Bad Faith Book 1

10. Meeting Moony

I spent the first hour of the dance drinking and dancing with James, Sirius, and Peter. They had all dressed up, but unlike me, they hadn't bothered to do anything with their hair or even wear masks. James had dressed up as a vampire, fangs and all. His costume was very traditional and Dracula styled in red and black with a cape. Sirius had deigned to be a pirate. He had forgone the stereotypical hook and eye patch in exchange for something more culturally accurate, or at least more attractive. He had a black silk shirt with billowy arms and a very open neck, exposing his chest. His pants were tight and made of leather. He had a red scarf tied around his head and an expensive, but decorative cutlass tucked into his equally red belt. Peter had decided to go as a ninja. I could barely look at him without bursting out laughing. He had a black hood and a face mask. The only thing you could see what his eyes. But he was also a chubbier kid than most of us. His black robes made him look like an oversized child who was about to go trick or treating. It wasn't a pleasant look. Remus was still missing.

Sirius went off with some girl dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin and James was dragged off by some Slytherin who thought just because her face was covered, it didn't matter that James was a Gryffindor. Peter and I parted ways shortly later and I found myself standing alone in a far corner of the Great Hall with Sirius's self-refilling flask of firewhiskey.

I slid the flask into the pocket of my utility belt, but didn't look up as I heard someone walk up to me. Teachers had been coming over to check on me periodically all night. "I'm fine, alright, professor? I'm not crying or snogging, now go break up those two lovebirds who stole my table." I said softly.

"Awe, how cute." A low, sexy growl answered. "Not only did you dress up all pretty just for me, but you're into games too. I could get down with that."

I looked up at the man with all intents set on a glare, but his outfit stopped me. The man was wearing what could have been a nice muggle suit once. The white jacket and pants were torn and frayed. The blood red dress shirt was shredded, though it still covered more than enough to be considered decent. I could see a few scars on the small amount of his chest that was visible and the hint of a tattoo peeked out from a gap where a button was missing. His gorgeous tribal wolf mask was white and silver and covered his whole face as well as having white wolf fur draped down the back of it to cover his hair and the back of his neck. The eyes that peeked out of the eye holes were a gorgeous, animalistic yellow and I had the feeling that I was staring into the eyes of a real wolf.

"Sweet heart, I don't know who you are, but I didn't dress up for you. I dressed up for myself. I look hot as hell and bad ass to boot." I smiled brightly.

"That hurts, Desari." He growled. I could hear the smile in his voice, despite being unable to see it. "Though you are right. You do look hot as hell. Then again, you always look hot as hell to me."

I frowned "How do you know who I am? I dyed my hair and everything…. Can everyone tell who I am?" I covered my chest protectively.

"No, my dear. I had no idea who was hiding in the corner until I heard your voice." He chuckled and looked me over. "Might I say that you look beautiful though?"

"It would be more heartfelt if I knew your name, since you so obviously know mine." I smiled, relaxing.

"Well, as tempting as that is, my dear Desari, I feel the need to leave you in the dark for tonight." His voice had that tone of a smile again and I couldn't help smiling in return. "I promise that I'll tell you one of these days."

"Oh, you're a heartbreaker." I teased, slapping his shoulder.

He smiled and took a step back to check out my outfit in detail. "And you're wearing an awful lot of silver. Trying to tell this old wolf something?"

I giggled and smacked his shoulder playfully again. "I'm Red the Werewolf Hunter. How do you expect me to avenge my poor old grandmother without a fair deal of silver to take out the wolf who killed her?"

He tilted his head lightly. "I'm fairly sure that you wouldn't know what to do if you encountered a werewolf like myself on the night of the full moon." He brushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

"Oh, my dear, I would never actually hurt a real werewolf. Those poor creatures can't help what they are." I smirked evilly. "But some arrogant wanna-be? I could tame you in ten minutes, pup."

He wrapped an arm around my waist. "Is that a challenge love?"

I leaned into his shoulder. The rational side of my mind was telling me that I had no idea who this arrogant jerk was, but the firewhiskey had made that voice quiet. "Yep, definitely a challenge. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be wearing a collar and playing dead, baby."

"I'd rather be dead, babe." He growled lowly.

I smiled and pulled out my flask again, taking a healthy swig. The dance floor was slowly thinning as people got tired and couples found a quiet place to show their love and lust for each other. I glanced at the clock. Fifteen minutes until touch down. I glanced around the Great Hall meeting the Marauder's eyes. James had gotten away from his Slytherin counterpart. Sirius had his arm around Jasmine, though he wasn't attached to her at the lips anymore. Peter was at the table closest to the refreshment table. I still couldn't see a sign of Remus though. I didn't see his shaggy blonde hair or even his amber eyes as I probed the room.

"Desari?" The wolf beside me asked softly. "You okay, babe? You look like your heart is being ripped from your chest."

"I'm fine."

"Oh, you're waiting for someone, huh?" The wolf boy's voice was a grin again. "Did some idiot of a boy stand you up?"

"Not exactly, Moony." I shrugged lightly. "I, uh, never actually asked him to this stupid dance, and he never asked me. So, I'm drowning my sorrows."

"Moony huh?"

"You won't tell me your name, so why not?" I looked the boy over, repressing the urge to trace one of the scars I could see along his collar. What is it with me and scars? I asked myself silently. "You know, werewolves and the moon, or whatever."

"I think I like it." He chuckled and gently took the flask from my hand. I thought it was so he could have a drink, but instead he put in in the inner pocket of his jacket. "Also, I think you may have had enough from Black's flask."

"Doesn't matter what you think, Moony. Sirius trusted me with that flask and I intend on giving it back to him on my way back to my dorm. Which will be in about ten minutes." I glared at him and reached forward to take the flask back.

"I'll make sure he gets it back." Moony said grabbing my wrist to stop me. I growled lowly at him and tried to jerk my hand back. He growled back and grabbed my other wrist pinning them both above my head.

"I can't do this right now." I whispered breathlessly.

"Does that mean that you might want to do this some other time?"

"Moony, you need to let me go. As sexy as being pinned to the wall by you is, your girlfriend might not like it." I whispered half-teasing.

"That's funny, Desari." He whispered, his breath hot on my neck. I closed my eyes and bit my lip to stop myself from moaning. He pulled my lip from between my teeth with his own and pressed a hot, searing kiss to my lips. My eyes snapped open in shock, but he was gone. My hands were free and I could no longer feel the press of his body against mine. I looked around, searching for him, but I saw nothing.

I sighed and leaned my head against the wall. Alcohol and lust were a potent mixture in my blood. I could barely hold myself upright. Suddenly, seeing the Slytherins as Disney Princesses didn't sound nearly as interesting as it had before. I leaned against the wall as I stumbled out of the Great Hall, five minutes before midnight.

I was halfway to the stairs that lead to the dungeon when I felt an arm wrap around me to help me stand. I tried to pull away and would have fallen if Severus hadn't caught me and helped me back to my feet.

"What are you doing, Sev? You and Lily were having a great time last I saw." I groaned, pushing him back towards the Great Hall. "Go win your woman."

"Dez, the dance is almost over, and Lily understands. My wingman is drunk and I need to walk her back to the dorms so she doesn't end up passed out in the dungeons. Think of what Filch would say if he saw you right now."

Severus led me right to the door of my private dorm. I'm pretty sure he would have followed me inside and tucked me in if there weren't a charm on the door not to allow anyone but me to pass through. He watched from the doorway as I stumbled to the bed and fell face first onto the emerald green sheets.

"Sleep well, little sister." He smiled as he shut the door.

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