Turn Back The Clock

Oh Shit

The sirens wailed as it made it's way to the hospital. Two victims lay in serious condition in the back, two paramedics to one man. One of the men had been shot and was bleeding heavily, they weren't sure they would be able to stop the bleeding. The other man had suffered a serious head trauma, he was knocked out cold and the paramedics couldn't get a response out of him.

The ambulance pulled up to the emergency entrance and both boys were taken out, each went to separate parts of the hospital. An older doctor looked at Dean. "Analysis?"

"Gun shot wound to the shoulder, heavy loss of blood, unresponsive."

"Take him up to the ICU for now, I'll see about a blood transfusion, hopefully we can get him bandaged up and some blood into him." The nurse nodded and they rushed Dean up to the ICU, hooking him up to machine to try and keep his heart beating while they waited for the blood transfusion and got the bullet out.

Sam was taken to the trauma unit, where they carefully examined his head wound, taking x-rays to see if there was any major head damage. Sam was unconscious the entire time, which worried the doctors. After a series of tests, they set Sam up in a hospital bed, having a nurse keep constant watch on him.

Sam woke up that night, his head hurting horribly. He looked around in confusion, hearing the beeping of the machine he was hooked up to. He was hooked up to an IV and was resting in a bed, his head bandaged. He sat up too quickly and a wave of dizziness was felt, causing him nearly to retch. His mind was a blur, how had he ended up in the hospital, what had happened?

He waited until his dizziness passed before slowly sitting up this time. The door opened suddenly and he found himself jumping which only brought more pain to both his head and the IV in his arm. The nurse, who had walked in, took note of the patient's condition. "Well, it's about time you decided to wake up." She was a brunette little thing with kind eyes and a smile.

"Yeah, what happened, why does my head feel like it was run over with a steamroller?"

"Memory loss is common in severe head trauma. All I can tell you at the moment is that you cracked your head of the cement earlier today and are lucky to have woken up so soon, the doctors weren't sure if you even would wake up."

Slowly the memory of the day came back, the gun shot and...Dean!

"Where is my brother, is he alright?" Sam was in a near panic, Dean had dove in front of Sam to save him from getting shot, then Sam blacked out. Had Dean made it?

"Sir, you need to calm down and lay back, you can't go getting yourself all up..."

"Just tell me where Dean is, I need to see him now." Sam showed his stubbornness by taking the covers off and swinging his feet over the edge of the bed, his head felt like it was about to fall off, but he didn't let that deter him.

The nurse ran over to him, glaring at him. "You get back in your bed this instant."

"Not until you tell me if Dean is alright." Sam gave her a look that told her that he meant what he said.

The nurse sighed and looked at clipboard. "I can get into a lot of trouble for this, you know that?"

Sam gave a semi-pained smiled. "You would be in more trouble if you couldn't keep your patient in his bed."

That earned him another glare from the nurse, while Dean could charm all kinds of woman, Sam tended to annoy the hell out of them. He waited a few moments until the nurse looked up from the clipboard. "The man who was brought in with you was shot in the shoulder, he has lost a large amount of blood and is in ICU awaiting a blood transfusion."

"I have to get over there." He stood up and nearly fell, but he was caught and supported by the nurse. "You are just recovering from severe head trauma, you are not fit to go anywhere. Also, what exactly can you do for him anyway?"

"Listen, that's my brother there, he took a bullet for me, I'm going whether you like it or not." The nurse grumbled angrily. "Why do I always get the stubborn ones?" She reached over and took the IV out of his arm. "OW!"

"Oh did that hurt?" Her voice was nowhere near sympathetic.

"Uh yeah."

"Good." Sam huffed slightly, trying to stiffle the groan of discomfort as the nurse helped steady him. "I'm going to go get a wheelchair for you, if anyone comes in and asks, just tell them Nikki's coming right back."

Sam nodded and watched as she left. At least she was cooperating now, made things easier on him. Sam felt dizzy again and sat down..well actually fell down on the bed. He had really taken a hard blow to the head, it scared him but he didn't allow it to keep him from seeing Dean.

He heard footsteps and smiled as Nikki came back in pushing a wheelchair. "Alright, sit down in the wheelchair and I will take you see your brother for a few minutes. After that, you have to promise to come straight back and lay down, no trouble. If you do give me trouble, so help me I will strap you to your bed."

Sam, with Nikki's help, got into the chair, the leather feeling cold on his skin, he gave her a grin. "Alright, I promise, no trouble at all."

"I don't believe you, you seem to be full of trouble." Despite the circumstances, she smiled as she wheeled Sam out of the room. Sam looked up at her, his head spinning. "My name is Sam, by the way."

"Can't say it's nice to meet you Sam, not with all the trouble you are giving me, not to mention all the trouble I could get into." Sam laughed, she was feisty.

Nikki wheeled sam out of the trauma unit and all the way to the other side of the hospital, to the ICU. She was given clearance by the head nurse of the ICU.

Sam kept himself awake, no matter how much his body wanted to rest, he needed to see Dean with his own eyes.

When they came to where Dean lay, unconscious in the hospital bed. Wires were hooked into him all around and a heart monitor beeped slowly. It took Sam back to when Dean had fought for his life after the car wreck, right before their dad had died. Dean looked so frail as he lay there, his shoulder bled through the bandage.

"All because of me Dean, you are a mess and all to keep me from dying." Sam couldn't help but feel guilty, it had been his idea to go through with the day, knowing that the shooter would be there, he should have known Dean would jump in front of him.

Nikki looked at Dean, sympathy showing in her pretty blue eyes. "So he took a bullet for you?"

Sam sighed. "Yup, always has been a protective brother, but I can't help but feel responsible."

Nikki put her hand gently on Sam's shoulder. "It must be nice to be so close to your brother. I'm sure he will be just..." She was interrupted by the loud beeping coming from one of the machines hooked to Dean. Her face turned pale as she ran over. "Oh shit."

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