Turn Back The Clock

Angelic Rescue

Nikki looked around the small room that she lay in, her head hurt as did her back. Her mind was a complete blur, what had happened?

She stood to her feet and surveyed her surroundings She was in a small dark room, a small light came in from a window high above her, it looked as though it was daytime. Sam!

She heard dark laughter and looked up to see a sort of shadow come out, yellow eyes peering at her. She backed up until her back touched the cold wall, she should have figured that the demon would come after her, but how had he come that morning when he hadn't the first day, it didn't make sense. She had no way of escaping and he knew it.

The demon echoed his horrid laughter and stood directly in front of her, leering at her. "You are one spirited little half-breed, you don't know what trouble I had to get you here."

With a start, Nikki realized that she wasn't a target of his, Dean was his real target. She knew as well as he did that Dean and Sam would come after her, only she hoped they didn't.

Nikki looked around frantically for a way out, as though reading her mind, the demon laughed. "Try as you might, there is no way you can get out of this room, now just sit tight." He turned to leave.

"Never going to work, they won't be able to find me." She only half believed herself.

"You forget my power, I will lead them here." With that he was gone.

Nikki slumped against the wall and sighed. Don't come, please Sam, don't come.

Dean waited an hour in the waiting room before they finally admitted him in to see Sam. The doctors were all baffled as to why Sam suddenly recovered when they had come inches of losing him. They just summed it up as a miracle, for that was truly what it was.

Sam sat up in his bed in the small room, when he saw Dean enter he smiled. "Hey Dean."

Dean came in smiling. "Good to see you."

"Good to be seen." After a few moments Sam asked. "So where was this girl who was supposed to heal me?"

Dean sat in the chair beside Sam's bed and sighed. "I don't know, she disappeared early this morning." Sam gasped. "The demon?"

Dean nodded. "Jinnie seems to think so."

Sam got a smile on his face, mischief in his eyes. "Jinnie huh, is that where you got that lovely mark on your cheek?"

Dean touched his red cheek a bit and smiled. "Let's just say that Nikki was right, Jinnie had a good right-hook." He grinned. "Along with a few other good body parts."

Sam rolled his eyes and got off the bed, Dean had brought in some of Sam's clothes. It took only a few minutes before Sam was out of the hospital gown and back in his own clothes. "So what now?"

"I don't really know, I mean we should find Nikki, but we don't even know where to start." Suddenly the door opened, clipping Dean in the back of the head hard. "Geez!" Dean yelled as he held his now hurting head.

Jinnie walked into the room, her face looking as though she was smothering a laugh. Dean glared at the girl. "You did that on purpose."

Jinnie nodded. "Yes I did." Sam snorted at her blunt nature. She then turned to Sam, ignoring the searing look Dean was giving her. "I don't know how, but I am able to sense where Nikki is, but I think it is a trap."

Dean came over rubbing the back of his head. "Of course it's a trap, but we still need to go and get her."

Sam nodded his head in agreement. Jinnie stood back and sighed, these brothers would walk into anything.

"Ok, where is she?"

"About thirty miles west of her apartment in a old warehouse. She is hurting pretty bad."

That was all she had to say, both boys got a determined look on their faces and headed out the door, a few seconds later Dean walked back in. "Hey, think I can get a little..." He didn't get to finish his question when Jinnie smacked him on the face, an annoyed look on her face.

He grinned and ran out the door. It had been worth a try.

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