Turn Back The Clock

Not Again

Dean was completely stunned, he couldn't have just said she wasn't there. "What do you mean?"

The doctor looked at Dean, irritation showing his eyes. "I mean that Nurse Nikki never came to work this morning, her friend Jinnie Hammerson came in this morning in tears."

Dean thought back, wasn't that the blonde angel that had been talking to Nikki? "Is Nikki okay?"

The doctor shrugged. "I can't talk to you long, but all I know is that Jinnie went to pick Nikki up early this morning at her apartment and Nikki wasn't there, the door had been blown off the hinges and the apartment was a wreck, we are having the police investigating it right now." With that, he turned and went into the emergency room.

Dean was floored, how could an angel be a victim of a random break-in, it just didn't make sense. He saw the blond angel walk by, most likely to go help with Sam. Dean caught her by the arm.

WHACK! Dean was once again stunned, though this time it was by a hand flying around and slapping him hard across the face. He immediately let go of her arm and stumbled back a bit. Petite my ass, that girl has some strength.

She turned around, shock on her face, apparently she hadn't known it was Dean. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Dean."

Dean held his cheek, a red mark stung his cheek. "What the hell did you hit me for?"

Jinnie stood with her hands on her hips, her golden hair pulled up into a bun. "I have a lot of guys grabbing me anytime they get the chance, of course I am going to hit them."

Dean noticed the tear stains on her face. "Where is Nikki, she is supposed to be here, to heal Sam."

A fresh tear fell from Jinnie's eye. "I don't know, I went to get her this morning and her place was completely torn apart, a major struggle had gone on there."

"She's a freakin angel, couldn't she just go all angel like and fly away?"

"We are half angels, Dean. We aren't exactly a huge threat to a freakin demon, she would be screwed no matter what." She took a breath. "All signs point to the yellow eyed demon, he wants another chance at you Dean."

"Well then let him come at me, I'll beat the shit out of him." Dean turned as he heard the flatline going.

Jinnie heard it also. "This is all wrong." She whispered to herself. Dean kept himself from shaking her, all he wanted was answers. "Don't let Sam die again, please." His voice was enough to jar Jinnie from her rambling.

"I can heal him now, but that means you will be living the day over once again, but that also means you will have Sam with you to help find Nikki."

If the day is going to play over again anyway, then why not just let go to sleep, then bam, Nikki will be right back at her apartment, avoid the demon, and save Sam like it was supposed to be in the first place."

"It's not that easy Dean. Nikki should have been more careful, like you, if she dies, its over."

This was insane, a freakin time loop of problems, all linking to that damn demon, if he had the Colt he would pop six of seven shots in the demon. "So let me get this straight, I die and it's over, she dies it's over, Sam dies and it continues?"

Jinnie nodded. Dean slammed his fist into the wall, causing a large dent in the wall. "This is so screwed up, all I want is my brother to stay alive for longer then one day and get out of this damn town."

"How do we know Nikki is even alive, wouldn't the demon just kill her on the spot?"

Jinnie snorted. "You may know a lot about spirits and things like that, but you have no idea on the workings of demons and angels. Angels have protection from God and demons have protection from..."

"Satan, yeah I know that much."

"Ok tough guy, what do you think has been keeping your ass alive on some of your harder missions, sure haven't been your skills. Anyway, as nephilim, we have limited protection but it isn't all that easy to kill us. Not impossible but definitely hard."

Dean almost took the bait, but his attention was brought back to Sam when he heard the doctor ask for paddles. "Just go save Sam, then we can duke it out later."

Jinnie nodded and in a moment she completely disappeared from Dean's view.

Sam was drifting, though it was strange, he knew he had felt it before. He was dying and Nikki wasn't there for him. He was worried, but not for himself, he was worried about Nikki and Dean. Sam didn't think Dean could handle another day with Sam dying and it wasn't fair to Dean.

He could hear muffled voices around him, but he couldn't really make out what they were saying nor could he feel the jolts run through his body as they used the paddles. This was the most aware he had ever been, strangest thing was he now remembered all the other days, the first horrible day, then dying at the house, he remembered it all.

Suddenly a golden glow appeared in front of him and there stood the blond haired angel in such brilliant radiance. Sam was unable to speak as she placed her hands over his chest. "Shhh, I'm here to bring you back."

Warmth spread through Sam's upper body and suddenly he was back to reality, the doctors and nurses stood back as Sam's heart began to beat again. He took one deep breath, then another. He opened his eyes and looked around, but the blonde angel was no where to be seen. Sam directed his gaze over to the window of the door and saw Dean peeking through. Sam gave a thumbs up to Dean weakly before passing out.

Dean leaned against the wall of the waiting room, relief washing over him, Sam was alive, but for how long?
Miles away from the small apartment she lived in, Nikki finally woke up.
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