Turn Back The Clock

Demonic Rage

Nikki watched helplessly as Sam was slammed against the wall hard and then the hatchet bury itself in Dean's shoulder. She wanted nothing more then to help them, but she couldn't.

She stood to her feet and searched for a way out of the room, it was a warehouse, not a prison. She was right, there was a small hatch that led to the main room. She pulled at the hatch until it opened, it was just the right size for her to squeeze through and slide down the shoot. Hold on guys, I am coming to help. Question was, how much help was she really going to be?

Dean let out a cry of pain and hit the wall behind him from the force of the hatchet. His right arm was completely useless now, hanging limb at his side. The hatchet was buried deep in his arm, blood slicked the handle and fell into a small puddle on the floor. The pain was horrible, he would rather the bullet any day.

He grabbed the handle of the hatchet with his good hand and tried as hard he could to pull the little sucker out of his arm.

Sam had been terrified as he watched the hatchet hit his brother, but he was helpless to do anything while he was forced against the wall. He wanted so badly to help Dean, but he just couldn't.

Suddenly the demon made his appearance, his feral gold eyes always filled Sam with such anger. The demon ignored Dean entirely, pretty sure that Dean brought no immediate threat to him. "So Sam, here we are again. But this time daddy isn't here to save you."

Sam growled low in his throat, wanting to tear the demon apart. Suddenly a gun shot rang through the air and the demon howled in pain. The demon turned to see Dean standing behind him holding a smoking gun in his good hand, a pissed off look on his face. "Dad may not be here, but I am." He aimed the gun straight at the demon, waiting to get another shot off.

The demon turned, giving Dean his full attention, obviously Dean was a bigger pain in the ass then he thought, but he would soon learn. "Not for long Dean, soon you will be burning in Hell along with your pathetic father."

The demon smiled, watching a look of pain cross Dean's face, he knew he had struck a major nerve. "You know why he isn't here don't you Dean." He grinned. "He gave his life and the Colt in exchange for your pathetic life, I believe I got the better deal."

Everything the demon said tore at Dean inside, it was killing him because what the demon said was true. He knew it in his heart that his dad had given his life for him.

"Shut up!" He yelled and shot the gun at the demon again. The demon smiled and vanished before the bullet reached him. The bullet narrowly missed Sam's head. "Geez!"

"Sorry Sammy." The demon reappeared behind Dean. "Want to try again?"

Dean whipped around in time to be forced against the wall hard, however the gun stayed in the air, unbeknownst to the demon or Dean.

Sam had a good hold on the gun now, the hard part came after that. Sam had dropped his own gun when he had been slammed into the wall, it now lay below his dangling feet. He concentrated hard on keeping the one gun in the air while trying to get the other one as well and it was hard on his head. He was sweating and his brain felt like exploding, but he was relieved when he saw his gun start to rise in the air.

The demon walked up to Dean, his gold eyes bore into Dean's eyes. Without saying a word, Dean began to feel a tearing feeling in his chest. He had only ever felt this way once before, the last time they confronted the demon in their dad's body. He felt like his chest was on fire.

"Dean!" The demon turned in time to be blasted by two guns, he was in extreme pain. He dropped both boys from the walls, losing his control over them for the moment. They hadn't even come close to killing him, but it hurt like hell.

Sam jumped to his feet and ran over to Dean. "Dean, get up!" Dean's chest was covered in blood, but not as badly as it had been before. Dean got to his feet, a bit shaky, but he got to his feet with Sam's help.

They hadn't walked two feet when Sam was throw from Dean's side and hit against the wall, Dean looked over and saw Sam laying on the floor, his head bleeding and he wasn't moving. Was he dead?

Before Dean could go over to his brother, he was faced with a gun being held right in front of him. The demon's eyes were blood red and the gun cocked. Dean backed away until his back hit the wall, there was a good distance between him and the gun, but it didn't look like the gun would easily miss. All he could really think about was Sammy. Suddenly the gun went off, Dean watched as the bullet raced towards him, this was it, he was going to die. He closed his eyes and waited.

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