Bad Faith Book 1

8. Prefect Bath

The following week passed by quite quickly. I spent my days doing school work and my nights teaching the marauders the spell that we planned on using for the dresses. Thursday and Friday both passed by without a sign from Remus and Friday night when we met in the same room, this time decorated in darker reds and dimmer lights, the other boys looked rather exhausted.

"Where has Remus been these last couple days?" I asked softly as we got ready to part ways.

"His aunt died. He had to go home for the funeral." Sirius muttered sleepily as he helped me pack up the robes so I could return them to their rightful owners.

"Will he… um… be back for the unveiling? He told me that he would handle getting them to the centre of the dance floor." I asked, looking interestedly at Bellatrix's elegant mask. "I'm not sure that I can do that on such short notice now."

Sirius shrugged. "Yeah. If he said he'd be there he will. He might not be at the rest of the dance, but he'll get his part done."

Sirius and I parted ways them so that they could get some sleep for the dance and I could finish our plans.

The next morning dawned bright and early for me and I put on a wicked grin before sneaking out of my private dorm and into the sixth year boys dorm. I knocked lightly on the fame of Severus's bed, hoping not to wake any of the other fifth year boys who were in various arrays of nakedness. "Sev, it's time to get up. You need to get in the shower."

After several minutes of groaning I heard Severus finally roll over and sit up. "Dez," He groaned in an adorable sleepy way that reminded me of Lucius. "It's too early for this. Go back to bed."

"No. Get up Severus." I said firmly. "It's going to take me all day to make sure you look perfect tonight. Not to mention making sure that I do."

Severus pulled open his curtains and I thanked the lord that he had worn pyjama pants the night before. "Desari Malfoy, I am seriously planning your death right now."

I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Good. Now get in that shower and wash yourself up. We are leaving in an hour. I want you to meet me in the common room with your swim trunks. Don't ask me why because I refuse to tell you."

Severus groaned again. "What am I supposed to wear? You won't let me anywhere near my costume. You haven't even told me what it is."

I giggled happily. "Whatever you want. Actually wear your swim trunks and make sure to bring some dry undergarments."

Severus and I parted ways, him quite grumpily, so that we could both shower. I quickly dried my hair with my wand and smiled. When I was sure that I looked like the perfect lady my father would expect me to be, I went down to the common room with my outfit as well as Severus's in black dress bags over my arm. Severus was waiting for me in a chair by the portrait with his school bag on his lap. I smiled and took him by the arm, dragging him with me as I headed for the Prefect's bath.

We finally got there and I said the password that Remus had given me. I hadn't asked Remus how he'd gotten it and he hadn't offered. Luckily, though, the bath was empty when we entered and I cast a spell to lock the door. It wouldn't actually keep any prefects from interrupting, but according to Remus it was enough to let them know that there was someone inside that didn't want interrupted.

"Why did you bring me to a bath?" Severus asked with his face flushing as red as his date's hair.

"Oh don't be a wuss, Sev. I told you to bring your swim trunks for a reason." I rolled my eyes. "I do NOT want to see you naked."

"Then why?"

I sighed. "Severus, I plan on doing something about that greasy ass hair of yours, whether you like it or not. I wore my swimsuit as well and if I have to I will drag you into that bath kicking and screaming. I would much rather do this the civil way though. I'll sit on the side of the bath and help you manage that mess."

After some arguing and screaming, Severus found himself in a swimming pool sized bath that smelled of mint and ginger and I sat on the side of the bath, thankfully mostly dry. Severus was still glaring at me though.

"Oh just shut up and come here. You want to look nice for Lily don't you?" I asked as I pulled a bottle of hair-care potion from my pocket. I had known exactly what I needed to do since last Sunday when Remus had told me what Lily planned on doing.

Severus stood in the bath next to where I perched on the edge and reluctantly allowed me to tame his hair with potions and muggle shampoos and other such things. When I was finally satisfied that his unruly hair couldn't be fixed any better, I tapped him on the shoulder and let him rinse his hair one last time.

"Okay, here's a couple towels and your outfit for tonight. I'm going to go slip into mine and then we're going somewhere else to finish up the last details." I sat the towels on the floor a little ways from the bath so they wouldn't get soaked and slid into one of the changing stalls along the edge of the room.

I pulled on my knee length, black silk dress that fanned out at the waist with red tulle. I admired my own pale skin for a moment before hitching the belt, which had silver bullets and empty holsters, including a holster for my wand and a pocket which was bigger on the inside where I could carry anything else I might need. Then I pulled on my red motorcycle boots with black trim that happened to be genuine wolf fur and my blood red cape with a hood. The final touch, for now, was a pure silver cross necklace that always seemed to settle between my breasts, even when I walked. My hair got pulled back into my hood and my hood pulled up to cover my face.

When I peeked out from my stall, I saw that Severus was already dressed for the most part, so I came out to grin at him. "Well, what do you think, my companion? Does this dress not look great on me or what?" I did a theatrical spin, causing the skirt to flare around my thighs and my cape to flutter along behind me.

"Isn't a little low-cut?" He asked with an awkward frown as he purposely looked anywhere but me.

"Sev, be a man about it. Halloween is the one day all year long that I can show everyone that I'm not the proper lady that my father raised. Besides, I had to buy a real dress as build my costume from the ground up. I would have made yours a little more unique and special too, but I didn't have much time, and Lily wanted to make it difficult for me." I rolled my eyes.

"I am going to match her right? I don't want to go to the ball dressed in purple if I'm not going to even match." He grumbled.

"Trust me, you'll match." I smiled lightly. "She's going as a muggle superhero, and you're her signature villain. Did you watch television when you were younger? Or read comics at least?"

"No." Was his grumpy reply.

"Well, too bad for you then." I frowned. "Fortunately for you, Lily and Remus happened to read the same comics. She's putting an elegant and feminine spin on a muggle comic hero called Batman. Remus and I strategized and planned all day last Sunday and we came up with the perfect elegant spin on Batman's favourite villain, the Joker. That's who you're going as. It'll work out, I promise. It'll work even better if you smile the biggest, craziest grin you can when you pose for photos or whatever."

"Fine, I trust you, Desari. I really hope you know what you're talking about though." Sev sighed and looked me over again, careful not to linger on my exposed cleavage. "But who the heck are you supposed to be?"

"I'm an original spin on Little Red Riding Hood. I'm Red, the werewolf hunter." I smiled and ran my fingers over the holsters that were supposed to carry silver guns and daggers. "I just so happened to decide that it would probably be best if I didn't show up armed with real weapons and I didn't want to find fake ones. The real ones are locked in a trunk under my bed at Malfoy Manor. Even these bullets are real, even if they are useless without the proper guns."

Severus shrugged "Well, I guess that is pretty cool. What kinds of masks are we wearing?"

"That would be telling, Sev." I teased and took his arm. The fine fabric of his suit felt fantastic against my skin and I smiled. Lily wouldn't be able to keep her hands off Sev when I was done with him. "Besides, we're late for lunch."

Severus paled slightly. "I c-can't go to lunch like this! This is a muggle suit, even if it is nice. I can't let them see me wearing this without the mask!"

I giggled and checked that no one was in the hallway before pulling him behind me and following the path Remus had indicated on his weird map. Severus and I travelled the lesser used hallways with me standing point and him trailing behind me. If anyone would have seen us, they would have seen a flash of a red cape followed by a purple and green blur as Severus darted after me.

We made it to the seventh floor without incident. When we got close to the secret room, the one Remus had called the Room of Requirement, I pulled Severus into an empty classroom. "The Gryffindors were about to turn that corner. Potter and his lot." I whispered.

Severus went silent and looked at me worriedly. He really didn't want to hear what James would say if he saw him now. I smiled, glad that the thought had worried him. I put a finger to my lips and glanced out of the room, scanning the hall. It was empty, as I knew it would be.

I handed Severus my cape. "They're gone, but I don't want to take any chances. Put this on and pull it over your eyes. When I come back, I want your face to be covered so well you can't see. You do trust me right?"

I didn't wait for an answer as I silently left the room. I paced in front of the tapestry and opened the door that appeared. It was a beautiful Slytherin style suite with a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and even a bedroom. It was perfect.

"Jenna." I said softly, calling my favourite house elf. "Are you guys almost done with my picnic for Severus?"

The small little house elf nodded. "Yes! Jenna made a basket. Jenna will bring it right now!"

"Okay Jenna. I'll be right back. I'm going to go get Severus. Please put the basket on the table for me? I want it to be a surprize." I smiled at the house elf and with a pop she was gone. I turned and headed back to Severus, leaving the door to the RoR open just a crack so I wouldn't have to pace again.

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