Turn Back The Clock

Time Loop Issues

Dean looked at the screen, his face pale, his heart beating frantically in his chest. In a paragraph about time-loops, it read: 'Time-loops are rare, they only occur when a terrible wrong has happened, the person involved will be forced to relive that day over again until the wrong is righted. A person could spend century upon century trapped in a time loop, never figuring out the wrong that had been done. Until the wrong has been righted, the person who died will continue to die, sometimes in the most horrible way..'

"Shit" Dean said again. So Sam dying was the wrong, but Sam had died no matter what Dean had done. "I don't understand Sam, I saved you from getting shot, but then you were killed by the spirit."

"I don't really understand either Dean, I mean the wrong might not have to do with my death."

Dean slammed his fist into the wall, leaving a small dent. This was so frustrating and way too much to handle. But at least he had Sam helping him this time. "Alright, so how do we figure out the wrong that happened?"

Sam sighed. "As much as I'm not looking forward to saying this, it means we have to go through the day as we did the first day, when I was..." Sam really didn't want to say it, it felt so weird.

"Hell no, I am not watching you get shot again, I won't be able to handle it Sam, hell I don't know how you handle your visions." Dean walked over and grabbed their dad's journal, flipping through it's many pages for anything about time loops. He threw it down on the bed when he found nothing. "Nothing in dad's journal, any other ideas?"

Sam shook his head. "Nope, the first one is the only one I can think of." Sam closed his laptop and stood up. "Maybe now that I know about the shooting, I can avoid it?"

"Yeah, but what happens if you do, then you are killed by some freak accident, like getting hit by a meteor or a falling piano or something?"

Sam had to laugh. "Doesn't that sound a bit extreme Dean?"

"Dude, I'm serious, there is no way I can watch you die again, I just can't." His voice broke once more and he felt a weight building.

Sam put his arm around Dean's shoulder. "If we do this right, you won't have to."


Dean looked down at the coffee in front of him, Sam had to practically force Dean to park the Impala were the shooter would be. He didn't feel like drinking the coffee or eating the eggs placed in front of him, he didn't even flirt with the waitress.

Sam sat there typing on him computer, trying to find info on the house and their situation. Dean got a smile on his face and closed the laptop on Sam's fingers, Sam yelped and pulled his fingers out, glaring at Dean.

"Hey, your food is here, stop flirting with your computer." Sam laughed and slid the laptop off the table and began eating his food. Dean hoped to God that this was the last day he had to go through this, for one the food sucked there and of course he wanted the hell out of this place.

Once Sam finished his food he stood up and stretched. "Alright, let's go check out the house Dean."

Dean felt rooted to his spot, he couldn't move an inch, he didn't want to. "Nah, I think I will stay right here."

Sam glared at him. "Come on Dean, if you don't want this happening again, we need to do this."

Dean sighed and stood up, taking his sweet time walking out the door. Sam laughed and pushed him out the door. "Geez you're slow."

"That's the point." He sighed as he and Sam began their walk towards the car. Sam seemed to be trying to stay positive, which was the complete opposite of Dean, though Sam would be very optimistic if he had lived through what Dean had, then suddenly it hit Dean. He understood the wrong that had happened and he knew what had to be done.

Sam was way ahead of Dean, Dean saw the little rat bastard leaning against his car, smoking his cigarette. "Cool wheels."

It took everything Dean had not to kill the guy right there. He saw the unnerved look Sam gave him, he could almost read Sam's mind, maybe this had been a bad idea. "Yeah I know, now get away from my car now." His voice had a razor sharp edge to it, surprising the guy.

He glared at Dean and Sam and flicked the cigarette away, pulling out the pistol. "I don't think so, now hand over the keys." His voice was shaky as ever, as though he didn't have much confidence.

"Whoa, take it easy man, we don't want to hurt you." Sam looked at Dean like he was crazy, but Dean knew exactly what he was doing, at least he hoped he did.

"Give me the damn keys now!" Just then the police car came around, making the guy panic. He accidently squeezed the trigger, the sound scared the guy, he dropped it and ran.

Dean watched it in almost slow motion as the bullet went towards Sam, this time Dean knew what he had to do. Without even thinking, he jumped in front of Sam, feeling the burning fire of pain as the bullet hit him.

Sam's eyes were wide as Dean knocked them both over, Sam's head struck the cement hard, knocking him out.

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