Turn Back The Clock

One More Chance

Dean ran over to the window and saw Sam holding onto the window sill with everything he had, but he was beginning to lose his grip. "Dean, help me up."

Dean still had a chance, a chance to keep Sam from dying. He reached down to grab Sam's hand when he felt rough hands wrap around his neck. He tried unsuccessfully to dislodge the fingers from his neck, the spirit dragged Dean back into the room.

Sam saw Dean being dragged back into the room and tried his hardest to pull himself up, not for his life but for Dean's. His face peeked over the side to see Dean fighting with an invisible opponent. "Dean." He slipped, smacking his chin on the window sill. "Damn."

Dean was slowly being choked by the spirit. "You are supposed to be weaker, you twisted bastard." Just out of his reach was his gun, he saw Sam still hanging on, all he needed was to shoot the spirit once and then he could get Sam.

He started to feel lightheaded as the oxygen was being cut off, he suddenly remembered the knife in his back pocket. He grabbed the knife and stabbed it backwards, feeling the instant relief as the spirit disappeared.

He ran back over to the window and grabbed for Sam's hand. "Ok Sammy, time to come back in." He pulled him up slowly, inch by inch, suddenly he felt the evil presence behind him and cursed under his breath. Sam's eyes were wide open as he hung there, he didn't have the strength to keep holding on and Dean didn't have the strength either. Dean had two options, let Sam go, turn around and shoot the damn thing, or let the thing push them both out the window, he wasn't willing to do either.

The look in Sam's eyes told Dean what he was thinking, he felt Sam loosen his grip on Dean's hand. "Don't you dare Sam." It seemed that Sam had made the choice.

Sam looked up at Dean. "I'm not gonna let you die because of me Dean."

Dean gripped Sam's hand tighter, he could feel the spirit gathering strength for its next assault.

"I'm not going to let you die again." Dean said under his breath, he felt like he was being torn to pieces. Sam gave Dean a look. "Don't worry about me, you have to let me go if you want to live."

With those words said, Sam completely let go of Dean's hand, Dean felt his grip slip, then watched in horror as Sam fell down the two stories to the hard ground. He turned and shot the spirit over and over again with the rock salt.

Once the spirit had disappeared again, Dean lit a match and threw it on the ground, he walked out of the room as the fire rapidly spread. He got out of the house feeling completely numb, watching his brother die once was heart aching, watching him die again nearly killed him.

He walked over to where Sam had landed, it looked as though he had broken his neck, his eyes were wide open. Dean looked down on his younger brother's face. He fell to his knees and let out a gut-wrenching sob. He had failed yet again, he had let Sam die again. He had a chance to stop it, but he failed. He had kept Sam from getting shot, but it hadn't been enough.

"I'm sorry Sammy." Sam had died protecting Dean. Dean closed Sam's eyes, not able to look at the vacant dark green eyes that used to be full of life and questions.

He looked up and watched as the house burned to the ground. He saw the spirit in the window of house before the structure finally collapsed. Strangely enough, Sam lay close to the Weeping Willow. Dean stood up and began beating the hell out of the tree, slamming his fists into it over and over again, screaming in frustration and despair. He punched the tree until his fists were bloody and his throat was raw. Once all his frustration was beaten out of him through his fists, he turned back to Sam.

As hard as it was, Dean bent down and as gently as he could lifted his brother's body up and put him across his shoulder. He was going to bury Sam, just in case Dean didn't get another chance. He set Sam's body in the backseat, funny how it looked like he was just sleeping.

He drove out of the area, towards the graveyard where their mom had been buried, its where Sam would have wanted to be buried. This was worse then the first time Sam had been killed, here Sam had been killed protecting Dean, no amount of begging from Dean could have changed Sam's mind, which made it all the worse. What kind of big brother was he, getting his little brother killed when he should have been keeping him safe.

It was nightfall when Dean finally arrived at the gravesite, it was fortunate that there was no one else around. He began digging a hole right beside his mom's grave, he made sure it was deep enough before gently setting Sam's body into the hole.

As he began pouring the dirt back into the hole, Dean began thinking. What if he was caught in a time loop, he would be forced to watch his brother die over and over again, it seemed that death was after Sam no matter what Dean did.

Dean knelt down next to the newly made grave, tears in his eyes. "I need another chance, one more chance to make things right, I can't lose you Sam." Dean wasn't sure who he was pleading with, but he didn't care as long as he was given another chance to save his little brother. "One more chance...please."

Dean laid his head on the mound of dirt, closing his eyes. He needed to know if this was a nightmare or not, if he woke up laying on the cold hard ground with his head on a mound of dirt, he would know that he had truly lost his brother, but if he woke up in the bed, with a pillow being slammed into his head, he would have that third chance, and then he would not fail. He swore it.

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