It's a Hell of a Year

Chapter 3

"Deal. I am ready to collect my money", he mocked.

"Who says that you are winning?", sticking her tongue out at him.

"I say so because I am always correct"

"Pffttt….your ego is larger than the world"

" Wait and see, Granger. Wait and see."

When Hogwarts Express pulled to a stop at the station, Hermione quickly grabbed her trunk and bolted away to find her friends. Draco Malfoy calmly collected his stuff and went on his way to the carriages. From far away, Hogwarts was as magnificent as ever. It looked exactly like it had before the war. He strolled into the Great hall, quickly followed by his gang, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini and Gregory Goyle. Looking up at the sky-like ceiling and the floating candles, he lost himself in the memories of this place. Since I am going to spend the year with that bookworm, he thought, why don't I make it miserable?. Smiling evilly, he turned back to Blaise, who was talking about he had one more year to bed all the seventh year females. While everyone was entering the familiar Great Hall, Hermione was quickly recounting the story of the journey on the Hogwarts Express to Ginny. She sat with Harry and Ginny with Ron glumly looking at his plate.

"… and that was the end." Hermione whispered "What are you smiling about Ginny? You are creeping me out."

"OMG, you actually kissed Draco Malf-" Ginny blabbered

Covering Ginny's mouth with her hand she whispered back "No it was an accident. I told you that the train-"

"..The Slytherin Sex God..OMG Hermione how was it?"

"SEX GOD what the crap is that…How big exactly is his ego?"

"He is soooo hot. I wish I was you. But you have not answered me yet. How was the kiss?" swooned Ginny

"How many times do I have to say it was an accident."

Hermione glanced at Draco Malfoy and blushed as he stared back with his cool grey eyes.

"Sex god, who? What are you girls talking about" Harry asked.

"No one" Hermione said

"Draco Malfoy" Ginny exclaimed

"What did the ferret do?" Harry asked.

"OMG guys stop talking will you? You are driving my brain haywire." Hermione snapped

"So who is the head boy, hm?" Harry asked the annoyed Hermione Granger.

Everyone suddenly quiet down as Headmistress McGonagall stepped on the platform. "Welcome to another school year at Hogwarts. Before we bring the first years and the Sorting Hat inside, I am pleased to announce this year's Head Girl and Boy, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy." They both stood up as the houses clapped politely. Hermione notice that Pansy Parkinson was nowhere to be seen as she glanced at Malfoy. The vacant seat next to Malfoy was usually occupied by the annoying bratty Pansy but she was missing. He smirked his trademark Malfoy smirk at Hermione and sat back down. Rolling her eyes, she also sat back down and waited for Skia to be sorted. There were a lot of people that was waiting for the sorting. Since there were also first years from last year that are repeating, there will be a double amount of first years this year.

The Great Hall's doors opened and two rows of students marched in. There were quite a lot of new first years but Hermione could not see Skia. Just as the doors was about to close, Skia skipped in with her black wolf bounding after her. Everyone was staring at the little girl who just laughed and halted at the back of the line. Some girls were heard cooing at the cute Skia. Hermione looked at Draco, his bored face suddenly brightened. He mouthed the word "Wait and see" and smirked again. McGonagall began reading alphabetical order of last names. The two rows of first years were quickly sorted into their house. There was quite a few in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. None sorted into Slytherin. At last, only Skia stood in the middle of the hall. "Thanatos, Skia Chamos" she clambered onto the stool as McGonagall picked up the sorting hat and lowered it on her tiny head. Before it even touched her hairband's cat ears, the sorting hat shouted "SLYTHERIN!" There were a few gasps and shouts as the Slytherin table yelled and clapped loudly. Hermione was shocked, her mouth agape. She turned slowly around to face Malfoy and he smirked the third time this evening, raising his pale eyebrows. Fuming, Hermione turned back to her plate as McGonagall resumed her speech. "All first years should know that the forbidden forest is off limits. Prefects will lead the first years to their dorms after the feast. Enjoy the feast." Food appeared in the middle of the table and everyone began to chat and eat.

As Hermione was finishing her desert, he heard raised voices coming from the Slytherin table. She turned around as she saw Skia's wolf leaping on Pansy Parkinson. She looked around for Skia and saw that she was sitting and sobbing on the floor. She stood up from the table and rushed to the Slytherin table. Just as she got there, she saw Draco trying to comfort a sobbing Skia while a terrified Pansy was pinned down by the wolf. Hermione stormed towards Skia and pushed Draco away. She enveloped Skia in to a tight hug. Soon, Headmistress McGonagall flew down like a hawk and told them to meet at her office. Snape picked up a fainting Pansy as Hermione accompanied Skia. Draco was silently followed them as they exited the Great hall.

As they made their way to the office, Draco suddenly drawled behind them" Granger, practicing to be a mother for the Weaselbee's kids? By the way, you owe me ten –"

"WHAT? What kids?" Hermione screamed glaring at the annoying ferret that was behind her, while holding Skia's little hand.

"Weaslbee's of course, aren't you guys dating?" Draco smirked, pleased that he annoyed the high and mighty Hermione Granger.

"…" mumbled Hermione., lowering her eyes to the floor.

"What? Didn't quite catch that, Granger." said a still smirking Draco.

"I said, we broke up already" she huffed and moodily stomped faster, trying to "outwalked" that annoying git.

Draco smirked dropped slightly, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that" strangely sounding sincere. Hermione caught something that glinted in his eye, but he quickly resumed his calm composure, using his long strides to catch up with Hermione's angry stomps.

Skia suddenly drop Hermione's hand. Hermione turned around and saw that Skia grabbed a slightly shocked Draco Malfoy's hand. He looked up at Hermione, smirked and mouthed "She likes me more." Hermione scoffed and crossed her arms. Before she can even take another step, a tiny hand tugged on her shirt. She saw Skia dragging Draco to catch up with her and motioning Hermione to take her other hand. "I like both of you" she squeaked with a little smile plaster on her tiny head. Oblivious to the awkward tension between the two Heads, Skia swung their arms and skipped to the Headmistress' office.

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