Turn Back The Clock

The End

Dean woke up the next morning with a big hangover, he obviously hadn't learned his lesson before, because he had gone out drinking the night before after Jinnie had left. Sam had declined going, saying he needed to catch some sleep, although Dean didn't believe him, he didn't push him into going like he normally would.

Dean opened his eyes and yelped in surprise when he was smacked in the head with a pillow. He fell off the bed stunned as he heard Sam laughing. Oh God no, not again. The time loop had ended, it couldn't be going again.

Dean looked up at Sam and gasped when he saw he wore the same shirt he had when the time loop had begun. "You have got to be kidding me." He said as he sat up.

Sam had a big grin on his face as he whacked Dean in the head again. "No Dean, the time loop hasn't started over again, just wanted to get you back for the itching powder last night."

Dean gave a lopsided grin and stood to his feet, his heart racing. "That was low little brother, even for you." Before he had left for the bar that night, he had snuck into the bathroom and spread a bunch itching powder through all his clothes and then snuck back out. He had to admit though, Sam's trick had worked like magic.

Dean rubbed his head and sat on the bed. "Dude, get me an aspirin or something, I feel like hell."

Sam laughed as he looked through Dean's bag searching for the bottle of pills, he stopped when he found an old picture. It was of John holding a four year old Dean and Dean held baby Sammy. Sam almost teared up as he looked at the ragged photo. He slipped the picture in his pocket and found the bottle of aspirin for Dean.

Dean had noticed that Sam had gotten quiet and looked over, only just catching the bottle as it sailed towards his head. "You ok Sammy?"

Sam looked up and nodded. "Yeah, so where to next?"

"Well my geeky lil bro, I say we hit as many bars as possible and see who picks up the most chicks." Dean could just picture it now, Sam talking to only one girl while Dean had chicks all around him, begging for his attention.

Sam laughed, seeing the familiar look in his brother's eyes. "As much fun as that sounds, count me out."

"Aw Sammy, you're no fun."

"Haven't you learned about hangovers yet Dean?"

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