It's a Hell of a Year

Chapter 4

"I like both of you" she squeaked with a little smile plaster on her tiny head. Oblivious to the awkward tension between the two Heads, Skia swung their arms and skipped to the Headmistress' office."

"Miss Parkinson, would you like to tell me what happened in the Great Hall?" the headmistress said sternly.

Blubbering Pansy said "Well I was –"fake sob"- going back to my seat and that little girl ordered - "sob"—that filthy mutt to attack me"

"That's not true, you liar. I was minding MY own business when this fat girl came over and pushed me out of my seat, saying that it was hers. She also said something about a Drakey poo. But it was not even her seat I even asked—"Skia murmured as silent tears start to collect in her twinkling violet eyes.

"IT WAS MY SEAT YOU MIDGET!" Pansy screamed standing up from her seat as Hermione wrapped a protective arm around Skia. "ONLY I CAN SIT NEXT TO MY DRAKEY-POO"

Draco inwardly cringed at his nickname from Pansy but he did not say anything and lean against the marble wall, observing as the scene unfold.

"It wasn't her seat…I even asked Mr Ferret and he said that it was okay to sit there. She was being a meanie when she pushed me on the floor so Katamavro pounced on her whispered Skia, crying as she buried her face on Hermione's shoulder.


"Silence, you fools" Snape hissed

"Thank you Severus. Miss Parkinson, you should know better than to raise your voice in the headmistress' office. Now sit back down." scolded McGonagall. "Now, Mr Malfoy, would you please explain what happened?"

"Well… everything that the little girl said was true. Pansy was not in the Great Hall when I entered it. She was not present when the first years were sorted." He drawled.

"Well that is settled." McGonagall said, as Pansy gasped at Draco's "betrayal". "Now Miss Pansy please go to Madam Pomfrey if you are feeling uncomfortable or you can head straight back to your common room." Glaring angrily at the little Skia, Pansy huffed and stormed out of the office. "Miss Thanatos, are you sure that your wolf would be safe around other students."

"Yes, headmistress" Skia squeaked "Katamavro only attacks others when I am in danger."

"Good. Now please step outside for a minute so that I can talk to the Heads. Mr Malfoy would lead you to your common room after we are done."

"Okie dokie" she said as she skipped out of the office with Katamavro bounding after her.

"Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger" directing her attention at the two heads, McGonagall continued." Being Head boy and Head girls comes with many responsibilities and freedom. You will have later curfew than others and you can skip certain classes for your duties. Also you would be planning all the Hogsmeade trips and all of the balls that will be held this year. You have the power to give or take points to students who are misbehaving or those who should be rewarded and to visit Hogsmeade whenever you need to." Looking bored, Draco let his eyes wander around the room as Hermione sat up straight, hanging on every word in McGonagall's speech. "You will hold Prefect meetings every two weeks, but you may be approached by some others during other days. Every night after curfew, you will need patrol the halls to make sure that they are all in bed. Also this year, we are promoting Inter-house unity, so try to act civil towards each other. There is a problem with the sleeping arrangements. Since there is the double amount of first years, I would like for you to invite another student to live in the Head's dorm with you."

"Um…Skia Thanatos" Hermione quickly said

"Blaise Zabini" drawled Draco, sounding bored.

" Okay, that is decided, their trunks will appearing the door and a letter would be sent to Mr Zabini to tell him that he is now living at the Head dorms. You may go now."

Hermione opened the door, closely followed by Draco Malfoy and appeared behind the statue that led to the Headmistress' office. Looking left and right for Skia, she finally spotted the little girl who waving goodbye and saying" Bye bye Peevy, nice to be your new friend.". Something zoomed above her head and she heard a very familiar cackle. The infamous Peeves then dumped a bucket of gloop right on her bushy hair. "PEEVES!" she screamed as he turned the corner and zoomed away. A smirking Malfoy walked passed her, pinching his nose as the disgusting smell of the blob spread down the hallway. A hysterical girl who was giggling on the floor, raced to Hermione. "You look beautiful, Hermy" giggled Skia. "Can't say I disagree with that, Granger" Malfoy drawled with that stupid smirk still on his face. Still smirking, he led the way to their common room.

"HOLY MACRONI AND CHEESE!" Skia squealed as she ran into and jumped on the couches, which filled the carpeted floor. "Is this your room? THIS IS AMAZING!" As she jumped from one couched to another. Amazing it is, she thought. Admiring the crystal chandelier that was hanging from the high ceiling, she entered into the Head's dorm. As she weaved in and out of the couches, she noticed that the colors of Slytherin and Gryffindor were evenly distributed around the room. "You better close that mouth Granger before you drool." Malfoy laughed as he went up the marbled stairs that lead to their rooms. "Sod off, Malfoy." She huffed.

"What about me, Hermy? Where is my room? Skia's little voice sounded behind her. "You are living here too, Skia." She commented back.

Skia squealed again and ran quickly up the stairs, nearly knocking over Malfoy but before she reached the top of the stairs, she suddenly dropped. With his seeker's reflexes, Draco Malfoy caught Skia before her head hit the ground. "A long night for her right?" he whispered to Hermione. "Yea it is, for her at least" Hermione laughed softly. They tucked Skia in her bed and went into their respective rooms. Hermione flopped onto her bed with fatigue. Sleep overtaking her before her head even touched the pillow.

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