Turn Back The Clock

Back Door

Nikki slid down the shaft quickly, if she wasn't terrified out of her mind, she might thought it was fun. She launched out of shoot and landed in a pile of old rags. She quickly stood to her feet and looked around, what she saw scared her near witless. Sam had just been throw away from Dean and had hit the wall really hard, hard enough to possibly crack his head. She waited for him to get up, but realized after a few minutes that he wasn't getting up, was he dead?

She ran as fast as she could over to where Sam lay, she laid her head down on his chest, just praying that she heard a heartbeat. Relief hit her like water as she heard the faint thumping of his heart, he was alive or at least for now he was. She saw the blood creep down the side of his head and realized he had hit his head too hard and had cracked it. Without remembering, she put her hands over his head, expecting her healing to take effect immediately.

When nothing happened, she smacked her forehead. Duh, the demon had taken her power to heal away from her. She heard a gun cock and looked up to see Dean against a wall, his eyes wide as he stared at the gun. She remembered Jinnie's words. "You know as well as I do that Dean Winchester isn't supposed to die!" She had to stop Dean from getting killed, especially if Sam was dying.

She ran as fast as her mortal legs would allow, she made herself not look at the demon because if she did then she would most likely not make it. She watched the gun fire itself and Dean close his eyes, she was a few inches from him, but knew that she could only do one thing to save him.

She closed her own eyes and leapt forward, although she had originally planned on pushing Dean out of the way, she couldn't now. She jumped right in front of him, the bullet entered her heart. She cried out in pain as fire laced through her entire being before she slammed hard to the ground. Dean opened his eyes to see Nikki laying on the ground bleeding, her breathing was heavy and pained. He knelt down beside her. "Why did you do that?"

The demon's eyes turned back to gold and he laughed. So the little angel had sacrificed herself to end the time loop, what a foolish angel. He took a step towards Dean and Nikki and was suddenly thrown violently back, slamming through the steel walls. Dean looked up surprised to see Sam standing to his feet, blood still dripping down the side of his head and an extremely pissed off look on his face.

Dean hadn't seen Sam this angry in a long time. The gun fell out of the air and landed in front of Dean, Nikki held on only by a thread, her breathing slowing down every few seconds, she was dying and there was nothing that could be done.

The demon slowly made his reappearance, coming through the hole he had gone through. He didn't seem really afraid of Sam's anger, in fact he seemed quite impressed and happy by it, as though it was an unexpected surprise. He stood in front of Sam, his feral gold eyes boring into Sam's dark green glare. "Your powers are coming along nicely, you will make a fine soldier." With those words the demon vanished, probably just happy with the outcome. His soldier's power was growing and he had rid the world of a nephilim.

Sam seemed stunned for a moment at what the demon had said, but he quickly shook it off and ran over to where Nikki lay. Dean knelt down beside her, a single tear running down his cheek. She had sacrificed her life to save his, that just gave Dean another reason to kill that damn demon when he saw him again.

Sam knelt down beside Dean and looked down at Nikki. The demon was gone, why couldn't she go ethereal again? "Nikki, can't you just heal yourself?" His words were almost desperate, he didn't want another person that he cared for dying, it was too much.

"Sam, I can't now." She winced in pain, it hurt to breathe much less talk, but she had to put Sam at ease, she knew he would probably blame himself for this somehow. "It's alright. I get it now. You weren't ever meant to die nor was Dean. That was my fate."

Dean was stunned, Jinnie had said that... Wait, if Nikki died, the time loop was over. Was that the wrong righted or some supernatural bullshit loophole? He didn't get it and he hated to see Nikki lose her life.

Sam kissed her forehead, his tears falling freely, he should have stopped the bullet himself, he should have done anything...

"Don't Sam, don't blame yourself, it was God's plan for this to happen and I accept it." She turned her head and saw her friend Jinnie standing there and offered her a tearful smile. "Take care of them." Nikki turned and looked up at Dean. "The time loop is over Dean." With those words, Nikki died.

Jinnie wiped a tear from her face and looked to the injured brothers. She could have healed Nikki but it wouldn't have done them any good. This was how it was meant to be. "She was a good soul, I can only hope she gets a reward for her sacrifice." Jinnie sighed softly.

Why did the demon call him a soldier, did that have something to do with his so called plans for him and the other children like him. It was simple to see that Sam's life had just become even more complicated and even more so dangerous.

Dean noticed Sam's quiet demeanor and moved over to put his arm around his little brother's neck. "Don't worry so much Sammy."

So Dean hadn't heard what the demon had said, Sam wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed about that. His head throbbed horribly, must have been from hitting the wall so hard, or was it from using his powers so much. He had never used such a large amount of power before and it scared him now, remembering the rush of power he had felt when he had seen Nikki get shot. He was starting to get scared of himself.

Sam felt so dizzy and then suddenly, the floor came up to meet him as he passed out.

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