Bad Faith Book 1

5. First Marauder Meet

When I finally made it to our meeting place I saw Sirius Black leaning casually against a tapestry of trolls doing ballet. I giggled and called out to him. "Hey Filch! You going to make me clean your broomstick?"

Sirius chuckled. "I never would have imagined hearing such a crude joke from a proper lady like Abraxas Malfoy's shy daughter. Maybe it won't be so bad to marry you after all." He teased right back.

"Oh, Master Black, Heir of the Noble and most Ancient House of Black, I have absolutely no intention to marry you. You're far too much of a womanizing man-whore for a proper lady to settle down with you." I winked at him and smiled.

"I don't care for the idea of an arranged marriage either, Mistress Malfoy, who has almost no influence in the Ancient House of Malfoy." He smiled lightly. "Though I do find it interesting that the woman whose NAME means Bad Faith is calling me, a perfect gentleman, a man-whore."

"They can't make us do anything once we're seventeen. Yeah, one or both of us might get burned off the family tree, but I don't think it would be so bad to be kicked out of a family that arranged my marriage before I was born." I shrugged. "Anyways, shall we be on our way to the other troublemakers? I had an excellent idea over dinner."

"Oh, I do love when you have excellent ideas." He smirked as if we'd been friends all along despite not having talked since the train ride to Hogwarts in first year.

"Don't lie, Sirius Black. You only love my ideas if they include torturing my Serpentine comrades." I laughed lightly.

"Very true, my dear sneaky friend." Sirius smiled and stepped away from the tapestry to knock on the bare wall opposite him. I raised an eyebrow and wondered if he'd gone mad... Until a door opened out of the bare wall to reveal James Potter who was grinning like a madman.

"You two are engaged? Oh why didn't you tell me you were engaged Siri? I would have brought strippers." James laughed teasing his friend.

I blushed lightly. I'd never told anyone that. The only people who had known were my family and his.

Sirius saved me from coming up with a witty answer of my own. "Jamie, you must not have been listening. Desari here refused my proposal. She doesn't want to marry me. I'm just so distraught. How will I ever face my mother again?"

I giggled lightly. Walburga Black was a strict woman, but she was also a distant woman, especially when it came to her children. If he could get away with being friends with a blood traitor like Potter and a half blood like Lupin, then he could easily get away with denying his birth right to marry me.

Remus coughed awkwardly from where he was sitting in the far corner of the room. I took that as a cue to get my ass into the room. I stepped inside and looked around. It looked like I had always imagined the Gryffindor common room to look. There were red couches and chairs scattered around the warm fire lit room. Red walls with gold trim and a plush red rug in front of the fireplace. I smiled and went to said plush rug and laid down in it.

"Hello Lupin, Pettigrew. How are you James?" I turned to each one in turn making sure to greet everyone.

"Please, it's just Remus. Lupin sounds terribly informal for someone you plan on plotting things that could get you expelled with." Remus smiled at me. It wasn't like Sirius or James smile. It was a warm smile that had much more familiarity and much less confidence.

"Okay Remus. It's nice to actually meet you." I smiled lightly back at him and looked over the two quieter marauders. James's messy quidditch looks and Sirius's aristocratic charm were talked about by all the girls in Hogwarts, even the ones in my House, but Peter and Remus weren't talked about nearly as much.

Remus had sandy blonde hair and amber coloured eyes. He also had scars on his face and arms. I found myself wondering what had happened to him, though the scars looked like they were several years old. What I could see of his build made him look far too skinny in a tall and lanky kind of way, like he didn't eat enough. He also looked very tired, like he might be recovering from a particularly nasty cold. Come to think of it, he had indeed been absent from Defence against the Dark Arts for several days and had just returned to classes this morning.

Peter on the other hand was particularly less attractive than any of his best friends. I remembered the Slytherin girls saying that there was always a clearly less attractive person in every group of friends and if you didn't know who they were, then it was you. Peter was definitely that friend in this group. He had a rat tail haircut and buck teeth. Even his eyes were small and black and beady. He was heavier set than any of his friends and his eyes darted around like he expected a bully to materialize at any point and start hexing him. He really reminded her of a rat, in the same way that Sirius reminded her of an aristocrat. It was just who they were.

Sirius collapsed onto one of the couches and leaned on his elbow. "Okay, Miss Malfoy, please let us in on your wonderful idea."

I grinned and looked around, catching every eye before moving on. James's hazel eyes flashed with excitement. Sirius's stormy grey eyes, that reminded me too much of Lucius, sparkled with mischief. Remus's sunset amber eyes gazed back with curiosity. Peter's black eyes shone with fear. Once I was sure that all eyes were on me, I shared my plans with the boys.

"Dumbledore's announcement couldn't have come at a better time. It will be perfect. I think we should make a select few Slytherin's robes turn into muggle princess dresses at midnight, in the middle of the dance. It will be much easier than tricking them into actually putting them on. Plus, it should be rather ironic." I smiled lightly.

"Brilliant." Sirius chuckled.

"I think it should happen in a flashy way though, that way everyone around looks at them. You know like fairy god mother style." James chuckled.

"And their masks should disappear so everyone can see who it is that's turning into pretty princesses." Sirius chuckled.

"But who will be our lucky choices?" Peter asked in a timid voice.

I cast another glance around. James and Sirius were both grinning with excitement. Peter looked nearly as excited, though he also looked terrified at the same time. Even Remus had a small smile, despite the fact that he hadn't said anything yet.

"Severus is off limits. I'm okay with jinxing anyone else every way to Sunday, but Severus has enough to go through without us picking on him. Plus, he might figure out that I helped with this one, and Severus and I are friends." I said casting a serious look at each of them. I wanted them to know that they would have to get through me to get to Snape.

"Okay, I vote Dolohov. We can make him Cinderella, because he absolutely hates the colour blue and because she's the lamest." I smiled lightly. "I think we could make that bitchy Ravenclaw girl into her Prince, sideburns and all."

"I say Lestrange and Bellatrix should be Beauty and the Beast." Sirius said with a wicked grin. I smiled at the thought of Bella Black growing fur. I would find a way to make that happen.

James sighed. "I still want to make Severus a princess, but I suppose we could make Regulus into Sleeping beauty, asleep and all. No Prince for him." James seemed disheartened at the thought of being unable to taunt his rival.

"Okay, that's four Slytherins. And a Ravenclaw that I may or may not be able to do. They say that the password to the Ravenclaw tower is only a riddle, but I'm not sure how to do it without getting noticed." I chewed my lip. "I suppose we could leave her out as well, though. Any suggestions from you two?"

Remus shook his head silently and Peter scrunched up his nose with thought. Eventually he said. "I pick Avery. That makes it a total of five. One for each of us, though Remus technically didn't chose. And Avery should be... The little mermaid."

I smiled lightly. "That's perfect. I'll sneak their robes one of these days and we can meet here to do the spells. I'll also do something very special for Bella on my own time. She and I have some personal things to work out anyways."

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