Turn Back The Clock

Cock The Gun

Dean drove the Impala quickly towards the warehouse, why the hell did that damn demon have to get himself involved in this, why couldn't he take a freakin vacation once in a while, cut the brother's some slack. Dean just wanted to leave this damn town and never look back, of course he wanted his geek brother sitting next to him in the passenger seat.

He looked over at Sam again, just glad that he was alive again. This entire thing was so screwed, considering the fact that once again Sam would have to be shot for the damn time loop to end. Damn freakin demon messed it up, he would strangle the damn thing himself for causing all this shit.

"Dean, turn here." Dean nodded and turned down a dusty path leading to an old warehouse that looked like it was about to fall apart, they were running into this trip half cocked and pissed off. They had nothing that could really hurt the demon other then a strong exorcism that Sam knew.

Dean parked the car off to the side in the high grass so no one passing the warehouse would see their car and decide to investigate, they really didn't need anyone else in this mess. Dean popped the trunk and got his favorite shotgun out and loaded it with special silver rounds blessed and dipped in holy water. It may not kill the demon, but it would hurt like a mother just the same. Sam followed suit, grabbing a different shotgun and the same ammo. "Ready Dean?"

"Dumb question Sam, I'm always ready." Dean tried sounding all badass, it would have worked too if he hadn't turned and tripped over a gun that had fallen out of the trunk while they had been getting their own guns out. Sam choked back a laugh as Dean landed on his face, but he still snorted a bit. Dean looked up at Sam and glared at him. "Shut up Sammy before your clothes get itching powder in them again."

Sam offered his hand and smiled as he helped his brother up. "Whatever you say sticky fingers." It lightened the moment a good bit, causing Dean to smile.

He cocked the gun and both of them headed towards the warehouse, unaware of the fact that the predator was watching them at that very moment.

The demon turned where Nikki was beginning to doze off, he growled and slammed his fist inches from her face. She yelped and moved away from his fist, causing her head to hurt again. "Damnit, what the hell do you want now you bastard?"

The demon laughed. "Temper temper, that's hardly attractive in a half-breed."

Nikki glared angrily at the demon. "You don't get an opinion." After she said that, she closed her eyes and ignored him, knowing it would more then likely piss the demon off.

She was wrong, he simply ignored her as well, turning his back to her to watch something out the window. What was he looking at?

Nikki stood to her feet slowly, ignoring her pounding head and looked over the demon's shoulder, she gasped as she saw Dean walk into the building. She should have known they would come, but she didn't want them to, her life was nothing compared to theirs. Turn back guys, please turn back.

The demon turned to look at her, a twisted grin on his face. "Well, I believe help has arrived. What took them so long?" Without another word he vanished from the room, leaving Nikki alone to watch the brothers enter a trap looking for her.

Sam cocked his gun as they entered the warehouse, he jumped a bit when the door behind them suddenly slammed shut.. They knew there were heading into a trap. Dean was ahead of Sam, looking around, what happened next surprised both brothers.

First Sam was slammed against the wall by an unseen force, he was held against the wall and watched in horror as a small hatchet found it's way into Dean's right shoulder.

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