Bad Faith Book 1

26. Reasonable Requests

With all the dating stuff out of the way and an excuse to tell anyone who bothered me, life went back to normal with little mention of any crush I might have on Remus. A few weeks afterwards, Lily came rushing into the library right past her usual table and into my arms tears dripping off her nose. It took me more than ten minutes to calm her down just enough for her to sound coherent. I moved all my books and papers aside and let her sit down in the chair next to me.

"Now, tell me what he did, and I will find a curse to appropriately remove his privatest parts." I said, awkwardly laying my arm across her shoulder to help her relax a little.

"H-He cursed at me" She sobbed, hiccupping in the middle, which just made her sob worse.

"You'll have to be a little more descriptive than that, my love. I know over a hundred curse words in nearly a dozen languages." I teased gently.

She sobbed louder and I pulled her to my chest to muffle the sounds so that Madame Pince didn't go completely postal on us. Eventually she calmed down enough to whisper, "He called me a mudblood. My own boyfriend called me..." and she collapsed into tears again. I held her close until she stopped crying and lead her, hiccuping up to the Gryffindor dorm where I cast a minor concealer charm so no one could see the tear streaks or red eyes for a few minutes.

"This is going to wear off in just a couple minutes, so head straight to bed, my dear. Get some sleep and I'll go have a word with Snape." I kissed her forehead and watched as she shambled into the common room and across the room before the portrait closed.

"Sorry, snake, were you wanting in too?" The fat lady snapped, glaring at me.

"There's simply no need for that, you old hag. I'm not going in this time, but I will be back at some point. Good bye, nice seeing you again." I snapped sarcastically and turned to storm down to the dungeons. In the entryway I ran across the four boys.

"Dez... you look mad..." Remus mewed awkwardly.

"Dez, before you hex us, he deserved everything we did after the levicorpus hex. He really did." Sirius said nibbling his lip.

"Did he really call Lily of all people... that?" I growled, barely stopping on my way to the dungeons.

James nodded. "Yeah. I'll admit that I was toying with him a bit, but you can't blame me for what he said to her."

"Shut up, guys. I have an ex-best friend to hex into oblivion." I snapped as I reached the stairs.

I didn't bother even giving a courtesy call as I walked right down the stairs into the boys dorms and slammed the fifth year dorm open. "Snape, I am going to murder you. Not only are you hanging out with freaks like Bella Black and her gang, but you're also calling your own girlfriend a mudblood? You're exactly like the rest of the scum infecting this house!"

I cast a silencing charm on Severus so he couldn't interrupt. "I don't care what the boys did to you, nothing excuses you calling her that. You gave me hope for Slytherin. You made all this dark lord death eater crap worth it, because I thought you might actually have some self respect, but you don't. You're nothing but a worthless blood purist scumbag and you don't even have the excuse of being a pureblood. When I join the war against the death eaters, it'll be bastards like you who give Slytherin a bad name that I'll enjoy taking to Azkaban. I hope the dementors give you a big sloppy kiss!"

I turned and stormed right out of the dorm and straight up to Professor Slughorn's office. When he finally opened the door, I blew past him and sat down in the chair across from his desk without a word. It took him several moments to realize what had happened and close the door. "Miss Malfoy, how can I help you?"

"I'm formally requesting a resorting at the beginning of next year and demanding that I sleep in a neutral dorm for the rest of the semester." I snapped.

"Are you sure, Miss Malfoy? You're one of Slytherin's finest and resortings rarely go they way we hope. Usually the new house will see you as an outsider and the old house will see you as a traitor. I wouldn't want one of my best student's grades slipping." He said as he returned to his chair.

"I'm stuck in a house full of future death eaters. These creatures aren't what Salazar had in mind when he created our house. Salazar wanted us to be a house for the sly, the cunning, the ones who would do whatever it takes to come out on top. Those kids, if you can even call them that anymore, are nothing more than mindless lackeys who will never, I repeat, never amount to anything. Most of them will end up in Azkaban and the rest will follow in the footsteps of a real Slytherin simply wishing that they had the brains or ambition to do it themselves." I ranted as I tore the Slytherin patch off my robes and threw the patch and my tie onto the desk. "I want nothing to do with little worms pretending to be snakes. I want to rise to the top. I want to be the best potions master of the century. I want to have real power, the kind you get from respect rather than fear. I want to be Dumbledore, not Voldemort. I can't do that while I lay in bed at night waiting for one of the death eaters in the room next to me to curse me, or worse kill me."

"It's very true that Slytherin is not the house it was when I was young." Slughorn sighed. "There's probably a nice empty classroom that we could convert somewhere in this school." He winked, knowing that most of the classrooms were in fact empty.

"I'll be in the library until you find a place for me... on neutral ground. No towers. No dungeon. No third floor." I said pulling my bag over my shoulder. "Unless it's the divination tower, I suppose that couldn't hurt any."

"And how exactly do you know where the locations of the other houses dorms are, Miss Malfoy?" Slughorn chuckled.

"Well, I had a note to sleep in the Gryffindor one once. Slytherin's obvious. I have a friend that hexed all of Ravenclaw's library, and everyone knows that the Hufflepuffs are in the south west tower. " I shrugged. "I didn't have friends when I was younger, so I probably know the castle almost as well as Mr. Filch, though the Marauders and Mrs. Norris beat me by miles."

"Yes, the marauders indeed. I hear that they inducted a girl into their ranks this year." Slughorn fished. "Wonder who she could be."

"A girl? Don't make me laugh. Only boys think dungbombs and singing toilets are funny. Girls will be much more sophisticated, like charming Bella Black's hair pink or giving Sev antlers just because he called her best chick friend a mudblood." I grinned. "I didn't do any of those things, though I was tempted from time to time. Severus does, however, need to be unsilenced at some point."

Slughorn chuckled lightly. "Oh I think a night of silence may do him good. I'll fix it in the morning. Go ahead to the library, Dumbledore or I will send you a note when we're done talking."

I nodded and walked to the door. "Ask Dumbledore if I can borrow Jenna to fetch my things. It'll be a hex or be hexed situation if I go back in there." Slughorn nodded and I walked out of the door and straight up to the library.

"It's nearly curfew, Miss Malfoy." Madam Pince smiled softly as I entered.

"I know, Madame, but I only need to stay until I get word from Professor Slughorn or Headmaster Dumbledore. You see, I just requested a resorting..." I explained softly as I sat in the chair closest to her desk.

"I've never heard of a student actually requesting a resorting. I figured it had been put in the rulebook only to ease the nerves of the youngsters." She patted my shoulder sympathetically. "I do hope your new house is kinder than your old one will be, my dear."

"So do I, Madame, so do I." I sighed. "I won't know until the sorting ceremony in September, but I'll be in a safe place until then."

Madame Pince sat with me far past curfew helping me study my newest personal project, a cure for lycanthropy. The headmaster arrived just as my eyes began to droop. He smiled and helped me pack my things in silence. When we turned to leave, Madame Pince stopped me with a gentle hand on my forearm. "You're one of the finest students of Hogwarts history. You're a true Slytherin, unlike these young pretenders. You turn each new project into a personal vendetta, and I have no doubts that you can solve any problem you put your mind to. If you ever need anything, anything at all, just let me know and I'll fetch it for you. Don't let this hiccup keep you down."

I smiled, teary eyed, and nodded my thanks before following the headmaster from the room. We walked for only a few minutes before he stopped at the door of the closest classroom to the library. On the door was a portrait of a beautiful silvery dragon who appeared to be blowing ice across a miniscule army of foes. Dumbledore gave a gentle fatherly smile. "One question before I let you into your new dorm. What's your new project?"

I smiled proudly and stood tall. "I will be the potion master to cure lycanthropy. When I'm done with that, I'll move on to vampirism and anything else that stands in my way. Perhaps I'll cure muggle cancer as well."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Is your... furry friend aware of this yet?"

"Definitely not. I can hear the lecture already." I mocked Remus's voice when he got protective. "Dez, don't throw away your reputation and career over me, I'm just a monster. You could do great things. But Remus, this is a great thing. I could cure you. Just drop it, Dez. Don't you dare worry about me, I'll manage on my own."

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling knowingly. "Yes, I suppose he would find a way to twist it into something shameful. Good luck with him, my dear, and good luck with your new project. If anyone can cure the incurable it's you and Severus. I do hope he sees reason before it's too late."

"Me too, sir."

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