A Beautiful Relationship


Kurt is a 14 year old genius that starts McKinley early. read as he joins glee club gets bullied and falls in love later mpreg

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13 year old Kurt Elizabeth Hummel stood at his brother’s car as he waited for the older teen. Today had been the first day of school and he wanted to go home and shower. He was the only 13 year old junior at McKinley high school and he had been picked on all day.

He had gone straight from middle school to being a junior in high school all because he had gotten his late mothers brains. He had also inherited her shyness, soft quiet voice, and shortness. Making him the shortest of the other juniors. And because of his shyness he had yet to make any friends. But there was an opening for the school’s glee club that Finn was a part of, so he was hoping he would make friends there.

Eventually he saw Finn walking towards him with a group of people. At first he became a little fearful that his brother had brought along all the people to pick on him. He had thought that he and his brother had got past all the tension between them. Finn was a new brother, Kurt's father had met Finn’s mother at a group for widowed people and had fallen in love, making their family of two become a family of four almost overnight.

“Hey Kurtie, these are the glee club members.” Finn said introducing everyone, which put Kurt at ease. Soon all of Finn’s friends were following them to their house while Finn and Kurt drove home.

“Finn what are you doing?” Kurt asked. He sometimes hated how protective his brother was.

“Kurtie they’re good people and I can’t be there to protect you all of the time.” Finn said. He had seen how Kurt had been picked on all day and he wanted help in protecting his little brother. He hated not being able to be there for Kurt all the time.

Soon they were pulling in front of their house, with New Directions pulling in and parking around them. Soon the house was full of the rambunctious teens. All of them got to know Kurt and all of them fell in love with him. They all got the need to protect the smaller teen as well.

Four of the boys, Rory, Blaine, Sam, and Artie, took an instant liking to Kurt. They all seemed to be next to the smaller teen throughout the night, whenever Kurt wasn’t talking to the girls. Finn smiled from the doorway of the living room as his baby brother made friends with the entire glee club.

He had finally had a good idea.

There was a knock on the door before it opened and in swaggered Noah Puckerman.

“I’m here, what’s up?” Noah said as he bumped fists with Finn. He had, had to go to work so he hadn’t been able to come round with the rest of the glee club and meet Kurt right after school.

“I want you to meet my little brother. He started his junior year today and he’s already being bullied, and I want that to stop. He’s joining glee so I’m hoping that everyone will help protect him.” Finn said to Noah as he watched Kurt quietly laugh at something Brittany said.

Finn sometimes hated how shy Kurt was. His brother was the nicest, sweetest, kid ever. He was always thinking of others before himself and, in addition to that, he was very small. He just hoped that being in glee club would help with Kurt's shyness. It seemed like he made friends already. Finn watched as Rory, Blaine, Sam, and Artie drew Kurt in to a conversation about his second favourite activity -- drawing.

Noah walked in to the living room and sat next to Rachel, who fancied him, as he watched the youngest junior ever to grace the halls of McKinley high.

Rachel was seething. She was the newest member of glee club and she believed she had more talent in her little finger than any of these people. ‘They should be fawning over me, not that baby’ she thought to herself.

“Hey Kurtie what you singing tomorrow?” Finn asked as he brought in loads of snacks, juice, and soda pop for the group. He then sat on the floor next to Quinn.

“I don’t know…” Kurt said shyly as everyone’s attention was suddenly on him. He could feel himself start to blush. He hated being the centre of attention.

“Why don’t you get your iPod and we’ll help you pick out the perfect song.” Finn suggested, smiling at his brother. He wanted their friends to hear how awesome Kurt was at singing. So Kurt reluctantly went to get his iPod. He was secretly glad that he was getting help with his song choice. But he’d never tell Finn that!

So the entire glee club helped the newest member pick a song for his audition. Rachel was the only one not helping; she was still seething at being ignored by Noah.

“It doesn’t matter what you sing. You’re only going to be singing backup to me anyway seeing as I am the one with talent.” Rachel said in a rude tone. After an hour she had finally got bored of listening to the group listing all the songs that she thought Kurt would never be able to sing.

“Get out!” Finn said in a dark voice, sticking up for Kurt. He knew his brother’s vocal range after listening to the younger boy sing in his room and the shower. And he knew that Rachel would be singing Kurt's backup not the other way around.

“What?!” Rachel screeched. This was a glee meeting and she was the, self-proclaimed, leader of the group. How dare they kick her out, all because she was telling the truth?

The group watched as Finn escorted the bossy girl out of the house. He then walked over to his brother, and pulled the quietly crying boy onto his lap for a hug. Kurt clung tightly to his brother. The glee club soon made it a group hug, with Kurt in the middle; making him feel special in the fact he now had friends.

“Kurtie you are so much better than her and you will show her tomorrow at lunch ok?” Finn said wiping Kurt's tear tracks off the smaller boy’s cheeks, making Kurt smile.

After Rachel had left, the group had even more fun than before. Kurt, however, was even quieter than before. He was worried that what Rachel had said was true. That he would end singing backup and would fade into the background. He feared he would be forgotten like people had always done.

“Hey Kurtie, why don’t you sing Defying Gravity from Wicked? It’s your favorite.” Finn suggested, knowing that Kurt could hit all the notes having heard the younger boy sing it so many times over the years since their parents had gotten married.

“I don’t know…” Kurt said in his soft, quiet, voice, blushing with everyone’s attention on him once again. Finn smiled and nodded at Blaine and the other boy jumped up, sat at the piano, and started to play the melody for the most famous song from the musical.

Soon the entire glee club was shocked at how Kurt sat on the floor and sang with such power, never missing a note and even hitting the highest notes. As Blaine played the final notes, the room was silent. Kurt blushed and tried to make an escape so he didn’t have to see the looks he was getting. Before he could get further than the sofa that Noah and Mike were sitting on, he was lifted up and danced around the room on the taller boys’ shoulders. Every one chanted happily that they would be winning regionals.

That was the scene that Burt and Carole came home to. They stood in the doorway and watched as Kurt was danced around the room, smiling and laughing for the first time in a long time. Burt had to wipe tears away from seeing his little boy laughing again. For the first time since they found out he would not only be going to high school, but to the junior year before all of his classmates Kurt was happy. Burt just knew that the 14 teenagers in the living room would be friends for life.

The next day Kurt was standing nervously at the front of the choir room. The glee clubbers were seated and smiling at him, making him calm a little. But he still had to perform in front of the choir master, Mr. Schue.

Mr. Schue had been hearing about the smallest junior from all the other teachers and he was greatly impressed so far. It turned out all of Kurt’s classes were advanced courses in every subject. And even then, they seemed too easy for the smaller boy. So when Finn told him that Kurt wanted to join glee, he jumped at the chance to have the small boy in the club. But he still had to audition.

When Kurt heard the opening notes of Defying Gravity start he closed his eyes and sang. He could hear Mr. Schue’s intake of breath at hearing his voice. He already knew that the other teenagers wanted him but it was good to know that he had shocked the teacher as well.

When he had finished the teenagers waited on baited breath for Mr. Schue to say anything about what he had just heard. Rachel spoiled the moment though.

“No, not going to happen. No way.” she said smiling smugly, hoping that Mr. Schue would agree with her like he did with everything else. She watched gleefully as tears gathered in Kurt's eyes.

Before Mr. Schue could say anything Kurt ran from the room and headed to the nearest bathroom. Everyone stood and glared at Rachel. They then went to look for the younger boy.

Quinn found him when she went to look in the girl’s bathroom, on the off chance that he would be in there. She found him curled up in a ball, crying his eyes out in the last stall.

“Oh Sweetie…” Quinn said, gathering him into her arms, whispering soothing nonsense in his delicate shell-like ear. When Kurt was calm enough they stood and headed back to the choir room. When they got there they saw all the teenagers’ on one side glaring at a smug looking Rachel.

When Finn saw his girlfriend come back in with his brother he left the glaring teens and went to hug Kurt. Mr. Schue came back out seeing that Kurt was back and he was safe. He was carrying some sheet music in his hands.

“Kurt we would be honored if you would join glee club and here is the solo number for this year’s regionals. We have 4 weeks to practice.” Mr. Schue said as he watched the sad tears be replaced with happy ones, and the biggest smile he had ever seen, grace Kurt's delicate features. The smile was bright and happy and made Kurt's blue eye sparkle.

Rachel screeched and stormed out leaving the rest of the group to celebrate that Kurt was a member and he had the solo.

The following week had Kurt's birthday so the glee club planned a party. Everyone was invited to the Hudson-Hummel house to decorate it. It would be Kurt's first party with real friends and he couldn’t wait.

The only one not invited had been Rachel, but she planned to gatecrash it. In her mind it was a glee event and since she was the ‘leader’ of glee, she had to be there.

So on the Saturday of Kurt's birthday the house was invaded with teenagers, laughing and singing making the house alive with joy again. They were having a barbeque since it was one of the last nice days of September. So everyone was outside in the garden, the football players playing touch football while the girls and Kurt sat on the deck and gave each other manicures and pedicures.

Burt was at the grill, smiling at his sons enjoying the sun with their friends. Suddenly the doorbell rang from inside the house; Finn ran in and answered, nearly slammed the door shut when he saw that it was Rachel. Ever since Kurt had joined she had been unbearable; screeching every time Kurt tried to practise his solo for regionals, forcing Mr. Schue to kick her out on more than one occasion.

“Rachel, what are you doing here?” he said quietly so he didn’t draw the attention of the rest of the club members from the garden.

“This is a glee event and I’m the leader so I need to be here.” Rachel said smugly trying to push herself into the house. But with Finn being bigger than her it was nearly impossible. Burt had heard her smug voice so he left Noah in charge of the grill and made his way to the door.

“You are not welcome in my house. I have heard from both my sons about you and what you have been doing.” Burt said taking to door from Finn’s sending him back to his friends before closing the door in the girls face, and going back out to his family and their friends and enjoyed the rest of his youngest sons 14th birthday party.

Little did they know that Rachel would be plotting Kurt’s down fall as she walked home. No one stole a solo off her and got away with it.

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