It's a Hell of a Year

Chapter 2

"The train suddenly lurched forward, throwing Hermione on top of Malfoy. She looked in to the shocked stormy grey eyes of Draco Malfoy and suddenly realized that their lips were touching. Before they can move, they both heard a little voice coming from the door. "I was wondering if - oh, sorry am I interrupting something. Maybe I should come back later…"

They shot back from their position, with Hermione blushing furiously, as they looked at the owner of that little voice. A little girl with short raven black-hair that covered her ears stood in the doorway. Her twinkling violet eyes widened as if she recognized someone. She looked no older than eight years old, even smaller than the tiny first years that were heard running up and down the corridor of the train. She was wearing a cute grey and purple headband with cat ears and a little purple hoodie with a coal-black jean. In her hand, there was a cute fluffy light brown teddy bear. At her heels was abnormally large pitch black wolf with silver runes etched on its left eye that came up to the little girls' shoulder. It stared at Hermione with its bright golden eyes and dipped its head as if it was bowing." No, it is okay….it was an acciden-Skia? Is that you? Why are you here? Shouldn't you be at the orphanage?"

Draco noticed that Granger was not scared of the big large wolf and that her eyes widened with worry as she rushed to that tiny kid's side. He quickly resumed his calm expression and pretended that he did not notice the new arrival. "Hermy? Yay.. I finally found you. I have been checking every train compartment for you and you were hiding here." squeaked the little girl. The little girl wrapped her arms around Hermione neck as Hermione crouched down. The little girl continued to blabber on saying "You are a witch and you did not even tell me? So all of the bed time stories that you told me in the summer was true! About that big bad guy called Voldy the Moldy and also that Henry Pooper or something like that…." Draco tried to control his laughter as that little, Skia is that her name, said Pottyhead's name wrong. As Hermione was trying to stop from giggling and explaining that it was Harry Potter not Henry Pooper, Draco rose from his seat and stride towards the door and the little girl. He towered over the little girl and spoke in a threatening voice "This is the Head's compartment and if you do not have anything to ask then get out…..NOW!"

He noticed that the tiny girl did not even flinch like most first years do but she moved away and hid behind that huge black wolf of hers and it growled at him. He instantly backed away from it and Hermione glared at him. "Is he in the stories, Hermy? Oh I remember now..he was the annoying blond ferret that you punched right?" The enraged Draco Malfoy fumed at this and leaned on the doorway, crossing his arms. Hermione glanced at him and burst out laughing. He could not take it anymore as he whispered again with anger in his eyes" If you do not have any business here, GET OUT!"

"Okie dokie..Mr Sensitive Ferret. I am going but I actually had a question for Hermy." smiled Skia. It seemed that Draco Malfoy's fury had not affected her at all.

"Hermy" Skia continued" You know where is the bathroom, because I kind of got lost finding it."

"It is all the way on the other side of the train silly. You could have asked anyone. You did not have to find me." said a still giggling Hermione

Skia's face fell and Draco caught her murmuring "I don't trust any of them" darkly. She suddenly plastered a smile on her face and said" Well. Bye Hermy and Mr Sensitive Ferret….hope to see you soon." As she slid open the door. The black wolf exited while she bounced happily out. Just as the door was about to close, her head popped back in and asked "Hermy, one more question" a mischievous glint in her violet eyes " is Mr Sensitive Ferret your boyfriend?" Hermione blushed and opened her mouth to reply but Skia quickly cut in" because you were kissing him" as she slid shut the door and went off. Draco Malfoy smirked as he saw Hermione blush and sat back on the couch. "You know that you are a good kisser, Granger." He drawled and was pleased that her cheeks blushed a shade darker in embarrassment. "Shut it Malfoy." She snapped as she sat down and hid her face behind her book.

Silence resumed as she continued reading and Malfoy looked out the window. Finally, Malfoy broke the awkward silence. "Who is that kid, may I ask Granger?"

She did not look up from her book as she said

"She is a little girl that I know from the orphanage nearby my cottage."

"I had an ill feeling about her. I don't like her"

"You don't like anyone Malfoy. That is what everyone says to her. I think she is a really sweet girl"

" I wonder what house she will be sorted into?"

"Why do you care, ferret?"

"I am just curious, bookworm."

"You will find out soon enough."

"I bet she will be in Slytherin"

"What! Of course not! I think that she will be in Gryffindor"

"How much? I say 20 galleons", he said confidently, crossing his arms across his lean chest.

"Five", Hermione glared at him

"Ten", he glared back at her.


"Deal. I am ready to collect my money", he mocked.

"Who says that you are winning?", sticking her tongue out at him.

"I say so because I am always correct"

"Pffttt….your ego is larger than the world"

" Wait and see, Granger. Wait and see."

Draco smirked as silence filled the room again. . The rest of the trip to Hogwarts was a trip of silence. It is really going to be one hell of a year, he thought.

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