is she?" It figured that it involved a woman.

"Maybe I should just let you meet her again yourself, you two were getting awfully close." He laughed at Sam's confused face. "She was pretty hot, not my type exactly, but still hot."

It was Sam's turn to laugh. "I thought every kind of girl was your type Dean." He dodged Dean's fist and smiled, it almost banished the dark feelings they were both feeling a few moments ago...almost.

"So what do we do now, Dean?"

Dean looked down, unsure of what to do. Should he trust Nikki and watch again as Sam is unjustly shot and put in the hospital, clinging to life. Nikki had made it clear that if Dean tried to change the day again, the day would repeat over again and if Dean was killed then the time lime would end, giving Dean no chance to come back himself.

"I don't really see any other choice then to follow what she said, she said she would be there to heal you."

"Heal me, is she a faith healer?" Sam knew how rare faith healers.

Dean smiled. "A little higher up bro." Without offering more, Dean turned and grabbed his keys. "Let's go get something to eat." He decided then that he wouldn't tell Sam where or when he would be shot, he knew that Sam was already scared enough.

Sam left his laptop behind and ran to follow Dean. "I get to drive."

Dean laughed. "Hell no, you get shotgun as usual." Although he didn't let on to Sam, but he was just as scared, if not more. He looked up at the sky and prayed silently. 'Don't let him die Nikki'.

Dean sat in the booth, looking down at the eggs with a sick look on his face. After having the same meal two days in a row, he would be happy if he never saw another egg in his life. Even the pretty young waitress had lost her appeal, if that was even possible. Sam noticed that Dean didn't even flirt back with the waitress, he leaned forward. "Dean, you do notice that she is flirting with you."

Dean looked up. "Flirting with the same girl and hearing the same compliments two times in a row gets real boring."

Sam never thought he would hear Dean say flirting was boring. He noticed the sad look in Dean's eyes and knew that Sam's time was running out. Mostly Sam was glad that Dean hadn't told him when or where.

After Sam finished his coffee he stood up. "Well Dean, let's head over to the house." Dean stared blankly at his half drunk coffee, yet again he wasn't sure if he could go through with this, what if Nikki didn't make it again.

Sam waited until Dean finally stood to his feet and put his hands in his pockets. "Let's go."

Sam walked alongside Dean, this was all like a deja vu to Sam. He looked up to see a creepy looking man standing up against the Impala. It suddenly came back to Sam, this is where the gun goes off!

Dean glared angrily at the man, every time he saw this bastard, he wanted to kill him. The man looked over at Sam and Dean. "Cool wheels."

This time Dean was unable to bring himself to give the man the sarcastic remark he wanted to. It was Sam who spoke. "Thanks, now we must be going."

The man flicked his cigarette away and pulled out the pistol, pointing at Sam. "Not so fast, hand over the keys." Sam now remembered all this, he only hoped that Dean didn't leap in front of him like last time.

It was all in slow motion to Dean again as the police car came around, the pistol fired, and the guy ran. Sam saw the bullet coming and made no move to get out of the way, he saw the look in Dean's misty eyes as Sam felt the burning pain as the bullet hit him in the chest. Dean was unable to tear his eyes from his brother.

Sam fell backwards, hitting the cement hard, his entire body on fire, it wasn't long before he blacked out, before he passed out, he saw Dean's tear stained face looking down at him and whispering. "You'll be fine Sammy, I promise."

Dean rode along with Sam in the ambulance, void of any emotion other then concern for his brother. Sam never once opened his eyes, his face was contorted in a mask of pain. Once they reached the hospital, the paramedic asked Dean what happened. Dean told the paramedic everything about the shooter, then he was silent.

Dean didn't argue with the doctor when he stopped him from going inside with Sam, he simply asked where Nurse Nikki was. The doctor shook his head. "She never showed up for work today."

Dean felt his breath catch. "What!"

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